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This week, we’re Trekking Out advice from a golden wizard, and CBS’ response. Then we chat about what Picard’s old friends think about a reunion, #StarTrekantino’s progress, and the farewell tour for an Icon.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, we’re getting a new reputation track with Rise of Discovery, our weekly top tip returns, and you can now virtually battle Klingons while enjoying nachos and your favorite pale ale. Then, we’re joined by two members of the star trek tribute band – The Roddenberries – and they invite you all to join them for their second album release party coming up in June in Philadelphia.



What Merchandising Venue do YOU hope CBS most improves? Video Games, Toys, Interactive media, Podcasts, Conventions, events…Anything!


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by Jake Morgan

Star Trek Gets a Global Franchise Group, Headed By Veronica Hart

Once upon a time warp, in a Galaxy very, very, very, very far away, there lived a little Golden sage with an equally golden observation – “Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie [or Franchise] is made”. Fast-forward nearly 32 years, and OUR favorite franchise, Star Trek, is finally taking advice from a fermented dairy product.

On Monday, May 6th, CBS Television Studios announced the launch of a global franchise group. Headed by Executive Vice President Veronica Hart, “Star Trek Global Franchise Management” will //QUOTE//manage and maximize the expansion of the brand beyond the traditional boundaries of linear broadcasting and streaming, with the goal of broadening the “Star Trek” fan community through multiple avenues such as podcasts, new digital spaces, and live experiential events.//END QUOTE//

David Staph, president of CBS Television Studios, said of the “team” //QUOTE//Veronica and her team are not only gifted brand strategists and veteran consumer products executives, they are also experts on the ‘Star Trek’ canon. We are excited to launch this new business unit because the brand has an enormously rabid fan base, and we look forward to expanding its reach even further.//END QUOTE//

The Picard Series Isn’t Looking For a Reunion?

With all the casting news for the Still-untitled-Picard-series, you may be wondering – “What about Picard’s old friends from the Enterprise?”. Turns out, those friends are wondering the same thing.

Last weekend, several members of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” cast – including Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Gates McFaddin, Marina Sirtis, and Wil Wheaton – took to the AwesomeCon stage in Washington DC. As would be expected, the panel was peppered with questions about future appearances with their one-time-Captain.

Marina Sirits, who played Counselor Diana Troi, said of the series//QUOTE//None of us knows anything. They’re guarding that show like the nuclear codes.//END QUOTE//. Co-star Gates McFaddin, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher, said of a possible cameo or appearance //QUOTE//Of course, I’d love to but I have not been approached.//END QUOTE//.

McFaddin’s fictional son, Wil Wheaton, was asked about helming a CAPTAIN Wesley Crusher series, to which he replied //QUOTE//I’m so grateful for why you’re asking this question and that Wesley was so important to you…But I think the time for exploring that character has come and gone.//END QUOTE.. The actor back-peddled a little, though, saying //QUOTE//I still love Star Trek so much that if they were to reach out to me for anything else I’d absolutely be interested in exploring that.//END QUOTE//

#Trekantino Is Still A “Very Big Possibility”

Last week, Slash Film sat down with A-list director Quentin Tarantino. While the conversation was – in large part – about Tarantino bringing “The Hateful Eight” to Netflix as an exclusive mini-series, the trade website also asked about other projects – including Star Trek.

When Tartantino was asked about there being “any truth” to a possible #StarTrekantino film, the Producer/Director replied //QUOTE//It’s a very big possibility. I haven’t been dealing with those guys for a while cause I’ve been making [Once Upon a Time in Hollywood]. But we’ve talked about a story and a script. The script has been written and when I emerge my head like Punxsutawney Phil, post-Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we’ll pick up talking about it again.//END QUOTE//

Tarantino also told Slash Film that “Once Upon a Time” was //QUOTE//on the mix-stage right now.//END QUOTE//

Nichelle Nichols Farewell Tour

Star Trek has often served as a vessel to inspire – and of all it’s wonderful characters and actors – none has broken more barriers than Nichelle Nichols. Nichols’ Uhura was not only a WOMAN in a position of authority, but a woman of COLOR in said position. During a period in American history that included Race riots and sexism, Nichols stood as a beacon of hope to those oppressed. After Star Trek was cancelled, Nichols continued to inspire – recruiting under-represented groups into NASA, appearing at shuttle launches, and showering her love on the fans of Star Trek at countless conventions and events. But now, the 86 year-old actress, singer, producer, and inspiration – is calling it quits.

The “Nichelle Nichols Farewell Tour” – which will start later this month, will be our last chance to meet the iconic actress. Kicking off on May 23rd – at “Phoenix Fan Fusion” in Phoenix, Arizona, the tour will end on May 3rd, 2020 in Burbank California at “The Nichelle Nichols Farewell Convention”. There are currently 6 stops on her nearly-year-long-tour, which most notably include Shore Leave and STLV – among others.


by Anthony Cox

Discovery Legends Reputation

With the launch of new story content in Rise of Discovery on May 14th, the new Discovery Legends Reputation track also arrives. Participating in the TFOs Operation Riposte, Peril Over Pahvo, Defense of Starbase One, and Pahvo Dissention will not only reward you with Discovery marks, but playing those TFOs on Advanced and Elite will also grant you P.stellaviatori Spore Canisters. Submitting the marks and canister will gain you reputation XP and will help you run special gear projects. In fact, all of the rewards earned from the Discovery Legends Reputation projects, are named after our favorite characters assigned to the USS Discovery. Including, the Stamets and Tilly Ingenuity Space set, Lorca’s Ambition Space Weapon set, and Burnham’s Resolve Ground set. The unlockable Tier Traits are also named after Discovery crew members like Ariam, Tyler, Saru, and Landry. For details and a full list of rewards trek out the show notes. And if you want to try out any of these items or traits, head over to the Tribble test server where the Rise of Discovery update is already live.

The Impossibility of Reason

Also arriving with Rise of Discovery are two new story missions. Following the events of the first story mission, “Plausibility of the Possible,” we will join Ellen Landry’s security team tasked with re-capturing escaped Klingon prisoners. Then it’s a race back to Prior’s World to rescue the Buran, prevent the invasion of Prior’s World, and stop more attacks from the Klingon Captain Aakar. Experience the events that lead to Landry becoming the hardened Security Chief aboard the USS Discovery in “Impossibility of Reason.”


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Top Tip

Skill Buff Duty Officer Assignments

An easy, and often overlooked, way to gain skill buff’s in Star Trek Online is through Personal Duty Officer Assignments. There are around 40 different DOff assignments, that when you get a critical success, will grant you plus 25 skill increase for 2 hours. When you go into your Duty Officer Assignment tab, look under “Personal.” Click on these various missions and when you find one that has bold green text in the description that reads, “A critical success will grant a buff to your insert skill.” Try to assign a purple quality DOff to give you the best chance of success. If you constant run these missions you could end up with multiple buffs for both space and ground. If you’re looking for that maximum output, or even just a little nudge to get you through those missions faster, be sure to make those redshirt do the work. Trek out the show notes for a link to the full list of applicable Duty Officer missions.

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