Who We Are

The People Behind Our Shows


Elijah - In a Tuxedo, Singing at a Microphone

Elio “Elijah” Lleo

Executive Producer

Professional music-theatre nerd.
The Original Star Trek Cuban “Papi!”
Podcasting since 2012!
Singing since childbirth.

Anthony - Sitting on the Captain's Chair of the Enterprise (Original Series)

Anthony Cox


Professional internet nerd. Tequila practitioner. Pop culture maven. Hates flying.

A picture of Cat sitting on the Captain's chair of the Enterprise-D



Entertainment lawyer and Sci-Fi nerd! A lifelong Star Trek fan thanks to her older brother. Gaming since 2014 and serving as Admiral in the
Priority One Armada.


Jake - A bearded fellow with glasses outside in the snow

Jake Morgan


Father. Firefighter. Friend. Can simultaneously run in a burning building and burn down a Google Drive! Shaped on TOS. Master of Kirk-Fu.

Skiffy - Holding a tablet

James “Skiffy” Skifter

Audio & Technical Specialist

Two-Time Emmy Award winning sound engineer. Aspiring to have a Wiki page written about him.

Shane - wearing a DISCO shirt sitting on a TOS Captain's Chair

Shane Hoover

Community Manager

Professional computer nerd. Guess I’m the crew morale officer around here? Does that make me the Neelix of this podcast?

Picture of Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker

Audio Editor

Last seen on Destructoid, IGN, and Rooster Teeth. Helping Priority One sound coherent since 2015!

Image of Daniel Stephens

Daniel Stephens

Audio Editor

South Carolinian Star Trek Fan! A result of great parenting, Daniel caught reruns of ToS with his Dad. Broadcast Audio Editor by trade!

Image of Rand with Gowron and Martok

Rand Hurrle

Audio Editor

Professional audio producer, editor, director, and actor! Lured into Star Trek by his big-sister Kimberly via VHS tapes.

Image of William Hardy on a train near a river in the mountains.

William Hardy

Audio Editor

From the Big Hills of Coloroado, William has traveled all across the country. With him the whole time, Star Trek! Today, he dabbles in music making, audio editing, and enjoying a lifetime subscription to #STO.

Rosko behind a table adorned with Tribbles

Rosko McQueen

Audio Editor

Australian radio presenter, editor and producer. Full-time Star Trek nerd and man of adventure. First encountered at Farpoint then skipped ahead to Season Three.

Image of Henry Pomper holding a bottle of Romulan Ale

Henry Pompper

Graphic Artist

Coerced into joining Priority One after meeting the team at a NJ KHAN in 2014. Gamer, Freelance Designer, passionate Trekkie!

Michael "Winters" McDonald playing the guitar

Michael “Winters” McDonald

Priority One Armada

Handsome. Military Vet. Plays guitar. Irish. Winters is a lethal dose of awesome that has helped shape both Priority One and the Armada!


Image of Elliot Tan

Elliot Tan

Chief Officer

Professional internet nerd. Cigar aficionado. Chef. Silent partner.

Tony Hunter in a Starfleet Monster Maroon Uniform sitting on a Captain's chair

Tony Hunter


First he was a video editor. Then, he was a host. Then he spun off and did how own show (Guard Frequency). Always, the lawyer. Prolific author of STO’s “Overture” Foundry series.

Blurry image of Lennon Rich

Lennon Rich

Web Master

Hailing from Bristol, UK. Mobile Software Dev by trade, ukulele player by choice. Trek’d out with his Dad watching late night reruns of “Captain Kirk!” Namárië


Image of Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Contributing Artist

Hailing form Canada, this artist makes fun memes for the production! A loyal fan through-and-through, the team looks forward to Jason’s creations!

Picture of Dr. Robert Hurt

Dr. Robert Hurt

Science Advisor

The smartest one of the group, Dr. Hurt is a real Doctor. Visualization Specialist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, Dr. Hurt has always had a facination with with pictures of planets, nebulas, or galaxies, and blames it all on Mr. Spock!

Image of Jayce in his Science Officer Starfleet Uniform


Literary Reviewer

Long time gamer and our only fan of TAS, Jayce enjoys the more analytical characters of Trek like Spock and Data.

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