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This week, we’re Trekking Out Star Trek’s newest offering, and it’s coming to Cable Television! Then, we talk about CBS and Viacom reintegrating – again, what the cast of Discovery thinks about trekking nearly 1000 years into the future, and Ira Steven Behr’s thoughts on “What We’ve Left Behind”

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, we discuss the newest details for the upcoming Rise of Discovery update.


by Jake Morgan

Star Trek is Coming to Nickelodeon

Back in Mid-February, several Hollywood trades began reporting a possible Star Trek cartoon in the works. This week, that “POSSIBLE” cartoon has been “GREENLIT” by Nickelodeon.

Kevin and Dan Hageman will pen the CG-animated series – which is targeted at a younger audience – and will //QUOTE//follow a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation//END QUOTE//

In a press release, Kevin and Dan Hageman said //QUOTE//Star Trek, Nickelodeon, and the state of animation are doing incredibly ambitious things as of late. We couldn’t be more excited to jump aboard,//END QUOTE//

Alex Kurtzman echoed the excitement, saying //QUOTE//Star Trek’s mission is to inspire generations of dreamers to build a brighter future. Dan and Kevin have crafted a story that honors its exploratory spirit in a way that’s never been done before, while the Nickelodeon team blew us away with their excitement at bringing Trek to a younger generation around the world.//END QUOTE//

CBS/Viacom Merger Talks Heat up – Again. 3rd Times the Charm?

In what seems to have become a yearly story, CBS Corporation’s acquisition of Viacom assets have – once again – begun to heat up. While this may seem like old news, several signs point to THIS acquisition being more likely to succeed than previous attempts.

Variety is reporting that the strongest signal of the “reintegration” is that on Tuesday April 23rd, CBS called off a search for a permanent CEO, extending the contract of acting CEO – Joseph Ianniello – from June to the end of the year. As Variety points out //QUOTE//A big hurdle the last time around was a dispute over the management configuration for the combined company. With [FORMER CBS CEO LES] Moonves out of the picture, those concerns are seen as less of an issue now. It is believed that Viacom president-CEO Bob Bakish is in the “pole position” to lead the combined entity.//END QUOTE//

Bakish, appearing at the Milken Institute Global Conference, responded, saying //QUOTE//At the end of the year you’re either going to be talking to me or somebody else.//END QUOTE//

It’s also worth noting that Nickelodeon, CBS’ partner in the newly announced CG-Animated Star Trek series discussed in our first story, is owned by Viacom.

What The Discovery Cast Thinks About the Season 2 Finale

Star Trek Discovery’s move to the distant future in Such “Sweet Sorrow: Part 2” has seemingly divided the fan base. Some are happy to move the story hundreds of years AFTER Voyager’s voyage home, while others are unsure about leaving behind two years worth of stories. The cast of Discovery, however, are expressing their unabashed excitement.
In the latest “Moments of Discovery” Youtube video, the cast – led by Sonequa Martin Green – talk about what THEY thought of moving the series into the far-future. Martin-Green said //QUOTE//To go boldly where no Star Trek has ever gone before, but to still have the connective tissue to the cannon. I think that’s genius.[…]anything can happen. What is this future we are going to?//END QUOTE//

Saru actor – Doug Jones – agreed with his co-star, saying //QUOTE//For us to jump ahead of Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager. It’s like AHHH,we can breathe now because we don’t have to worry about rules and regulations. It’s like now we can create without consequence.//END QUOTE//

Anthony Rapp expands on Jones’ thoughts //QUOTE//I think that gives our writers, and our designers, and our creative team incredible freedom now to really do anything new […] are we going to see some of the familiar species we haven’t seen before? Are we going to continue to see new species? What state is the Federation in? What’s going on with Starfleet?//END QUOTE//

Ira Steven Behr Talks with IO9 About “What We Left Behind”

With the impending release of the highly anticipated Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary “What We Left Behind” – on May 13th in select theaters across the US – the team has started publicly pushing the “Behind The Scenes” retrospective of Star Trek’s third series.

This week, a look into the writers room for the hypothetical 8th season premiere of DS9, along with animation of the action, was released. Ira Steven Behr sat down with IO9 to talk about the process involved with getting the ambitious project off the ground, among other things.

Behr was asked about his perspective on DS9 when the Documentary started filming, saying //QUOTE//I’d never done a documentary before, I never thought of doing a documentary before. I hadn’t thought of Deep Space Nine as a thing for a very long time. I mean, DS9, to me, was all about—at this point—the people. Jeff Combs and Wolfie [Robert Hewitt Wolfe, fellow DS9 writer], and the people who I was friends with. Nana [Visitor, who played Kira Nerys]. Armin [Shimmerman, who played Quark]. It was people. The show was not something that was in my life.//END QUOTE//

In discussing the 15 minutes of High Definition DS9 footage in the to-be-released Documentary, and the possibility of a full DS9 HD release //QUOTE//We have…I don’t know how many hours, of HD footage of Deep Space Nine. Now, most of it is outtakes that weren’t used, but it’s fantastic and we could sit there for hours and just look at Deep Space Nine in HD. We’d need to add the special effects and blah, blah, blah—but it’s still fantastic. I wish there was a way to share that. And until there is—I don’t know. I have no control over CBS. //END QUOTE//


by Anthony Cox

Rise of Discovery: The Plausibility of the Possible

The short lived occupation of Prior’s World has become a beacon of possibility to the members of Starfleet. As experienced in the Featured TFO, Operation Riposte, the first major victory for the Federation has given Starfleet a chance to build a bridge. When Rise of Discovery launches Tuesday, May 14th, the story will take us back to Prior’s World to assist the USS Buran, along with Commander Landry and Captain Lorca, in clean-up operations. “The Plausibility of the Possible” is the first of two new story missions set to continue the Age of Discovery storyline.

Command Dreadnought Cruiser Q&A Ten Forward Stream

With the new Command Dreadnought Cruisers arriving in the Zen-store, Mike “Ambassador Kael” Fatum hosted Lead Ship and UI Artist, Thomas Marrone and Concept Artist, Hector Ortiz, on the weekly Ten Forward Live Stream to talk about designing the new ships. After that Ambassador Kael spoke with Lead Systems Designer, Jeremy “Borticus” Randall to talk about the ship layout and some of the feedback from players.


In this week’s PC patch notes:

  • Resolved an issue that prevented Romulan, Dominion, DIscovery, or TOS Engineer characters to complete the Hologram Master accolade in the mission Facility 4028.
  • Several items have been added to the Phoenix Prize packs
    • Epic:
      • Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier (T6 Ship).
      • Breen Plesh Tral Raider (T6 Ship).
      • Bajoran Interceptor (T6 Ship).
    • Ultra-Rare: (none)
    • Very-Rare:
      • Voth Phase Decoy Console (Universal Console).
      • Bozeman Engines (Starship Equipment).
      • Sompek Pulsewave (Ground Weapon)
      • Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols (Ground Weapon)
    • Rare:
      • Neal Falconer (Duty Officer).
      • Phoenix Replica (Admiralty Ship).
      • Assimilated Assault Cruiser (Admiralty Ship).
      • I.S.S. Stadi (Admiralty Ship)
    • Uncommon:
      • Starship Emote Pack: “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down”.
      • Starship Emote Pack: “Smile” and “Sad”.
      • Starship Emote Pack: “Rock,” “Paper” and “Scissors”.
      • Starship Emote Pack: “Live Long and Prosper”.




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