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Trek It Out Episode 13 | Manu Intiraymi

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Subscribe6th March 2013 | Welcome to the thirteenth installment of Trek It Out!

Elijah and Tony this week are joined by the latest member of the Priority One crew, Leah. Join us as we round up this month’s happenings in all things Trek, featuring the news that Vulcan is now a lot closer than imagined, Star Trek at the Oscars (link is US only, sorry guys!), the Fathom Event’s Best of Both Worlds Bluray launch, and much, much more, and then ending with an interview with Manu Intiraymi, best known for playing Icheb on Star Trek Voyager, who shares with us some behind-the-scenes gags on the Voyager set, and also drops some major spoilers on Star Trek: Renegades. You’re not going to want to miss this show!



Trek It Out is Priority One’s monthly podcast covering the latest Trek news and interviews with the hottest guest-stars, making it your once-a-month one-stop-shop for all your Star Trek needs. We’re always looking to improve our productions, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via our comment from. We love to hear from you! Also, be sure to share this by clicking on one of the buttons below!


Trek It Out is a Priority One Production and hosted on Trek it Out was conceived as a general interest Science Fiction podcast. In producing this show, our intention is to provide an outlet for news, interviews and opinions on topics that are not directly related to the main interest of Priority One, Star Trek Online. Trek It Out will not at this point be a weekly show. We will produce new Episodes of Trek It Out as the opportunity for great interviews and interesting topics presents itself.

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Elio is a Northern New Jersey Cuban-American and graduate of Kean University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance in 2011. He has performed in internationally renowned performance halls such as Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic, as a member of the Westminster Symphonic Choir, and in Beijing, China as a representative for Kean University. Since 2012, he has had the wonderful opportunity to Executive Produce Priority One – the premiere Star Trek Online podcast. Whether recruiting, managing the global team of talented volunteers, arranging interviews with special guests, editing, web-development, finding sponsors, managing crowd funding, or writing content for the podcast, Elio has a hand in it all. A long-time Trekkie, Elio has been watching the series since he was a child and sneaking in late night, back-to-back, episodes of TNG reruns. He finally embraced the Trekdom in college and spent many hours catching up on the entire multiverse…. instead of studying.

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  1. seannewboy on 2013-03-07

    Excellent show, very nice to hear from Manu.

  2. seannewboy on 2019-01-30

    Excellent show, very nice to hear from Manu.

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