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cookieriveraHello Admirals!

We are pleased to announce that Priority One Productions will be attending the 2015 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention! Thanks to our friends at Geek Nation Tours, members of the Priority One team will be on site to report on all the happenings from the convention – including whatever Star Trek Online announcements are made!

onscreen-logoThis year is an important year for Priority One Productions! At STLV we will be debuting the latest addition to the family of shows: On Screen – A new podcast designed to be a fun companion that syncs up with episodes of Star Trek! You can catch a new episode every Wednesday at starting August 5th, 2015.

We’ll also have our very own table this year promoting On Screen, Guard Frequency, and our flagship production, Priority One Podcast! If you plan to be at the convention this year, stop by and meet some of the members of the Priority One Productions team! You might be able to get your hands on some Priority One Podcast swag.

Just as we have done in previous years, our social media websites will be exploding with pictures and highlights from the convention. So if you’re not already following us, then head over to the following sites:

For those of you who have financially supported us via Patreon or during last year’s Indiegogo campaign, we’ll be reusing our “subspace” twitter account for some exclusive coverage. So if you currently donate on Patreon you’ll be receiving an email in the coming days. If you donated to our Indiegogo campaign at the appropriate level last year, you’re grandfathered in and there’s nothing you need to do.

gntIf you’re attending STLV this year, Geek Nation Tours is offering a one-of-a-kind tour to The Valley of Fire – the “resting place” of Admiral James T. Kirk! This one-day adventure will be guest-led by “Dr. Trek” – Larry Nemecek—the noted Star Trek guru as a consultant, interviewer, producer and author. Additionally, award winning VisualFX artist Michael Westmore may be tagging along to join in on the fun! Visit Geek Nation Tours – Valley of Fire Tour for more information.mornborg

Even if you’re not going this year but, plan to make it to the big 50th Anniversary celebration, Geek Nation Tours is also offering an amazing adventure to make it a memory for a lifetime. Experience the 50th Anniversary with a 10-day excursion from San Francisco to Las Vegas stopping at some of the most notable filming spots for Star Trek along the way guided by Star Trek guru, Larry Nemecek! Find out more about the 50th Anniversary Tour here!

The team is looking forward to Trekin’ It Out with you this year at STLV! See you there!

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