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122 – March Under the Stahl’s Wings | Priority One: A Star Trek News Podcast

Elijah April 8, 2013 19 12

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Special1Hello Captains and welcome to Priority One’s 122nd episode, recorded on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 and published on Monday, April 8st, 2013 at!!!

With Romulans on everyone’s mind — we are joined by Star Trek Online Executive Prodcer Dan Stahl to answer our burning questions. In this week’s Trek It Out, Tony reviews another trailer that is truly “out of this world.” In STO news we cover Season Seven, Dev Blog #42, the Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #1 and LoR Dev Blog #2. Then comes pièce de résistance — Executive Producer Dan Stahl answers questions about the upcoming expansion. We’ll then open hailing frequencies and review your incoming messages.

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Elio is a Northern New Jersey Cuban-American and graduate of Kean University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance in 2011. He has performed in internationally renowned performance halls such as Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic, as a member of the Westminster Symphonic Choir, and in Beijing, China as a representative for Kean University. Since 2012, he has had the wonderful opportunity to Executive Produce Priority One – the premiere Star Trek Online podcast. Whether recruiting, managing the global team of talented volunteers, arranging interviews with special guests, editing, web-development, finding sponsors, managing crowd funding, or writing content for the podcast, Elio has a hand in it all. A long-time Trekkie, Elio has been watching the series since he was a child and sneaking in late night, back-to-back, episodes of TNG reruns. He finally embraced the Trekdom in college and spent many hours catching up on the entire multiverse…. instead of studying.

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  1. Skeeter on April 8, 2013

    What i want to know is what if any measure to help players move from an existing faction to the romulan faction. As personally i have invested alot in my fed toon which has all 3 dominion ships, all the xii purple maco and omega space sets, the doff system 75% done with alot of 4 ranks for the tiers. Also up to level 4 in both the rep systems.

    Now to tempt me for an example away from my fed toon to invest time and money in a romulan faction i would need the ability to move my lock box ships from my fed toon to the romulan toon. Due to the current nature of lockbox ships and other things would cryptic be willing to allow ship transfer of lockbox ships to another faction but lets say once you hit level 50 of say the romulan faction where ppl will want to move to.

    So in essence the question is, can lockbox ships that are currently unpacked and in use be able to move to the romulan faction due to how rare the ships are and you would rather have the ships on the toon you plan to play the most on hence if you want to be a romulan full time it would be nice to move stuff like unpacked lockbox ships or lobi ships like the jem dreadnought to the romulan faction.

    I do understand cryptic will want to get romulans to use romulan ships but people love thier lockbox ships that they use and will want to use them on their main toon as well as romulan ships as and when the feeling to use them arise.

  2. Barile on April 8, 2013

    I think the whole having Romulans fly an ally’s ship thing will be used down the road as a reason not to make a fully autonomous Romulan faction.

    “Well people bought all these ships so we can’t make them choose between a new faction and the money they’ve already spent” etc. could be excuses used for not separating them. If they were to separate C-Store ships from their bundled consoles (since that is often why people buy the ship anyway) I think that would be a good step in preventing this. I could still claim an allied “ship bundle” as a Romulan but it would be the “Romulan Assault Cruiser Bundle” that only has the console.

    This would also help out with people not having enough ship slots and having to delete and reclaim ships after scrapping the console out of their new C-Store ship.

  3. The_Grand_Nagus on April 8, 2013

    I really enjoyed the interview, and I’m very happy to find out that I was wrong about my previous comments on last week’s episode; that Cryptic wouldnt be able to pull off Tony’s idea of each faction having their own unique part of the overall story(and in turn that you would have to play all 3 factions to get the complete picture).

    I am completely satisfied with the plan Dan discussed of everyone having their own unique version of the story up until the Romulan FE series, then having universal/shared content afterwards. It has long been suggested that the Cardassian sector be opened to the KDF, so I’m glad both they and the Romulans will be getting those missions in May.

  4. SPACEBLAHD on April 8, 2013

    This episode felt like getting back to everything I loved about Priority One back in the day. Exceptional show guys, well done.

  5. Skaa on April 8, 2013

    I really cant say much… but here is what I think for the New Romulus transfer for Farmer to KDF/FED/Attack….

    You are on the Farming Colony… farming for whatever reason you may.. rather it be fo your family to gain pay, or to help your supporters etc…

    Then, the Tal Shiar come… and invade your colony. You are taken as prisoner… and will be sent for interrogatin or possible death….

    In your prison… there is a cell next to you… kind of like the mission Coliseum…. someoe will try to aide you out… (may be a reble alreayd out of cell as well)

    You are given a pistol or weapon from that reble/aide prisoner… then you must escape from the base….

    You then are asked bu the Reble to get a ship from the docking bay… and leave the base….

    Fight in Sapce.. blah blah blah…. now in Sector space…

    You level and all that… and then (for romulan ships) the Romulan Republic aids you or something… and there on.. you join KDF/FED

  6. Motormouth on April 9, 2013

    Cryptic wouldn’t allow you to move ships from one account to another Skeeter. Not only do they not have the ability to do so now, they wouldn’t try to because they would lose a large money sink. I love the things they have been adding lately, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – they’re still about making money.

  7. Theodrim on April 9, 2013

    I just hope the Romulans get a fully-fledged, cloaking carrier. That’s the one thing I’ve wanted to see since I started STO, and it would be worth the time and cost of admission just to have.

  8. David Huggins on April 9, 2013

    I’ve been playing in the Romulan area and find it very playable and much more fun and with the “reputation” feature added I’ve gotten more involved with the game to get those nice goodies. I find the ground playabilty much better than the sto other ground features–more involved and nice drops as one defeats the enemy. When we get the flying birds up in the next updates, well, it will only get better. Tanks STO for the free game updates/grades to the game.

  9. Yuchen@vonohzu on April 11, 2013

    The ugliest moments in Star Trek were the times when writers extrapolate some superficial elements to form entire societies. The whole endeavor ends up becoming caricatures. The entire Klingon society revolves around being a warrior, Ferengis only care about making profits, Hirogens are all about hunting, and so on and so forth.
    I’m glad to see Cryptic giving the Romulans a revolutionary who strives to be something more than just being deceptive.

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