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Hello Captains!

Already, 2013 has proven to be an amazing year here at the Priority One Network. Joining our Literary Department, we have Dr. Robert Hurt – the visualization scientist for NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope project at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He’ll be bring you his Astrometrics Report with updates on some of the coolest science results and images he’s run across, along with the occasional Star Trek science tidbit.

Additionally, our podcast Trek It Out has already started the new year with a bang! We’ve had guests from all areas of the SciFi & Fantasy; as well as some interesting interviews with the movers and shakers that help bring us closer to our beloved characters. So be sure to Trek It Out with Priority One!

With so much going on, we’re going to need more help! Already our team of volunteers have demonstrated that – with passion – amazing content can be created! And that’s what we’re looking for — passionate people with a love for all things Trek, SciFi, Gaming, Scientific… the list goes on! As always, we encourage our audience to submit original articles they believe our audience would enjoy reading about.

We’re also looking for two (2) audio editors to assist with the production of our podcasts. If you enjoy listening to our shows and would like help produce them, what better way to do so than to actually help piece them together?! If you have experience with audio editing and production and would be interested in volunteering your talents to the Priority One Network, than we encourage you to send us an email to With your help, we can develop awesome audio skits, commercials, audio-plays, Machinima Projects — YOU NAME IT! You can be the front-line that makes our audio content some of the best around!

Here’s to 2013!!

– Elijah

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