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This week, we’re Trekking Out “Star Trek: Picard”’s First Official Teaser Trailer! Then we’re trekulating about Picard’s filming schedule, what Marina Sirtis knows about her former Captain’s series, and the Orville gets a VR tour.

In our Star Trek Online and gaming news, we speculate on what changes might be coming to Star Trek Online.

Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!



What do you think is the big change coming to Star Trek Online that Al talked about?

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by Jake Morgan

“Star Trek: Picard” Gets Its First Teaser

If you were excited about the leaked CBS “Upfronts” Picard clip – then we hope you’re sitting down. On Thursday, May 23rd, CBS released the first OFFICIAL look at “Star Trek: Picard”!

The one-minute and nine-second high definition video shows a vineyard. Skilled and careful hands work the crops while a female narrator says //QUOTE//15 years ago, YOU lead us out of the Darkness//END QUOTE//. While the narrator explains that, whomever she is addressing, led the greatest rescue armada in history, we see a contrast of old and new – a hand-operated water pump and several hovering watering machines working the vineyard. An unidentified man strolls a well traveled path as the narrator questions what that mission cost him – faith in us? Faith in himself? Then a carefully arranged case of wine bottles is placed on a rustic table – the labels come into focus – revealing Chateau Picard (BOURGOGNE).The music swells into the familiar Star Trek theme, and a blurred image slowly reveals the contemporary Jean-Luc Picard.In closing, we see the previously revealed title card, and a flute-like instrument plays the first few notes of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s theme. As the music fades, text reads “The End is Only the Beginning”.

“Star Trek: Picard” Wraps up its first ‘Block’

With all of the “Star Trek: Picard” photos and videos making their way to the public, you may find yourself wondering “How far along is filming on the Picard series”? Well…we have a fair idea – thanks to a rock-solid source…or two!

Back on March 1st, several trade publications – including Deadline – reported that Hanelle Culpepper was slated to direct the first 2 episodes of the upcoming “Star Trek: Picard” series. A couple of days later, Star Trek icon Jonathan Frakes let slip – on “The Writer Experience” podcast – that he was set to direct the second “block” of episodes – which included episodes three and four.

So when, on Thursday May 23rd, Hanelle Culpepper retweeted the question //QUOTE//Are you still filming Picard?//END QUOTE// with the answer //QUOTE//I’ve wrapped and @jonathansfrakes is filming his block now.//END QUOTE//, a few eyebrows were raised.

To further corroborate the statement, On May 21st, Frakes tweeted a photo of himself with his former captain – and long-time friend – Sir Patrick Stewart with the caption //QUOTE//Back on the floor w[ith] this guy ⁦@SirPatStew⁩ ⁦@startrekcbs ⁩//END QUOTE//

Marina Sirtis On Fans Reception and Star Trek: Picard

Another former “Next Generation” star has been hitting the media circuit. Marina Sirtis, Star Trek’s Counselor Deanna Troi, has a starring role on the West End’s Trafalgar Studios 2. The play – “Dark Sublime” – casts Sirtis as Marianne, an aging actress, and former sci-fi-series star, struggling for work. Sirtis stopped by the Graham Norton show to discuss the play, her role in it, and several other topics – including Star Trek.

The ever-entertaining Sirtis spoke of her relationship with Star Trek creator and visionary Gene Roddenberry, referring to her adopted-father-figure as a //QUOTE//Cheeky, naughty scamp//END QUOTE//. She also discussed the fact that “Star Trek’ fans hated “The Next Generation” when the show premiered, saying //QUOTE//there were like 30 people and they’d all be sitting with their arms crossed going, ‘how dare you take the place of our heroes.//END QUOTE//. Finally, she spoke a bit about “Star Trek: Picard”.

When asked about the production, and her place in it, Sirtis told Norton //QUOTE// [I] Have no idea. You know what? It’s being guarded better than Trump is guarding the nuclear codes right now […] I know that it’s – like you’ve said – 25 years into the future, and it’s not – as like – hearts and flowers as TNG was. Apparently Patrick, when he told us he kind of apologized for doing it without us, […] he said it’s a little more dystopic, a little more reflective of how society is now.//END QUOTE//

VR Recreation of “The Orville” Ship Interior

If you’re interested in having a walk around of the USS Orville, Messy Desk Interactive might be able to help you out. The UK Developers had recreated the interior in VR!




by Anthony Cox

Star Trek Online Dropping Support for 32-bit

Well, it’s been a long road. Getting from there to here. It’s been a long time, but soon STO won’t support 32-bit gear. That’s right, as of July 18th, Star Trek Online will no longer support 32-bit computer hardware. As has been the trend in the last few years, most current online games, are doing away with support for the limited 32-bit hardware. So if you’re still running STO an older machine, you might want to make sure it’s 64-bit architecture. This change will hopefully give the develops some more freedom to create higher fidelity and more dynamic content.

Snow Gear Fashion Contest

The temperature may be getting warmer outside, but the login screen looks mighty chilly. Well, Star Trek Online is hosting a Snow Gear Fashion contest. Dress your Captain up in the snuggliest, warmest attire and submit your screenshot to and you could win some pretty cool prizes. First place will get a retail copy of the game signed by the developers, a Defiant LCARS system display poster signed by the developers, an exclusive STO badge from last year’s STLV, and a Star Trek Online Pin. Submissions will be accepted until this Monday, June 3rd. Trek out the show notes for all the details.




Top Tip

Regroup with Your Bridge Officers

When Rise of Discovery launched the devs also snuck in a tiny little UI update that solves a big problem on some maps. If you haven’t already noticed there is now a button called “Regroup” under the “Request Reinforcements” button at the bottom of your Bridge Officers HUD that will summon or transport your Bridge Officers right to your location. So, when several of your BOffs get stuck somewhere on the map, like the ore processing room in “Storm Clouds Gather” or when your frosty boots get you the action before your they do, now you can regroup with them without having to wait.

Other Gaming News

Star Trek: DS9 Fluxx

Looney Labs, the makers of Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation Fluxx, have just released Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fluxx. The game with ever changing rules is now visiting your favorite space station. Help Sisko, Worf, Dax, and the rest of the crew gather gold pressed latnium and study the wormhole, but beware of creepers like the Founders and Jem’Hadar. Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fluxx is available now at your friendly local game store, is for 2 – 6 players, suggested ages 8 and up, and plays in 10 – 40 minutes. Trek out Piority One Episode 380 for our review of Star Trek and Star Trek TNG Fluxx.

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  1. seannewboy on 2019-06-04

    Wonderful show everyone, gonna miss you Kenna.

    I would love to see the faction wall modified/removed.

  2. Tyler Maxwell on 2019-06-03

    What do you think is the big change coming to Star Trek Online that Al talked about?
    Assuming that this “big change” involves a revamp of an existing system in Star Trek Online (it couuuld also mean the return of an old removed system, like exploration, though I have doubts on how popular that one would reallly be in the end), I’m putting my hopes on a revamp of the ship interior system. Ship interiors have long been a thing that wasn’t really focused on too much, supposedly because it’s too expensive to make new ones all the time and there’s a bunch of technical challenges around the system as a whole (e.g., all of the player bridges essentially exist on the same map…I don’t know why, it just is that way…). But it wasn’t totally abandoned either, shown in the devs continuing to put new bridges+ship interiors in featured episodes, etc. So obviously they like making ship interiors when they get the chance/can justify the time+cost to the Ferengi bean counters. 😛

    Redesigning the ship interior system to make adding new ones easier and quicker on the dev team, along with giving players the ability to mix-and-match bridges, hallways, various rooms, maybe add some furniture and trophies, etc., to make the ship interior their own (as opposed to the static ‘everyone has the same lifeless interior layout’ model we have now) would make ship interiors much more personal and ‘sticky’ for folks who want to feel more invested and immersed in their ships, and give them a cool place to hang out with their friends in-game. Plus if done right, ship interior/bridge/room/furniture packs could develop into an alternate sustainable revenue stream for the game besides just ships+lockboxes. That is, if players respond positively to such a development, and don’t just complain about not getting enough extra items, costumes, weapons, and other non-interior-related baubles in the interior packs for the same price point.

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