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408 – Time Crystal Ball | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

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This week, we’re Trekking Out Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt’s thoughts on Boreth’s time crystals. Then Anson Mount is in The Ready Room, “What We Left Behind” gets a premiere date, and Discovery’s newest episode trailer may feature some old friends.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, the Infinity Lock Box promotion has returned and is adding two new Tholian Tier 6 level scaling starships.

COMMUNITY QUESTION: Did Pike’s decision to take the Time Crystal from Boreth – and doom himself to his future – change your opinion or understanding of the character? Why or Why Not?

Trek It Out

by Jake Morgan

Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt On “Through the Valley of Shadows”

This week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Through the Valley of Shadows” – which we’ll talk about later in our On Screen segment – has been getting a lot of buzz. The episode’s writing duo, Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt, sat down to talk with SyFy about Pike, Boreth, and what may be on the horizon.

In regards to Pike’s inclusion in Discovery – and our view of his tragic accident – Kim and Lippoldt said “Ever since the decision was made for Captain Pike to join Discovery in Season 2, we knew that we wanted to touch on his eventual fate, which fans of TOS would be all too aware of. […] Having him not only witness his accident, but have to make the choice to accept that fate for the greater good, is a sign of his character: noble, brave, selfless. Anson Mount brought that roller coaster of an emotional journey to life with a heartbreaking performance.”

The planet on which Pike faces his unfortunate future is Boreth. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is where L’Rell and Tyler hid their infant son, AND where Worf went on a Spiritual journey in The Next Generation episode “Rightful Heir”: “Boreth has always been carefully established as a sacred place for the Klingons – and that’s not something we wanted to muck up. Instead, we wanted to EXPAND on existing canon and the functionality of Boreth by introducing a hidden sect of monks who have dedicated their lives to guarding the time crystals. We loved the notion that this otherwise fierce warrior race has learned not to mess with something as dangerous and volatile as time.”

Kim and Lippoldt wouldn’t go more into time crystals, saying it would “be spoiling the finale episodes.”

Anson Mount on The Ready Room

Anson Mount also had some things to say about what happened in “Through the Valley of Shadows”. Sitting down for a video chat with Naomi Kyle on “The Ready Room”, Mount talked about Pike’s character, his accident, and more.

Of Pike’s choice to take the time crystal – and its future – Mount said “Well first of all, having a good handle on canon myself – I think – I was very appreciative of how the writers handled it, it was so smart. Primarily because I think it turns Pike’s third act – that we already know about and have established – it makes it more of a triumph than a tragedy. By making it an active choice, on his part. I learned a lot about the character when I read that.”

On Vina, and more specifically their meeting in Pike’s Ready Room in “Light and Shadows”, Mount said “We get to see them reminded of what it was that they had, and had to give up. And I think it warms the heart to think that that longing remains. And so the reunion – in the gestalt of our storytelling about Star Trek canon, is all the warmer as well.”

Mount also mentioned his feelings on taking over the role in this previously unexplored area of Pike’s history “I really dig it, because it’s second act Pike. We know first act Pike, and we know third act Pike, and we just didn’t know anything about second act Pike. So I felt a lot of freedom in that, to come in and make this version or this period of Pike my own.”

What We Left Behind Trailer

The highly anticipated Deep Space Nine documentary – What We Left Behind – has recently released a poster, screening dates…and a trailer!

The trailer is well produced, and features all the things you’d expect from a Behind-The-Scenes theatrical documentary. There is emotion, conflict, and laughter among the cast and crew of Star Trek’s third series, and we get our first look at the animated “Season 8 Premiere” – an animated short written by the DS9 writing team. There are also previews of the Remastered HD footage and never-before-seen alternate takes.

The film will be released digitally to campaign backers on April 25th, and will be screening at 800 US cinemas on Monday May 13th, through Fathom Events. News about DVD/Bluray release is expected soon! Trek out our link in the show notes for the trailer.

“Such Sweet Sorrow” Previews a look at the Enterprise bridge, and the Return of Po

This week’s preview of “Such Sweet Sorrow” has given us our possible first look at the USS Enterprise Bridge, AND promo photos spoil the return of Short Trek guest Star, Po! Po, if you don’t recall, was the Stowaway in the Short Trek “Runaway”. She presented as an angsty teen with a penchant for sweets, but turned out to be the Queen of her planet, Xahea, and had developed a way to re-crystalize Dilithium crystals.

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Infinity Lock Box Returns with 2 New Tholian Ships

The Infinity Lock Box is returning this weekend and is bringing with it two new Tier 6 level scaling starships. The Tholian Jorogumo Carrier and the Tholian Iktomi starship. Both of which are updated designs to existing Tier 5 Tholian ships. The Jorogumo Carrier is based on the Recluse design and along with the Tholian mesh weaver pets will come with the universal console Enhanced Tetryon Grid. When activated this console creates a grid of Tetryon energy between you, your pets, and nearby allies to increase outgoing weapon damage. The Tholian Iktomi comes with the enhanced Tholian web universal console which will create an energy web around your target, capturing it, and eventually crushing it. Included with these ships is a new Tholian hull skin available for all Tholian ships.

Patch Notables on PC

This week’s patch for PC players has brought with it some helpful changes to the mission journal. If you have at least one level 65 character any of your other characters will now have access to the first mission of any mission group in the journal. This will also apply to 23rd century captains once they reach the 25th century and for Jem’hadar and Romulan characters once they choose an allegiance. Also, Klingon players now have access to the Mirror Crossfield destroyer equipment and the Agonized Subatomic Disintegrator to the Lobi store. And finally, this update turns off the Foundry for Star Trek Online and we here at Priority One would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has created content within this expansive universe and we really appreciate the hard work and creativity you’ve all put in to our enjoyment of the game.

Patch Notables on Console

The new personal endeavor system is now available on console. Personal endeavors will give you three daily tasks to complete at easy, medium, and hard difficulty. Completing these, along with the universal endeavor, will reward you with experience that can give you perk points toward account wide stat bonuses. Completing personal endeavors will also grant you rewards additional rewards that will be randomly rewarded from energy credits, dilithium ore, crafting materials, reputation and fleet marks, and captain specialization points. Also included in this update are the high level enemy damage balances, update cutscenes for the Romulan arc, and engine parts of several ships now have the proper animation for warping.


  • This weekend until Monday, April 15th, captains on PC can queue up for the Borg Red Alert weekend. Players level 50 and up can earn 35 marks of their choice upon each run through and there is no cooldown for this queue.
  • Captains on console can take advantage of an upgrade weekend. Tech upgrades will grant double the amount of technology points when applied. This will both reduce the Dilithium cost and increase the chances to attain higher mark and rarity.

Priority One Armada News – EMPIRE MONTH

For the 2nd straight year the Priority One Armada will be phased shifted into the alternate (Mirror) Universe for the month of April. While in the Mirror Universe we will conduct ourselves as such. We will therefore be changing the name of the Armada to Priority One Empire.

Imperial Intelligence has learned Admiral Leeta and a sizable portion of the Terran Fleet has decided to challenge our entry into their realm. Emperor Winters and his loyal Lords of the Admiralty will lead our forces to victory over Admiral Leeta and the Terran Empire. To ensure our victory your leaders have planned some special events and giveaways.

For the entire month of April loyal officers of the Empire will have a chance to win a T5 Mirror Ship. One ship will be awarded to a loyal officer everyday. All you have to do to win is be logged into any P1E FED/KDF Fleet. This giveaway is open to armada members from the rank of Lt. to Captain.

Make sure you don’t miss Priority One Empire Live, every Saturday in April. This year viewers will have a chance to enter into a drawing for a T6 Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser which will be given away on April 27th.

Finally, on April 27th we will fight the final battle against Admiral Leeta and the Terran Empire. Visit our Twitch channel at

We would like to thank all of the following members who donated all the prizes to make this event possible. Captain Shadezslayer, Vice Admiral Bullzz, Vice Admiral Nicki, Vice Admiral Marc, Vice Admiral Panzer, Admiral Hunter, Admiral James, Admiral Rikers and finally Admiral Cat.

For more information about Empire Month visit our website at

Long Live the Priority One Empire!

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