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405 – Let’s be HEROIC | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Elijah March 22, 2019 46 2

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March is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, and the Roddenberry Foundation has teamed up with Chase Masterson’s Pop Culture Hero Coalition.

Every donation you make to Pop Culture Hero Coalition’s HEROIC campaign – helping kids with serious disabilities in schools – will be matched dollar-for-dollar by The Roddenberry Foundation. For more information, go to

This week, we’re Trekking Out another cast addition to Star Trek’s Picard series. Then, two Star Trek: Discovery stars won’t make it to Season 3, one guest won’t be around until after this season, and a familiar uniform is set to return!

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, we have a new Mirror Universe ship in the latest R&D promotion, and console players can claim some free items.

This week’s community question: Would you like to see a spin-off Star Trek series Featuring Captain Pike?

Trek It Out

by Jake Morgan

Star Trek’s Picard Series Adds Evan Evagora

Sir Patrick Stewart’s upcoming Picard series is starting to fill out it’s cast! On Wednesday March 13th, Deadline reported that Evan Evagora was the latest addition to the Picard Series!

20 year-old Australian-native Evagora is a relative newcomer to the acting scene, logging work on the Australian political thriller “Secret City” and the upcoming horror-comedy film re-imagining of “Fantasy Island”. Evagora is “the youngest of seven siblings. His mother, Marie, is of Maori descent and moved from Auckland to Australia at age 20. His father, a onetime professional boxer named Xristos, immigrated to Australia from his homeland of Cyprus at age 3.”

Looking at the rumored character breakdown, Evagora may be playing K’Bar: “The youngest of the leads. He’s a 17-year-old Romulan and the only child of what’s a mainly female Spiritual Order. A martial artist and considered a lethal weapon, he’s prone to mood swings and is committed to living in the moment with as much transparency as possible. He takes his devotion to Picard and his mission EXTREMELY seriously. . . obviously, they’re looking to find someone with Martial Arts experience, but also note that fencing is a plus as well.”

Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn out for Discovery Season 2

While the upcoming Picard series is ADDING cast members, currently-running “Star Trek: Discovery” is LOSING them.

On Monday, March 18th, Deadline reported that actors Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn will NOT return for Discovery’s third season. According to Deadline, sources close to the production said “Mount and Romijn had strictly one-year deals; the duo had been contracted only for Season 2 arcs as part of a plan to sync up Discovery with the original Star Trek lore by the end of the new series’ second season heading into Season 3.”

In an eyebrow raising comment, a source close to the production told Deadline that “we would love to find a way to work with Anson again.” Could this mean we may see Mount reprise his role elsewhere?

Rainn Wilson Will Not Return for Discovery Season 2, Won’t Rule Out Season 3

If you were wondering whether we’d see the controversial Harry Mudd in season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, wonder no more.

We won’t.

During a panel at Emerald City Comic Con – moderated by SYFY Wire’s Tara Bennett – 53 year-old actor comedian Wilson told the audience that there was a POSSIBILITY of appearing in Discovery’s sophomore season, but schedule conflicts kept him from the role – however, Rainn also told fans that Harry Mudd’s return is always a possibility.

Return of the Skant!

Star Trek: Discovery designer Gersha Phillips sat down with website “The Daily Dot”, and discussed everything from Pike-era uniforms to Burnham’s Vulcan fashion – and even how Vina sported Kanye West’s Yeezys. But what was most interesting was the revelation that the popular starfleet “skant” was going to make a comeback!

In a reply to a question regarding the TNG “Starfleet mini-dress”, Gersha told the Daily Dot “They haven’t come out yet, they’ll be later in the season. I was looking for a particular character to do it on, and we didn’t have anybody specific. It’ll come up closer to the end, but we did do it and we will try to do it going forward. […] The tunic will come back because so far Nhan’s the only one that’s worn them on our ship. She wore the blue Disco one, which turned out really cool. But yeah, our intention is definitely to do them for both men and women.”

Gersha also sat down with one of our favorite podcasts, Women at Warp: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, and she hinted at the skants inclusion with Grace and Jarrah “In our show, we’ve tried to create this non-binary future, and that’s sort of what I’ve been leaning into. So we’ve been doing tunics, but we’re making the tunics for men and women.”

So, though Phillips doesn’t refer to “Starfleet minidresses” as “Skants” – but rather “tunics” – it sounds like we’ll be seeing the non-binary uniform later this season in Discovery.

Star Trek Online News

by Anthony Cox

Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer R&D Promo

Earlier this week Starfleet Intelligence released a memo regarding a decrypted message from the Terran Empire’s Special Weapons Field Research division. The message describes the technological advances of the newly-designed Crossfield-class vessel of the mirror universe in the mid-23rd century. The next day Mike “Ambassador Kael” Fatum posted the news that a new R&D promotion was starting this weekend and it will include the new mirror universe Crossfield-class Science Destroyer as an available tier 6 starship. This level scaling ship features a Lt. Commander Universal/Temporal Operative station and a Lt. Universal/Pilot station. It comes with the universal console, Weaponized Helical Torsion. When activated the Crossfield’s saucer begins to spin, building up mycelial energy. Once charged the energy begins to pulverize nearby enemies, dealing intense physical damage, with a chance to briefly hold affected foes. The starship trait, Terran Machinations, which unlocks at mastery level 5, will give you a boost to exotic damage when any attack pattern bridge officer ability is activated. Also, when activating a science control ability, this trait will grant a boost to energy weapon haste for a short time. The mirror Crossfield also comes with an innate power, the integrated Tactical Mode transformation ability. When activated the starship switches into a tactical configuration, upgrading the Lt. Commander Tactical seat to a Commander Tactical seat, enabling the experimental weapon slot, and increasing weapons power, flight speed, turn rate, and inertia. This also disables science mode, downgrading the Commander Science seat to a Lt. Commander, disabling the secondary deflector, subsystem targeting and sensor analysis, and decreasing auxiliary power and shield capacity.

Research & Development Weekend

As we mentioned this new Mirror Universe Crossfield-class starship is the newest addition to the Tier 6 promotional ship pack, which has a chance at dropping from the R&D packs purchased from the C-store. You are guaranteed either 10 Lobi crystals or the Tier 6 ship pack. This promotion lasts from now until April 11th. And to get this promotion started, this weekend will be a Research and Development weekend on PC. All R&D packs throughout the game will give out an additional 25% materials, with R&D packs earned from TFOs also having a chance to drop a catalyst. Harvest nodes throughout the game will not only give out 2 extra materials, but will also reward 10 dilithium ore and will have a chance to dropping an R&D catalyst as well. R&D school projects will of course be rewarding an additional 50% more XP during this event, which last from now until Monday, March 25th.

Patch Notables

In this week’s PC patch notes, Captains can now queue up for the newest featured Task Force Operation, Peril over Pahvo. This TFO will run for 3 weeks and once completed daily 14 times can earn you the Terran Guerilla Combat Armor. As worn by Lorca in Discovery season one. Also in this update is a change to the damage output for space NPCs level 55 and above. After investigating some complaints over the past couple of months devs have decided to make some adjustments. And finally, several ships now have ship parts correctly oriented in sector space, including the Intrepid class, Bird-of-play classes, and Dinaes classes.

Free Gifts for Console Players

And Captains on console can claim a free Terran sword weapon along with 3 R&D packs and 1 small XP boost. Captains with Xbox Gold or PS Plus can claim their Verdant Terran sword on Xbox, or the Cobalt Terran sword on Playstation. These items can be claimed for free until June 2019.

Tholian Red Alert Weekend

Console captains can also participate in a Tholian Red Alert weekend. From now until Monday, March 25th players can queue up for the Red Alert and earn 35 marks of your choice, with no cool down.

Other Star Trek Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Star Trek Timelines Beta Testing New Campaign Feature

Star Trek Timelines is testing a new campaign feature this week. The beta test began for all players with the latest update last Tuesday and will run until Wednesday, March 27th at 3:00pm EST. The campaign is designed to encourage players to complete their daily missions. Upon doing so players will earn accolades which will contribute to unlocking tiers in the campaign. Each tier will reward the player with credits, boosts, chronitons and crew. Unlocking each tier will get them closer to the highest tier, where players can earn super rare and legendary crew.

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Post comments (2)
  1. Daniel Berger on March 25, 2019

    So old, it only seems to be new: the first ship to have a tactical mode, was the Solanae Dyson Science Destroyer. Released for the 4 Year Anniversary, literally somewhat over five years ago, this is just the long overdue Tier 6 upgrade, adding a Starship Trait, Boff Specialization seating, and indeed the rather new ship scaling ability.

  2. Tyler Maxwell on March 25, 2019

    Would you like to see a spin-off Star Trek series featuring Captain Pike?
    Anson Mount’s performance as Captain Pike this season has been
    wonderful, I see little point in trying to start up a ‘Pike on the
    Enterprise‘ kind of show. For better or worse,
    Discovery is the flagship show of the Trek franchise
    right now, and any sort of ‘TOS-rehash’ series (which is basically what
    it would be, just with Pike instead of Kirk) would only serve to steal
    their spotlight. The best we could hope for is maybe something following
    Pike after he leaves the Enterprise…but isn’t that
    just Anson Mount sitting in a blinking chair? (Blink once for yes,
    twice for no. 😛 )

    It’s a shame that Rebecca Romijn’s Number One
    isn’t coming back either. We still know so little about her, and I
    can’t believe that the show peeps would hire Romijn for the role if it
    was meant to be just a one-off. Besides, you know who might be an
    excellent candidate for DISCO captain Season 3? Number
    . Give her a promotion and a ship! 🙂

    Seeing “Red Angels”

    the Red Angel is…Michael’s MOM?!
    WHAAAAAAAT?!?! Anyone else feel like the whole ‘oh,
    the Red Angel must be Michael from the future, so let’s trap them by
    killing our Michael!’ plot felt a bit dopey? ‘Cuz if
    the Red Angel actually was Michael from the future,
    wouldn’t present Michael in planning all of this eventually
    become future Michael, remember everything and know
    that “IT’S A TRAP”?! (Insert squid man memes here. 🙂 ) So while the
    actual end still was somewhat of a surprise, I feel like the lead up to
    it was just everyone on the ship playing stupid for our sake.

    how does Section 31 in pre-TOS land have some super advanced
    time-soldier space suit that opens wormholes or whatever, when the good
    ol’ Enterprise has to ‘do a Superman’ and spin
    perilously around the sun risking death and destruction every time
    someone wants to see some humpback whales? (Ya know, ‘cuz they’re still
    extinct in this time period. 🙁 ) I’m not necessarily against DISCO
    putting in some of the newer not-a-show-made-in-the-60s tech, like
    holograms and non-cube-based food replicators, but I feel like this is a
    stretch too far.
    I almost feel bad for Leland this week; first
    he gets punched in the face by Michael (completely deserved), and
    then he gets his eyes gouged out by his own
    computer/evil-Control-AI-from-the-future-I-guess? ♫Looks like Georgiou just got a new ship!♫ Who saw that one coming? (*Cue promo for the new Michelle Yeoh Section 31 series*)

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