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This week we Trek Out how Black Mirror’s first episode of the new season might end up spinning off to be its own show, Seth MacFarlane with wee baby-face in his home-made Star Trek Fan Film, and we celebrate 50 years of the ToS episode “Trouble with Tribbles.” In Star Trek Online news, we review what players can accomplish during the first part of the new year and In other gaming news, Star Trek Bridge Crew drops the VR requirement! When we visit the Promenade, Jake and Cookie review some hidden gems from the Star Trek and Roddenberry shops! Then, as always, we open hailing frequencies to see what’s incoming! TOPICS DISCUSSED

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  • alt_example

    Starrkicker January 8, 2018 at 2:52 am - Reply

    Black Mirror is a brilliantly executed but I always find it difficult to watch on account of it being SO messed up. This was a good episode and at least it had a somewhat happy ending. I don’t think it was making fun of Star Trek at all, “Space Fleet” just happened to be the central characters obsession which really just speaks to Star Trek’s pervasiveness is the public consciousness. Half of me wishes we could play STO using the infinity tech featured in the episode but the other half of me knows it would probably end with myself and a bunch of friends going all Reginald Barclay and never coming out!

  • alt_example

    seannewboy January 8, 2018 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Wonderful show everyone, great job.

    Havent seen black mirror at all, although we are trying someones netflix account, might just buy it for Stranger Things alone.

    As for the battlestar galactica debate, i watched the original series on first run tv. Im sorry the new one is much better made, except for making the Cylons human made rather than aliens.

  • alt_example

    Tyler Maxwell January 9, 2018 at 12:25 am - Reply

    DISCO is back baby!!! 😀

    That was actually my first Black Mirror episode, and I loved it, and as a lifetime Trekkie, I actually wasn’t the least bit offended by it, at least not in that sense. While there definitely were some jabs at Trek (the odd display of Cristin Milioti, of Broadway and “How I Met Your Mother” fame, on the planet being forced to walk around in her ‘Space Fleet’ mini skirt like a stilted Barbie doll comes to mind, as does Captain Daly channeling his inner-Kirk while frenching all the ladies on the bridge after saving the day yet again), I saw it to be more a critique on toxicity in online environments and a subversion of some of the usual ‘awkward nerd’ tropes in media. Most game players likely see themselves as the unabashed hero of their own story, yet more than a few of them actually tend to act like Aaron Paul’s character at the end: calling themselves the “King of space” while throwing obscenities and angry threats to anyone who remotely slights them. Many players act more like Jesse Plemons’ Captain Daly, embracing the ‘pixel people aren’t real, so I can be as douchey and sadistic as I want to them’ sort of paradigm that exists among the gaming and online spaces. Some even mirror the way that Daly becomes apoplectic at his faux crewmates for “f*ing up” his game fantasy, before committing grotesque cruelties against them. Contrary to the usual ‘socially-challenged nerd is really a hero in disguise’ sort of underdog stories (like Reg Barclay), “Callister” makes the case that one can be a shy, tortured, misunderstood, even brilliant nerd person, and yet also be a complete and total unrepentant d**k to everyone he meets if given the chance. A valuable cautionary tale.

    As for a spinoff, given how it ends I don’t see how a “Callister” series could work. I mean, is it a show about the people who make and play this massive online game? Is it about the stuck-in-a-game duplicates, and how they deal with their virtual fishbowl existence while interacting with real world players, many who just want to gank-and-spank them? Do you have the duplicates try to communicate with the outside world, including their real-life selves? Or do they try to escape in some way or project their influence into the real world for a “Terminator”-style uprising? And if they do, why does that matter? Just turn their game server off. Problem solved. :p

    While there are many interesting paths for how the Callister story moves forward in folks’ heads, no ONE premise sounds particularly appealing as the foundation of a whole series.

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