It’s been a long road…

Hello Admirals,

As you might have already heard, I am retiring as Host on Priority One Podcast. But, let me start by saying this won’t be the last you hear my voice!

Around this time, four years ago, I had the pleasure of auditioning for the show as Brandon and Mark began a new chapter in their lives. Together with Elliot & James, we continued that the legacy Brandon and Mark had already established. Throughout the years, we added our own flavor to the show, introduced new voices, and began working with some of the most talented groups of artists, audio editors, writers, and creators on the planet.

Honestly, this group of talented volunteers – each with a passion for Star Trek – are the backbone of Priority One Podcast.

With over 200 episodes and side-productions under my belt (mostly covering Star Trek Online) and five- years of practically non-stop gaming dedicated to Star Trek Online, I feel I’ve given everything I can to represent the Community. It’s time to dust off the Xbox, load up some games on the PC, and get back to casually gaming.

Like I mentioned at the start – it’s not the last you’ll hear from me. I will be behind the scenes of Priority One Podcast continuing my role as Executive Producer. I will ensure that the production, format, and quality of the show continues to meet your expectations from week to week. You just won’t hear me rant on behalf of the silent majority anymore (btw, thanks for that one r/sto).

In the meantime, we will begin scouting for someone to fill the gap. I’m hoping to find someone that – like me – is a “middle-class” player. Someone that floats between the Min-Max’er and the novice. Someone who casually plays STO but, has a passion for the game when they do play. More importantly, someone who can keep their ear to the ground and be attentive to the Star Trek Online Community vibe.

On a personal note, there’s no way I’m giving up a hosting gig! I am a performer and you have been the best audience I could ask for. So, CookieCupcakes and I have begun work on a new show titled “On Screen.” What can you expect from this new show? Well, we are going provide colorful commentary as we watch Star Trek episodes!! Beginning with Star Trek: Enterprise! – That’s right, we’re going Timeline! Not Air-Date! – You will then be able to sync us up with Netflix (or whatever) and watch the episodes along with our commentary. We’re even bringing back James Lee to be a host… actually, I’m not even sure why we’re bringing back James Lee…. /sigh   😛

You can expect to grab Priority One Production’s On Screen later this summer.

In any event, it’s been a great ride hosting Priority One Podcast for the last four years but, my time has passed. It’s time to bring in some fresh blood to represent you!

Thank you all for the warm wishes on Facebook & Twitter! I am humbled that you welcomed me into your lives each week!


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