Command School: Shaking Down the Arbiter [T6 Fed Battlecruiser]

 COMMAND SCHOOL: New Tier 6 Battlecruisers

All right cadets! Hurry up and sit down, we’re about to dive into a few new ships released this week. The Tier 6 Battlecruisers (…and a T6 Heavy Warbird)!

Announced very early last week, this patch included the release of the very latest Tier 6 ship pack; which will include updated versions of the Avenger, the Mogh, and the Mogai. The first two are battlecruisers while the later is a Heavy Warbird (aka a Destroyer).

We’re going to talk about the Arbiter and Kurak at the same time, because their stats (like the ships they are based on) are almost identical.

  • They have 8 weapons in a 5 forward, 3 rear configuration
  • 3 device slots
  • 9 turn rate with 50 inertia, and .15 impulse modifier
  • 5 Engineering, 1 science, and 4 Tactical consoles. the fleet variants add 1 science console slot.
  • +10 power to both Weapons and Engine subsystems
  • They can equip cannons
  • The come with the standard Battlecruiser masteries and Communication Arrays
  • Bridge Officer layout is 1x Engineering Commander, 1x LTC Tactical/Intel hybrid, 1x Tactical Ensign, 1x LT science, and 1x LTC Universal (replaces the LT universal from the T5 ships)

The Morrigu is an update of the Mogai/Valdore. Like it’s T5 sibling, it’s a Destroyer (not a battlecruiser), with the technical designation of “Heavy Warbird”

  • It has 7 weapons in a 4 forward, 3 rear configuration
  • 3 device slots
  • 14 turn rate, with 60 inertia and a .20 impulse modifier
  • 3 Engineering, 2 science, and 5 Tactical consoles, the fleet variant gets an additional Engineering slot
  • +10 to Weapon and Engine power
  • Obviously can equip cannons as it’s a destroyer
  • Standard Singularity Powers
  • Masteries of the Tactical Warbirds
  • It’s Bridge Officer layout is as follows: tactical Commander and LT, 1x LTC Engineer, an Ensign Science, and 1 LTC Universal/Intel hybrid

All 3 ships come with the Universal Console – Ablative Hazard Shielding; which when activated grants temporary secondary shielding. On expiration grants a large shield and hull heal. The console provides a passive boost to shield hardness and regeneration.

According to the blogs; the consoles from the T6 Battlecruisers can be fit on any faction battlecruisers. Example for Federation players, you’ll be able to fit the console on the T5 Avenger and the command battlecruisers. The console is part of a 2 piece set with the Console – Universal – Variable Auto-Targeting Armament. The 2p bonus is extra turn rate and weapon damage.

The console from the Morrigu can only be fit on the Mogai, the Valdore, and the Morrigu itself. the console is part of a 3p set with Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator (aka Valdore console), and the Ionized Particle Beam (from the Mogai)

The 3p bonus is increased Max Hull HP and turn rate.

All 3 ships get the Emergency Weapon Cycle (Starship Mastery Trait). This trait grants, when slotted: activation of Emergency Power to Weapons will provide a reduction in weapon power cost and grant a boost to weapon firing speed for the duration of Emergency Power to Weapons.

At the time of this reading, the scale of the buffs is unknown.

Now for the really Juicy Parts!

The battlecruisers are unique as they will allow us to run 2 LTC tacticals. This means that for the first time on a cruiser, we will be able to run Attack Patterns Omega, Beta, AND FAW3! Very exciting! That’s not all; because the LTC tactical is a Intel hybrid, we’ll also be able to squeeze abilities like Overload Subsystem Safeties. I already have some theorycraft builds brewing in my head, and i can’t wait to get these ships to test them out.

The Morrigu is even more exciting! It can pull off a trick that very few ships can do. My theory craft for this would be to have Tyken’s Rift 1 and Overload Subsystem Safeties 3 in the LTC Universal/Intel seat, with the starship traits: AHOD, Greedy Emmiters, and Emergency Weapon Cycle.

The tactic would be to hit all your big buffs as you’re approaching your target, open up with the Tyken’s rift. You’ll get 165 weapon power and no weapon cost drain for 10 seconds, followed by 20s of reduced weapon cost drain.

I can hear a bunch of you rolling your eyes already: even more power creep for Tactical captains… i beg to differ, Engineering captains will probably get the best out of this. Imagine for a moment: Start off with Nadeon Inversion which will give you 30s of no Weapon power drain, at the end of the 30s trigger greedy emmiters (we’re now up to 40s), at the end of the proc, trigger Directed Energy Modulation with Marion: another 8 seconds for a total of 48s of no Weapon power cost drain. With AHOD an engineer can theoretically trigger Nadeon Inversion every minute. This has the potential to propel Engineers to be nearly on par with tactical captains!

You can push your eyeballs back into their sockets now. I hope to have some videos recorded of the ships done this weekend. Stay tuned to the Priority One youtube channel for more information!


Review and Shakedown cruise of the new Federation Fleet Battlecruiser [T6], Arbitrator class; an upgrade of the [T5] Avenger.

Kam starts off by showing the ship stats. Then follows up with a recommended build.

After that the ship is shown with different shield visuals.

Then comes a shakedown in a Borg Red Alerted followed by a Federation Fleet Alert.

The video wraps up with some final thoughts on the ship, a rating, and a recommendation.

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  • alt_example

    maikel June 29, 2015 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Good video, but Kam get a new mic or SPEAK UP! Dude you sound like you’re either stoned or are falling asleep, very tiresome to listen to when you’re like whispering in your mic in the video and P1 podcast. Sounds if you’re like hiding in the closet.

    • alt_example

      Marcase June 30, 2015 at 1:38 am - Reply

      Did you try turning up the volume…?

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