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436 – Birmingham, Picard, Chabon, and Gaming | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

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This week on Priority One — We take a look at what came out of Jolly Old England for this years Star Trek: Destination! Sir Patrick hints at the future of Picard, we get a glimpse of the new Admiral uniform, hear from show-runner Michael Chabon, and H. Jon Benjamin talks watermelons. in Star Trek Gaming, Star Trek Online console players get exclusive weapon packs, and Star Trek Adventures sets a course for strange new worlds!

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This Weeks Community Questions Are:

  • What do you think of the new “Star Trek: Picard” admiral uniforms?


  • What from this teaser video are you most excited about?


by Jake Morgan

Sir Patrick Talks to Birmingham About Picard

Birming-HAM? Birming-UM? Birmi-NUM? Let’s just call it Destination! This year, Star Trek’s largest European convention, Star Trek: Destination, beamed into England’s second largest city – Birmingham. And while there weren’t any Federation-shattering revelations to come out of the convention, there were a few interesting Tre-krumpets to dip gently into our Earl Grey.

The most interesting revelations came from Star Trek’s most English Frenchman, Jean-Luc Picard. Sir Patrick Stewart took the Destination stage to talk about the upcoming “Star Trek: Picard”, and though the plot is still under lock-and-key, Stewart did get the crowd Engage-d. It’s clear that the Borg will play a part in the upcoming series, but Stewart hinted that we may not have to wait long to see how. ”After the 23rd when our show airs, you’ll know more about the Borg

And while it has been made abundantly clear that “Star Trek: Picard” will NOT be a TNG reunion series, Sir Patrick isn’t shying away from having his former Enterprise crew join him on his newest adventure. In a short clip of the panel, posted to Twitter by @TrekkieRob, Stewart is seen praising the cast of the upcoming series before asking aloudWill we meet the rest of the crew? I think so. I think there’s every possibility of that

The Admiral’s New Clothes: First-Look at Picard’s Uniform

Look, this is Star Trek. Starting a new series without new costumes is like marooning a ship in another quadrant, breaking the warp 10 barrier, or packing a Starfleet vessel full of terrorists. And since we’ve not-so-subtly acknowledged that Voyager was the only series NOT to re-invent the Starfleet get-up, let’s move on to our point – Picard has a NEW UNIFORM!!!

Admiral Jean-Luc Picard’s Starfleet Uniform, in all it’s updated glory, was exhibited at Star Trek: Destination. The threads, created by Picard costume designer Christine Clark, seems to take cues from early season Deep Space Nine and Voyager Starfleet uniforms, featuring a black base, department colored shoulders, and admiral gold piping. Ditching the turtleneck, the new uniform has an extended collar that opens square at the trachea. The angles are sharper than previous designs, cutting harder away from the center and dipping a little deeper, and there is a tapering line of command red that moves down the torso. More color is added to the sleeves as well, with angular red and gold accents moving down to the back of the hand. The design keeps the Voyager-Era comm badge and pips, black pants, and black boots.

For an early look at the uniform – and Picard – in action, trek out the “Star Trek: Picard – Countdown #3” IDW comic, coming in November. And for a LOOK at the uniform, follow our link to!

“Picard” Showrunner Michael Chabon Talks to

Star Trek Captains and Star Trek Showrunners face, essentially, the very same problems. They must be sure to steer the ship in the right direction, keep the crew on task, preserve the “prime directive”, become the harbinger of destruction for a malevolent entity and suffer through the emotional repercussions, and travel back in time to examine the past and future effects of racism. You know. The same rigmarole. So obviously, we took interest when “Star Trek: Picard”’s showrunner, Michael Chabon, sat down with to talk about his writing credits, his love of Star Trek, and his vision for Picard.

In Part One of the 2-part Interview, Chabon talked extensively about his history with Star Trek and his appreciation for Fan Fiction. Chabon believes that Fan Faction serves two main purposes – to fill in the gaps, explaining the inconsistencies of our favorite heroes, and “to go beyond the boundaries of established canon”. Chabon equated writing Picard to writing fan fiction, saying ”I feel like we’re doing a little of both, actually, on Picard. We are filling in some gaps. We are explaining things that might have gone unexplained – heretofore – but we are also, very much, pushing into new territory and taking the character of Picard into places that he hasn’t been before.

In Part Two, Chabon discusses Sir Patrick Stewart’s influence on the show, and Science Fiction’s true purpose. ”Science Fiction. People think it’s about the future. It isn’t. Science Fiction is about the present. It always has been. Science fiction holds a mirror up to the present. It holds a DISTORTING mirror up to the present. It exaggerates certain features, or traits, that we see in our world around us now. It extrapolates from them, it pushes them to their limits. And Star Trek always fearlessly did that from the very beginning. It was very much part of Gene Roddenberry’s modus operandi.

The two 6 minute videos are WELL WORTH the watch and include Chabon’s introduction to Star Trek, his favorite episode – which was alluded to in our story intro – and much more.  Be sure to trek the videos out by following our links in the show notes.

Edward Larkin Loves Tribbles

Edward Larkin and his Short Trek, “The Trouble With Edward”, was a bit divisive among Star Trek fans. BUT, if nothing else, Old Eddie at least put his money where his mouth is, so to speak

In a short interview with, Larkin comedian/actor H. Jon Benjamin discussed his role in the most recent Short Trek. Benjamin told tale of his introduction to Star Trek, the script for the Short Trek, and also discussed his first time on the Short Trek set. //QUOTE//”It was really cool. I don’t get that excited about stuff like that, but the sets are— they’re so huge and so well done that it’s really cool to see how expansive it all was. […]Some of the Tribbles shook and purred too; probably less than one percent worked. […] But yeah, they had made like 15 or 20 that actually moved.”//END QUOTE//

More interestingly, Benjamin described a scene that was cut from the final product //QUOTE//”If I were in a situation where there was food shortage, I could eat a Tribble. I’m not sure if it made it into the episode, but [we shot a scene where] Edward was eating a cross-section of a Tribble. Like really eating it. We used watermelon to make it look like meat. It ended up looking kind of like prime rib, so it seemed like it wasn’t too bad!//END QUOTE//

Money. Mouth.

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Teaser Video from Star Trek Destination

Exclusive Pack with Weapons for Console Players

Console Captains sometimes get a better deal than those PC players. Cryptic has again released two packs for the console versions of STO which include exclusive weapons for both Xbox and Playstation. The pack includes 12 inventory slots, 3 master keys, and an Altamid Plasma Myrmidon Ground Weapon. The Cobalt variant for PS4 captains and the Verdant variant for Xbox players.


PC: Kobayashi Maru

If any PC Captains are still working on their Featured TFO progress, the Kobayashi Maru event ends on Thursday, November 7th. Remember that you will also be able to buyout the progress in the second chance store during the next event. If you didn’t complete the previous event, the Mycelial Crisis, you can buyout those rewards in the second chance store until November 9th.

PC: Dilithium Weekend

PC Captains can also look forward to a Dilithium bonus weekend from Thursday, November 14th until Monday, November 18th. Then an Item Upgrade weekend towards the end of the month, from November 21st to the 25th.

Console: Mycelial Crisis

Console Captains can continue to work on their Mycelial Crisis progress until November 14th. And this weekend is a Dilithium Bonus weekend. Next weekend is an Item upgrade weekend from November 7th until the 11th.


This week in Armada News – we wanted to give a big shout out to all those who participated in our Annual Halloween Costume Contest. First place winner of a Kelvin Timeline Lockbox Ship was @hyperhydrar for his Cypher. 2nd Place won Lorca/Landry Boffs plus some traits was @Captain H for his Morpheus. 3rd Place won a Privateer Outfit plus some space traits was @vextrix for his There is No Spoon Kid. Fourth place won some space traits and section 31 badge was @caarna for his Architect. Fifth place won a universal console was @arraki for Switch. Thanks so much to all – and don’t forget that the House of Martok fleet is just a couple weeks away from its first Tier V Colony upgrade – so keep filling those projects!


Have you ever found yourself flying through the Archanis or nearby sectors only to suspect that one of your duty officers was a changeling spy? If you’re a Klingon dilithium grinding, you’ll know what I’m talking about. One of the easiest dilithium missions is “Execute Changeling Spy” for a whopping 500 dilithium. The problem is you probably don’t want to execute your good Duty officers. Well, never fear, your replicator is here! That’s right! Before you choose which DOff to airlock, go ahead and replicate yourself a common quality Emergency Whatever Hologram, and then accuse them of being a changeling spy. Send them away, collect your dilithium, and ease the minds of those other DOffs sitting in your roster.

Other Gaming News

Heads Up! Mobile Game featuring Star Trek

If you’re a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres created Heads Up mobile game, then set your phasers to fun! The game where players put their phones on their foreheads and guess what it says based on clues from other players now features Star Trek themed content. Heads Up is available in both the App and Google Pay Stores.

Star Trek Adventures Tabletop RPG Releases New Mission Compendium

RPGers who are currently rolling their way through the galaxy in the Star Trek Adventures role playing game have a new collection of standalone missions to explore. “Strange New Worlds” is the second volume in Modiphius Entertainment’s Mission Compendium series. This series of 9 original adventures is focused on exploring unknown and mysterious planets. Gather your crew and prepare for these adventures which should be arriving at your friendly local game store soon with a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Also available on Modiphius’s website is a downloadable PDF character sheet for Tribbles. Now you can add those fun, furry, tasty, little creatures to all eras of your game. Trek out the show notes for the PDF link. Star Trek Adventures Tribble Character

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