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2019 – Reflections | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

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Community. As 2019 comes to an end and I look back at the 50+ episodes and videos we’ve published this year, I think heavily on a sense of community. You see, Priority One Podcast is nothing without it. For nearly 9 years now, this podcast has been produced by its community. 
A community of talented, passionate, and dedicated volunteers who share a love for a franchise that has lasted for over 50 years. Each member of this team is an artist that donate their time and talents so that we can continue to be a small part of the Star Trek Universe.  
You see, outside of this podcast I consider myself to be a professional singing-actor — a theatrical artist who has spent years developing my craft so that I can earn a buck or two singing a song and doing a dance whenever the opportunity arises. I know – all too well – the value of my craft… and the craft that our writers, graphic artists, audio/video editors, and hosts contribute is no less valuable. 
And yet. Much like community theatre, the Priority One Podcast team comes together to produce this show not because we want something in return… but, because this is our labor of love. I repeat this often on our show because I think it’s important…. NO ONE on this team takes home a single dime… not from our generous patrons – not from our sponsors. The financial support we receive goes directly into the costs of producing the content you’ve come to expect each and every week… Equipment for mobile recording at conventions… livestreaming… editing software… some travel expenses… hosting services for the production… the list goes on. Because of the support of loyal patrons and the occasional sponsorship, we seldom dig into our own pockets in addition to the hours we spend each week producing this show. 

For starters, a big shout out to our graphic artists – Henry and Jason – Without their contributions, neither Priority One Podcast nor the Priority One Armada would look nearly as good as it does on social media and marketing materials. 
To Marc and Ray who are always eager to showcase the latest headline or share the latest news from the P1P Armada. 

In 2019, we were fortunate to have a remarkable audio editing team — the real muscle behind the show. Gray, Brandon, Rand, Rosko, Daniel, and William. Returning this year – our old friend Skiffy who’s talents had been sorely missed. Together, this tour de force from across the globe have the hardest job of all…. Trying to take the host’s weekly shenanigans and molding it into the clean, organized, and professional production you’ve come to expect every Friday! Podcasting is theatre of the mind… and they are the unsung heroes behind the scene. Without their generous contributions of time and skill, this show would be impossible to produce. 

This year, Patron – turned contributor – Shane Hoover has also become a vital asset to the team. Now in charge of helping us sift through all the headlines and writing our Trek It Out segments, Shane is another member of the team who embodies that sense of community I spoke about earlier… someone passionate about Trek and excited to help us carve our own little corner of the Star Trek Multiverse. 
My co-hosts, Anthony and Cat are the cast that help animate this theatre. Whether we disagree on new – or old – Trek… whether we’re speculating over the latest rumors and gossip from developing trek… or hanging on the bridge of the Enterprise in Ticonderoga, I know I can trust them to help keep the energy of the show brilliant and entertaining. 

Last, but certainly not least, a huge shout-out to my man Jake! This year, the man went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways. He’s the Riker to my Picard – A member of this production for several years now, I am always confident in the work he produces — whether writing a segment for the podcast, engaging on social media, or skipping meals so that he could chat with listeners at STLV. Jake throws himself in everything he does and I’ve come to rely heavily on his creativity, wit, and – most of all – his compassion. Both he and Skiffy are my conscious and I can always trust them to help me when the going gets tough.  
Of course — as I mentioned earlier… producing a show like ours is not an inexpensive endeavor. All the hours we put in to developing this show would not happen without tools and resources — expenses that are supported by over 50 members of our community — our Patrons. I’m reminded each day that we could NOT do this without them. I am truly humbled by their ongoing support each and every month! Without them… NONE of this would be possible. 
As I look ahead to 2020, we have a lot of work to do. For starters, the new Captains Vlog series we’ve begun to produce is no easy endeavor – but, we believe is vital to the growth of our production.  Fortunately, folks like Jake, Anthony, Rand, and – returning volunteer – Jon Towry have stepped up to the plate to ensure our video projects are cared for with the same standards we develop our audio production. 
I’d also like to work harder at engaging with each and every one of you. Whether via email, social media, or subspace carrier wave… Hailing Frequencies are always open and having a dialogue with you is what makes this all worthwhile. So please – don’t be shy. In 2020, reach out to us — share your thoughts about the latest headlines, episodes, comics, novels… you name it…. If something in the Star Trek Multiverse inspires an emotional response or an opinion – share it with us! We can’t wait to hear from you. 
You can also be sure we’ll be doing another fundraiser this year for a worthy cause. In 2019, we raised nearly $2,000 dollars for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia via Extra-Life. I’m confident we can have another successful campaign for another worthy cause. 
Here’s to 2020!! 

Live long and Podcast!

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Elio is a Northern New Jersey Cuban-American and graduate of Kean University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance in 2011. He has performed in internationally renowned performance halls such as Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic, as a member of the Westminster Symphonic Choir, and in Beijing, China as a representative for Kean University. Since 2012, he has had the wonderful opportunity to Executive Produce Priority One – the premiere Star Trek Online podcast. Whether recruiting, managing the global team of talented volunteers, arranging interviews with special guests, editing, web-development, finding sponsors, managing crowd funding, or writing content for the podcast, Elio has a hand in it all. A long-time Trekkie, Elio has been watching the series since he was a child and sneaking in late night, back-to-back, episodes of TNG reruns. He finally embraced the Trekdom in college and spent many hours catching up on the entire multiverse…. instead of studying.

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  1. seannewboy on January 2, 2020

    Excellent job, way to finish strong.
    Missed opportunity though, since this was basically a blooper reel, you should have ended with a “perfect” take of something that none of you expected to go that well.

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