Warrior’s Way: Season 6 Fleet System—Klingon to the Core

Are you already bored with Season 6? Has the luster of (finally) beating level 5 in “No Win Scenario” worn off? Have you stopped dreaming of how your new fleet ship will make the weapons on an STF tactical cube look like squirt guns? You, warrior, are burned out! But why? Because you have missed the greatest part of Season 6: It is not the gear, not even the starbases, and (for KDF especially!) not the ships. The best parts of Season 6 involves warriors coming together to confront new enemies, undertake new deeds, accomplish new tasks, and forge strong friendships on the anvil of battle.

All of us have seen the advertisements in the chat box, right? “Help me create a fleet and I will give you X number of EC’s. Then you can leave once it is created.” I understand what drives this kind of request. You think, hey, I have been able to grind for whatever I wanted in the past—C-Store ships, Honor Guard set, etc. What’s another long grind? But then you realize, as most of us have, that advancing a starbase with a single person is nothing short of lunacy. And if you are not already insane to undertake such a task, you soon will be. One can only do Starbase Fleet Defense so many times before regular meetings with the ship’s counselor (if they even exist on KDF ships) become a necessity. This is because interdependence is built into the fleet system of Season 6.

But maybe you are one of those warriors who thinks that true victory is only won in the John Wayne style: independent, alone, and without help. Kahless notwithstanding, the image of the lone warrior standing atop a mass of mauled and maimed bodies is absurd and belongs rightly to the realm of mythology, where the normal rules of life in this universe don’t apply. Try this kind of one-gun strategy against a strong PVP team—even a mediocre one—and you will soon discover that the lone wolf is a dead wolf. But don’t take it from me. Listen to Worf (not Wolf, Mrs. Troi!) in this insightful exchange with the young Wesley Crusher (TNG, Coming of Age):


Worf: It is very difficult for me to depend on anyone for anything – but especially for my life.

Wesley Crusher: But on the Enterprise, you do that every day. Everyone depends on everyone else to protect them.

Worf: Yes.

Wesley Crusher: So you overcame it?

Worf: No. It is still my enemy.

Within the Season 6 fleet system, independence is the true enemy and interdependence is the key to victory and fun. The Federation, the Undine, and now the Tholians are also formidable foes, but their demise will only come after we have defeated the “John Wayne” within. The fleet system not only underscores every warrior’s need for companions but it also makes doing it all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

Great warriors throughout history have discovered that victory, like great bloodwine, is best enjoyed in the company of companions. Think upon Gilgamesh, the mighty warrior-king of Uruk. As an individual, he accomplished great things, like the building of Uruk’s walls. But it was not until after he partnered with an equally mighty warrior—the wild man Enkidu—that he was able to slay not only a great forest monster but also the Bull of Heaven itself. Achilles had Petroclus; Frodo had his fellowship; David had his mighty men; and KDF warriors need one another.

Contrary to popular belief, the best part of Season 6 is not the ships, the gear, or the missions. The best part of Season 6 is the new opportunity to forge ties with other warriors in the field of battle and to create camaraderie among a group of total strangers. To draw the blade with another warrior against a formidable and worthy foe is to know what lies at the heart of the warrior ethos. Warriors do not fight for toys. We fight for honor and glory.

As I look back on the time since the launch of Season 6, and as I comb through the forums and hear the waning enthusiasm in the voices of my fellow warriors, I am left wondering if we have burned out because we have traded the great (the opportunity to build bonds of friendship in the field of battle) for the good (i.e., the accumulation of more gear, ships, etc.). Sure, you could sell your soul to the demons of grinding—play Blockade and Colony Invasion over and over again, only to be rewarded with what? [dmg] x3 and [acc] x1 weapons? Hah! A few thousand more hull points? Hah! Worth months of grinding on your own? Maybe for you, but not for me. Better, I think, is the fact that Season 6 is full of opportunities to enter more fully into our identity as warriors of a great empire—one built on the principles of honor, companionship, and strength, given to us by Kahless himself.

But maybe you are a player who hasn’t yet entered into fleet life. If this is you, consider joining one. Fighting alongside fleet companions will make the warrior within you boil over. Victory won alone is sweet. But Victory won with a band of warriors is more intoxicating than a whole barrel of bloodwine (well, almost). Forge a reputation for yourself as a member of a devastating PVP team. Help younger warriors in your fleet learn how to conquer the Borg and the Tholians. Team up with fleet mates as they bring their characters from levels 20 to 50—and hopefully someday levels 1 to 50. Contribute to building a mighty starbase. Learn how to be a valuable resource for those in your fleet. Empower the weak, make the strong mighty, and push your skills and your teammates to their very limits, all for the honor and glory of the empire.

Fight bravely, act honorably, and always remember that a day in the life of a KDF warrior is never complete without leaving at least one Federation ship burning in space. Qapla’!

–Sargon the Great

P.S. Season 6 is an incredible time to be part of the KDF. If you don’t play KDF, or are interested in the faction, my fellow warriors at the Gates of Sto’vo’kor have put together a fine introduction to the faction (http://sto.perfectworld.com/news/?name=sto-node-3191).


Sargon the Great is a Rear Admiral in the 110th Federation/KDF fleet (http://110thfleet.shivtr.com/). Unlike most other KDF Generals, he was born a Romulan. Inspired as a young man by Worf’s visit to a prison camp in the year 2369, he eventually left the camp, against the will of his parents, and joined the KDF. Although an outsider among Klingons, the increasing diversity in the Empire gave him room to advance in the military, until he eventually earned the confidence and trust of the High Council, which granted him command of the I.K.S. Rage of Kahless, a Bortasqu’ Command Cruiser.

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