Utopia Planitia: Developing Your Fleet in Star Trek Online

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Utopia Planitia: Developing Your Fleet in Star Trek Online

Greetings Captains!  Welcome to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Blog.  In our previous Fleet Blogs, we discussed how to build the foundation of your fleet….your fleet structure.  We emphasized the need to be well organized before launching the NX version of your in-game party.   Further to that, we also discussed some fantastic tools which are readily available in order to build your home away from home….your Fleet Website.

In today`s edition of Building Your Fleet,  we will hopefully give you some helpful advice and inspiration for filling up the ranks and getting your fleet full of new members, all of whom may be willing to don the fate-filled redshirt, all in the name of your very own fleet.



Step three:  Recruiting


“ Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Ladies and Gentleferengi, you have the structure, you have all the tools, you may even have a Hawaiian hula dancer on your captain`s chair.  What you need now, is people….fleet members…borg fodder….redshirts and commanders.  It`s time to recruit.  So, put on a happy face, and start patrolling Earth Spacedock for some poor soul who is looking for a fleet to join and has no idea that you are currently running a “fleet of one”.  In all seriousness, your first order of business, if you haven`t done so already, should be to visit ESD or Qo`nos and get your fleet registered.  Bring some Energy Credits.  Remember, in order to register a new fleet, you must be in a full group of 5 players.  In addition, all these players must be either Gold Members or Silver Members who have made a C-store purchase or carry a Zen balance.  Having said that, once you register your fleet with the Fleet Ambassador, anyone in your five-man group can immediately “Leave the fleet”.  So, if you don`t already have five trek buddies to form your own fleet, you can always ask total strangers to join your group for the sole purpose of getting your fleet registered.  That`s where the energy credits come in.  Start spamming your request for help in zone chat, and if no one comes to your aid, add a little bribe to the equation.  (ie. “100,000 credits for each person who comes to help me register my fleet”, etc.).  Assuming you were successful in this task, it`s time to get some members.  The recruiting drive is on….

fleet ambassador


Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning.”

Obviously, there are many ways to go about recruiting new members to populate your shiny new starbase, or more important, to help contribute dilithium and fleet marks to some of those crazy, resource-intensive fleet projects.  We’re going to break this recruiting section down into two major sections.  First, we`ll discuss the actual avenues of recruiting.  And second, you`ll need to develop a kind of sales pitch as to why someone would want to join your fleet.

If ever you had visions of a ghostly baseball player from the early 1900`s telling you “If you build it, they will come”, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM.   It may have worked for Kevin Costner, but then again, lots of things that work for him will never work for us “normal folk”.



You need to actively recruit.  Registering your fleet and building a super-duper-transwarped-website is simply not enough to bring in the hordes of redshirts you`ll want to get your fleet rolling.

In Star Trek Online you have two primary options:

1.)    Recruiting in-game.

2.)    Recruiting via the Official Star Trek Online Forums.

Now, while both of these methods may seem fairly straightforward, it is important to remember that this is still an exercise in social technique.  For example,  spamming in zone chat “1021rst fleet now recruiting!  Join our fleet for a free tribble”…might not be the best way to recruit in game.  Personally, I`ve found that leveraging groups for STF`s can sometimes be quite effective.  Sometimes when running a good PvE grouped instance it just works so smoothly.  You can group chat that your fleet is “now hiring” and since you just finished a mission together, you may already have an idea of a potential recruits in-game aptitude.  In addition, that potential recruit can also evaluate how you conduct yourself as well.  Remember, in-game recruiting is a social skill, plain and simple.  Some people are very good at it and some of us aren`t.  Just remember that if all else fails and you give in to the zone chat spamming syndrome, you won`t be alone, and it`s OK.

Another good way to recruit is via the handy dandy Forum section on the official STO forums.  Of course, you may want to follow a few basic guidelines in order to maximize your forum recruiting thread.  Here are some words of wisdom directly from the Grand Nagus in order to help capitalize on this great tool!

  1. Standard forum rules apply.  In other words, make sure you always try to post something a little bit different every post.  Constantly repeating the same message over and over not only comes across as uninspiring to potential new recruits, but it could also land you a forum warning.
  2. Always link your website and/or forums in each post.  Repeating this by having a link in your forum signature is also a good idea.
  3. Try to get as many fleetmates to post in your recruitment thread as possible.   Appearances go a long way and having multiple members posting in a recruitment thread really helps boost an image of having an active fleet.
  4. Know who you are!  Potential new recruits will put you on their own personal little trials and judgements like a Q in a comedy festival.  Therefore, it’s extremely important to identify your fleets “modus operandi” and leverage your strengths.  Maybe you formed your fleet with a few real life friends.  Maybe your fleet consists primarily of relatively mature member profiles.  Maybe you want a casual group, or conversely, your fleet identity may consist of total hardcore gamers.  In all of these examples, communicating your identity will not only properly set expectations for new members, but it will also help attract like-minded individuals, thus giving you a higher rate of keeping new recruits that you have been working so hard to get.  Communicating your fleet’s ideals and overall profile is obviously mission critical.




If you manage to incorporate all of these components into your recruiting thread, in short time, you will begin to notice results.

Of course getting new redshirts to enlist is one thing, keeping them active and in the fleet is a whole other ball of Denobulan firebug wax!

First, remember that org chart you worked so hard on when arranging your fleet structure?  Fill it up.  Don’t be afraid to empower new recruits once they’ve gained a certain level of trust.  Many people who are looking to join a new fleet are often hoping they can be an active part of said fleet’s growth and prosperity.  Find something for them to do and give them important responsibilities so they feel as if they too are an integral part of your fleet’s welfare.

Delegate responsibilities….remember if your doing it all alone, you’re inevitably going to miss out on in-game activities.  Don’t be afraid to let others do some of the work so you too can profit from your fleet’s success.

Get everyone involved in the recruiting process. Face it folks, MMO’s are all about socializing.  The more the merrier.  Of course some of you Klingons may trend more towards Worf’s personality traits when he said: “Sir, I protest. I am *not* a merry man!!”


RobRay Out!

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