Trekkin’ in Style: To Lobi or Not to Lobi Part 2

Hello and welcome to Trekkin’ in Style, a monthly column that will attempt to delve deeper into a relatively unexplored aspect of STO by reviewing current and upcoming costume options.  I’ll be talking about what additions I think the game could use as well as which I personally think should’ve never been included.  On occasion I might spotlight other players in game that have an outfit that (for better or worse) I simply can’t ignore, so look out, you might find your picture on here someday.  On occasion I’ll also talk about fashion on Star Trek shows and movies as well as cosplay, of which I happen to have done some recently in Star Trek Las Vegas.

The tailor in Star Trek Online comes with many default options to choose from, however if you’re looking for more options there are several ways in which you can supplement your wardrobe.  The two most common are the C-store and the Lobi store.

The Cryptic Store (stylized in-game as  STORE) is a micro-transaction store available to players in Star Trek Online to purchase items from and redeem special offers (such as pre-order rewards). The Cryptic Store requires Zen (which can be purchased at a rate of $1.00 USD for 100  or through the dilithium exchange at a floating rate) to be able to purchase anything.

The Lobi Crystal Consortium (or Lobi Store) is a Ferengi vendor at Drozana Station, where players can purchase special items for Lobi Crystals . Lobi Crystals are obtainable by opening certain lock boxes, or obtained during Featured Episode reruns as hidden loot drops.

In this issue we continue our review of some of the costumes available in the Lobi store.  But first a little refresher on how the Lobi Store works.  All costume pieces from the Lobi Store come in an “Outfit Box”.  These boxes range in price from 30 to 200 Lobi Crystals and are consumable items that can be sold or traded until they’ve been opened.  Once opened the boxes grant the player a per character costume unlock that he/she may access in the tailor.

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of how to obtain the items let’s get down to the items themselves.  Last time we talked a little about Klingon skirts, Ferengi jackets, skirts and earrings.  This time we’re going to continue our review with Tholian silk items and wardrobe from the future.

First up the Tholian silk items, here’s a little basic info on the Tholian silk items.  The Tholian Silk Robe is available only to Federation players as an Off Duty costume option. The Tholian Silk Scarf can be worn by all characters.

I am honestly at odds with the robe.  I kind of like it but refuse to buy it.  On the plus side the shining material and patterns of the robe are absolutely stunning.  There is detail work on this material that simply can’t be captured well on a screenshot.  In my opinion the material almost looks like liquid metal.  On a planet with bright lighting it can be almost blinding to look at.  On the down side, I was disappointed because I was expecting this item to have its own unique model, but instead it’s just a reskin of the Bajoran Vedek robe.  Let’s face it the Bajoran Vedek robe sort of looks like a frumpy bathrobe or nightgown, hardly the sort of thing I would expect such a luxurious fabric as Tholian silk to be wasted on.  It’s the lack of original model more than anything else that really makes this robe unappealing to me and has kept me from buying it.

Now on to the Tholian silk scarf.  The scarf benefits from the same kind of glistening shining material as the robe but not being in the market for yet another scarf I had no personal interest in acquiring it.  Again the item is basically a reskin of the existing scarf model in game and while it’s serviceable it lacks the flare I had expected from a Tholian silk item.  A simple Google search for “fancy scarf” would’ve turned up any number of more decorative scarf styles that would have probably been more interesting.

Next on the list, time traveling uniforms.  All the temporal outfits can be worn by both KDF and fed in some form.  While the Temporal jumpsuit is the same for both factions the Klingons get a unique counterpart to the Wells uniform called the Korath.

The Temporal Jumpsuit was first seen in Enterprise.  It was worn by Crewman Daniels in several episodes and in my opinion is one of the ugliest things ever made by Star Trek costume designers.  I jokingly call it the rubber hose suit because in my opinion it looks as if someone had coiled a rubber hose around a black latex jumpsuit.  For the life of me I can’t understand why they would have added this thing to the game but they did.  Now to be fair the work done on the suit in game is stunning.  No matter how I may feel about the original uniform as seen on TV I can’t deny the amazing attention to detail.  They even gave the under layer a pattern that shimmers a little in the light, just like the one in the show.  Inspite of my opinion of the uniform I AM glad that this is in game for two reasons.  Number one, more options are better than less and number two, it provides yet another (much needed) costume option for Klingons.

The next items on the list are by far my absolute favorite costumes from the Lobi store to date.  The Korath uniform is an original STO creation.  It is intricate and full of details.  It has its own unique boots, pants, gloves, and sash and is probably one of my top 10 costumes in STO.  I did have a hard time coloring it because the variations in materials make some colors look different in different parts but eventually I did come up with an appealing color scheme.  My only complain about this uniform is that the arm bracers have what appears to be a lighted panel that seems to be dependent on the color you choose for the bracer as a whole.  Meaning the lighter the color of the bracer the brighter the light gets.  I would have loved it if that lighted panel was a standard color or perhaps a separate color option because while I wanted my light to be bright I didn’t want my bracer to look bright silver.  In the end I had to settle for what looks like a dim light in order to get the color I wanted for the bracer.

The Wells uniform is yet another faithful recreation of a uniform seen on screen.  This uniform is best spotlighted in the episode of Voyager, “Relativity” and it’s one of my favorite uniforms in any Star Trek series so far.  For the most part it’s a simple Starfleet uniform and it’s perhaps that which makes the details really stand out.  The variation in material between the matte finish on the bulk of the uniform and the satin patterned portion at the top really makes that little bit pop.  The iridescent quality the rank pips and comm badge seem to have is unique to this uniform and the different colored trim on the mandarin color really stands out in a good way.  This uniform is perhaps one of the best examples on how a few choice details can make a simple outfit stand out.

Before we go I want to take a moment to thank the STO community for the support they have shown my fleetmates and I over the past week.  As some of you may or may not know Caspian division, A.K.A. the “pretty fleet” was recently “stolen” from us.  On April 4th Caspian members woke up to find that they had been removed from the fleet and the fleet itself was not showing up on any search.  The details of how and why have been documented on a forum post on the STO  forums as well as a massively column by Terry Shull.  Since then we’ve received relief supplies, energy credits, words of support, offers to help, and even offers for temporary memberships to their higher-tiered fleets so those of us left to start over could do so with tier 5 gear.  It’s honestly been one of the most wonderful displays of kindness I’ve seen and I want to say thank you all.

Til next time, peace and long life.

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