Trekkin in Style: To Lobi or not to Lobi Part 1

Hello and welcome to Trekkin’ in style, a monthly column that will attempt to delve deeper into a relatively unexplored aspect of STO by reviewing current and upcoming costume options.  I’ll be talking about what additions I think the game could use as well as which I personally think should’ve never been included.  On occasion I might spotlight other players in game that have an outfit that (for better or worse) I simply can’t ignore, so look out, you might find your picture on here someday.  On occasion I’ll also talk about fashion on Star Trek shows and movies as well as cosplay, of which I happen to have done some recently in Star Trek Las Vegas.

The tailor in Star Trek Online comes with many default options to choose from, however if you’re looking for more options there are several ways in which you can supplement your wardrobe.  The two most common are the C-store and the Lobi store.

The Cryptic Store (stylized in-game as  STORE) is a micro-transaction store available to players in Star Trek Online to purchase items from and redeem special offers (such as pre-order rewards). The Cryptic Store requires Zen (which can be purchased at a rate of $1.00 USD for 100  or through the dilithium exchange at a floating rate) to be able to purchase anything.

The Lobi Crystal Consortium (or Lobi Store) is a Ferengi vendor at Drozana Station, where players can purchase special items for Lobi Crystals TIS_Lobi_crystal_icon. Lobi Crystals are obtainable by opening certain lock boxes, or obtained during Featured Episode reruns as hidden loot drops.

Over the next two issues I’m going to talk a little about the Lobi Store and some of the costumes available in it.  First thing’s first though, and that’s a little Lobi Store 101.  All costume pieces from the Lobi Store come in an “Outfit Box”.  These boxes range in price from 30 to 200 Lobi and are consumable items that can be sold in the exchange or traded until they’ve been opened.  Once opened the boxes grant the player a per character costume unlock that he/she may access in the tailor.


Now that you understand the basics of how to obtain the items let’s get down to the items themselves.



First up, Klingon skirts.

You don’t have to play KDF to know that the faction is currently severely lacking in costume options.  Even a newcomer to the game quickly learns how little content the KDF faction has and how plain and bare the customization of characters is for that faction.  Unlike the Federation side, the KDF does NOT have access to skirts as a default.  This is probably why the addition of the “Warrior’s Decorated Skirt” was received with mixed feelings from the community.  On the one hand it was the answer to over two years’ worth of requests from players.  On the other hand, many of us felt that Klingon skirts was something that should’ve been in game from day one and that its introduction to the game should’ve been as a complimentary item, NOT something you pay for.  Never the less into the Lobi Store they went and to date that is the ONLY way to obtain a Klingon skirt.

The skirt itself is extremely well made and has (in my opinion) a Greco-Roman feel to it.  One of the best things about it is that it can be equipped on bridge officers.  I myself have purchased six, one for each of my KDF characters.



Next, Ferengi fashions.

The Ferengi fashions include earrings, skirts, and jackets (both open and closed versions).  With the exception of the earrings all of these items are exclusive to Federation players.  While female characters can use both the open and closed version of these jackets, male characters are restricted to the closed version only.




The male version of the jacket is similar to one worn by Rom in Deep Space Nine.  However (in my opinion) it fails to capture the same feel as the original.  Instead of resembling a waistcoat it comes off looking more like an elaborate sweater, largely due to the discrepancy in length.





The open (female only) version however exceeds my personal expectations.  It shows just enough skin to fit in with what a post DS9 Ferengi female might wear, without being over the top.  My only problem with this jacket (which is also one I have with the closed version and skirt) is that the gold accents don’t have the option to be colored in silver.  Seeing as to how they are labeled as “latinum” versions in the tailor I think it’s only appropriate that a silver option be included since latinum is silver in color.


In spite of this minor technicality this jacket remains one of my favorites, especially when used with its matching skirt.

Like the jackets, the Ferengi skirt is highly detailed with matte and glossy tones reminiscent of satin, leather and velvet.  As mentioned above, the skirt also comes with a “latinum” accent to it.

Last but not least on the list of Ferengi fashions we have the earrings.  Like the skirt and open jacket, the earrings can only be used by female characters.  However, unlike the rest of the Ferengi items, the earrings can be used on female bridge officers that have the lobes for it (no pun intended).  When we were first told we would be getting Ferengi earrings I was expecting to get what we had seen in DS9 and although that was not to be the case I was not disappointed.

Next issue I’ll be talking about Tholian silk items and uniforms from the future.  Til next time, peace and long life!

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