Trekkin’ In Style: Introduction

Hello and welcome to Trekkin’ In Style, a monthly column that will attempt to delve deeper into a relatively unexplored aspect of STO by reviewing current and upcoming costume options.  I’ll be talking about what additions I think the game could use as well as which I personally think should’ve never been included.  On occasion I might spotlight other players in game that have an outfit that (for better or worse) I simply can’t ignore, so look out, you might find your picture on here someday.  On occasion I’ll also talk about fashion on Star Trek shows and movies as well as cosplay, of which I happen to have done some recently in Star Trek Las Vegas.

I’ll admit that when I was asked to write about fashion in STO I had mixed reactions about the idea.  At first I thought it was a joke, but when I was assured that it wasn’t I was flattered and excited that someone would think my opinions mattered enough to be read.  In STO I’m a member of a little fleet called Caspian division.  We’re lovingly called the “pretty fleet” by some because of our love for the tailor in STO.  Some even say we might be the most fashion conscious fleet in game.  We make it a point to change outfits according to the mission we are undertaking and we’ve been known to have “tailor parties”.  An event in which we gather around a tailor coming up with new outfits, model them for each other and give feedback on what looks good and what doesn’t.  That’s not all we’re about in Caspian but it’s what we’ve become best known for and we’re proud of it.

Some might think, “It’s the tailor, what’s the big deal?” and at first glance it doesn’t seem like an important part of the game, but consider this. The way a toon looks says something about that character’s personality.  I’ve played STO since open beta and in that time I have seen some creative use of the alien generator and clothing options. I’ve seen people recreate comic book icons, cartoon characters, movie characters, Star Trek characters and in some cases (with remarkable accuracy) replicate their own real life appearance.  During Halloween I’ve seen people dress up their character to look like witches and during Christmas I’ve seen some amazing Santa Clauses and elves.  One of my closest friend has been able to (in a sense) bring to life characters that until STO she had only been able to write about in her books.

To those players and others like them, the tailor provided a creative outlet that they might not have had access to in any other way.  The ability to creatively express yourself is a wonderful thing.  Foundry authors can attest to how amazing it is to have access to a tool that allows you to sit down and create something that previously only existed in the imagination.  The tailor is such a tool.  Whether it be a whole character, an unique uniform, a dazzling dressy ensemble or just some casual street clothes, if you can imagine it you’re almost certain to be able to create it (or at the very least some approximation of it) in the tailor.

In a way one could say that fashion in STO is a reflection of the way fashion in real life is approached.  Whether consciously or not,  in real life we all wear items that say something about us as individuals.  In STO this can make the tailor an intimidating feature for some, especially new players.  A new player might come into the game expecting a handful of generic character options like in other games and become overwhelmed when they find the vast number of choices available to them.  My advice to those players would be to take a deep breath, relax and take their time, they might be amazed by what they come up with.  However, if spending time making a character isn’t something that appeals to a player, the tailor comes with a few preset choices available that make the process quick and easy.

In closing, I would like to recommend to anyone who hasn’t yet given the tool a shot to go and give the tailor a try.  They might find that they’ve discovered an aspect of the game they love but didn’t even really know existed.  Til next time, peace and long life!

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  • alt_example

    seannewboy November 9, 2012 at 8:06 am - Reply

    I love the tailor in Sto, very powerfun (tm?). All of my KDF use the same basic uniform, though to be honest its not like they really have many choices. But each of my Fed alts have their own fashion sense, from the Bizarre (Mil) to the basic (Newboy). Our fleet has costume contests once or twice a year and we do things like that in every game we play together.

    • alt_example

      WilV November 9, 2012 at 1:10 pm - Reply

      KDF fashion is something I’ll be writing about in the future. I too have 6 KDF characters and have managed to create unique uniforms for most of them, so look out for that in the months to come.

  • alt_example

    Scott Reu (@ScottRReu) November 10, 2012 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    So you’re now the Richard Blackwell of STO! and we are a pretty fleet!

    • alt_example

      WilV November 10, 2012 at 4:04 pm - Reply

      TY for the comparison to Mr. Blackwell. To clarify though, we’re not just a pretty fleet, we’re THE pretty fleet and we love it. We know we’re good looking and it’s nice that others think so too. 😉

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