Trekkin’ in Style: Dressing for the Occasion

TISHello and welcome to Trekkin’ in style, a monthly column that will attempt to delve deeper into a relatively unexplored aspect of STO by reviewing current and upcoming costume options.  I’ll be talking about what additions I think the game could use as well as which I personally think should’ve never been included.  On occasion I might spotlight other players in game that have an outfit that (for better or worse) I simply can’t ignore, so look out, you might find your picture on here someday.  On occasion I’ll also talk about fashion on Star Trek shows and movies as well as cosplay, of which I happen to have done some recently in Star Trek Las Vegas.

Before we get started, I hope you’ve all had happy holidays.  January is here and soon the latest version of Q’s winter wonderland will be coming to an end for the year.  In this article we’ll be looking over and reviewing some of the new clothing items introduced with the event.

First up are the jackets.  To quote Cryptic’s Season 7 Dev Blog #26, “A new costume has been crafted that will be available for both Federation and Klingon players. This jacket comes in three (3) different stylish lengths, each available in Brown, Black and White variations. Any of these options are suitable for the frigid temperatures of Andoria and Rura Penthe, and fashionable as well!”

Given the lack of costumes available to the KDF I was extremely pleased to learn that they were available for both KDF and Fed players.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only are these new jackets usable for both factions, they can also be equipped on bridge officers!  My personal favorites were the long jackets.  I found these to be “stylish” on both male and female characters.  On Klingon players they almost looked like JJ Abram’s version of Klingon uniforms.

The first thing I did when the event went live was start to farm for the items required, so I could ensure that all 6 of my Klingon characters would have one of these.  After securing the jackets I then went out to find a combination of parts that would work for me.  I find that the Bortasqu’ bracers and boots (which are available as part of the fleet base system) look amazing with this jacket.  I also like how the stippled pants complement the pattern on the jacket.

A friend of mine chose the long brown jacket for his female Caitian.  With the characters fur color the brown worked really well.  He chose to go with matching colors that pulled the whole look together into a cohesive ensemble.

For his alt he chose the white jackets in all 3 variants.  Again, with his skin complexion and hair color the white coat looked amazing in my opinion.  He chose the “2012” scarf to accessorize with this jacket; he then matched the pants and gloves as best he could to the blue tones of the scarf.  Unfortunately like the jackets, this year’s scarf ISN’T customizable.  This is something I’m going to touch on a little later in the column.

One thing to note is that the cropped jacket is ONLY available for FEMALE characters.  Much to the disappointment of several players, including one particular Orion male who took to doing shirtless pushups as a form of protest.  To that one lone, cold Orion I say fight the good fight dear sir.  Personally speaking these jackets became less and less appealing the shorter they got.  I absolutely loved the long ones; the short ones were nice and hated the cropped ones.  Having said that, I’ve always said more options are better than less and for the life of me I can’t understand why STO doesn’t have more revealing costume options for MALE characters.

I found the inability to color the jackets disappointing.  I understand that it was done intentionally to encourage players to participate in the event long enough to get different versions.  However by doing this they’ve limited player creativity to three color choices which has frustrated several people, myself included.  I would have been far more inclined to get the long jacket on every character as opposed to just my Klingons if the color choices were open to customization.

The “2012” scarfs also suffer from this lack of customization.  In the case of the scarfs I couldn’t understand the logic, especially when you consider that the scarfs from the previous year CAN be colored.

In spite of the lack of customization these items are well made, highly detailed and easy to acquire.  If you aren’t interested in fighting snowmen or digging through snowballs for the items needed to purchase the jackets or scarfs you can simply buy them from the exchange.  Overall I think they’re worth it and if you can’t make up your mind as to what color to choose remember, black goes with EVERYTHING. Til next time, peace and long life!

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