Trekkin’ In Style: Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

Hello and welcome to Trekkin’ in style, a monthly column that will attempt to delve deeper into a relatively unexplored aspect of STO by reviewing current and upcoming costume options.  I’ll be talking about what additions I think the game could use as well as which I personally think should’ve never been included.  On occasion I might spotlight other players in game that have an outfit that (for better or worse) I simply can’t ignore, so look out, you might find your picture on here someday.  On occasion I’ll also talk about fashion on Star Trek shows and movies as well as cosplay, of which I happen to have done some recently in Star Trek Las Vegas.

In the last article I made a brief mention about players dressing up as Santa Claus and elves during the winter season in STO.  Today I’ll showcase some of these costumes and go over how to create them as well as showcase some other winter themed couture.

First up is a brief tutorial on how to create a real simple Santa Claus and elf costume, keep in mind though that in order to create my version of an elf you’ll need to have an “Alien” character.  However, the choices for creating a Santa are available to almost every species in game.

To create my Santa I used my liberated Borg, but I’ve seen people use Vulcans, “Aliens” and even Tellarites.  For the head type I used “humanoid 2” because I feel it gives the nose a more rounded look and it seems to bring up the cheekbones.  Under base complexion I selected “aged 3” because it gives the face a few nice lines aging the face without making the character look ancient.  For the eye color I chose the brightest white and lightest blue.  Under hairstyle I maxed out the “shininess” and selected “buzzcut” because of its length, texture and the way it lined up with the beard.  For color I chose “M13” because “F13” is still a little too grey for my taste.  On the eyebrows I picked “Thick 1” and for the beard I selected “epic” and matched both to the hair color on the head.  The rest of the face was a basic default head with just a few tweaks like maxing out the cheeks, nostrils, neck, eyes and making the lips a little fuller.  The body was also extremely simple.  All I did was max out the hips, feet thickness and leg/hand/arm/torso/shoulder bulk.  I didn’t max out the stomach because it just made me look pregnant so instead I maxed out the first four tabs on the bar.  For the outfit itself I chose a basic robe, padded gloves, basic tights and soft boots.  On the robes and pants and boots I chose “N2” for the red, “H13” for the white and “P1” for the black.  For the gloves I chose “A1” and “D4”.

Now let’s move on to the elf design.  This costume was a little more complicated than the Santa due to scaling options only available to the “Alien” species.  Once again I chose “Humanoid 2” for the head type because I feel it gives the nose a more rounded look and it seems to bring up the cheekbones, it also gives the eyes a slight angle that I think works great for the overall elf look.  For skin I chose the “standard 01” complexion and “p13” for color.  For makeup I chose “makeup 01” and “L9” for color.  On the eyes I selected “humanoid” and selected “g13” for the whites and “C10” for the irises.  The ears I selected were “Kreetassen 04” and I matched their color to the skin tone.  I picked “pigtails 01” for the hair, “extended 03” for the eyebrows and “A8” for their color.  Head scaling is where things start to get a little complicated and I highly suggest you play around with it a bit until you find a look you like.  I wanted a comical, more wide eyed childlike elf so I thinned out the neck and decreased its length. I increased the cranium and forehead width and increased the skull’s height. I exaggerated the eye size and decreased their height and width.  I raised the nostril height and increased their size a bit.  Lastly I filled in the lips a bit, maxed out the cheeks and decreased the chin.  The body scaling was also a bit of a challenge because I wanted a comical body.  I completely decreased the height, bust and shoulder/torso bulk.  I decreased the torso length and leg bulk to one tab in their respective bars.  I maxed out the feet size and hand bulk as well as increased the hip and stomach to three and a half tabs in their respective bars.  The clothing portion was relatively simple.  I chose the “straps” jacket, “cutoffs decorated” pants and “soft” boots.  For colors I chose “N4” and “N1” for reds, “D2” and “D1” for green and “H13” for white”.

If dressing up in a “costume” isn’t your style you can still create a nice winter ensemble for the season.  Here are some examples of simple holiday themed outfits that can be created by using “uniform” options.

By this point you might have noticed that the outfits so far have all been Federation based.  Unfortunately the Klingon side doesn’t offer nearly as many choices for customisation as the Federation side.  This makes the creation of themed outfits difficult, but not impossible.  With a little imagination and creativity a festive holiday outfit can be put together using some simple color choices.  Below are three examples of such outfits.

I hope some of you find these tips helpful and remember to experiment.  It’s a game, have fun with it.  I leave you now with a couple of player submitted pictures of their winter couture and wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Til next time, peace and long life!

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