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Episode Four: “Starship Traits: The Next Generation” – A Look at Starship Traits

Part One: Federation Starship Traits

(Note: Due to the length of this Post, I will be focusing on traits that come from Tier 6 Federation starships and the new Tier 6 Breen Carrier being given away during Q’s Winter Wonderland event currently in progress (from now until January 15, 2015). Part Two of the post will focus on the Romulan, KDF, and Cross Faction Starship traits, so stay tuned).

Today’s post will feature an interesting addition to Star Trek Online, starship traits. Starship traits, simply put, are ways to enhance your current build and make it even better. The best news about Starship traits is you can obtain at least one of these epic starship traits at no cost to you… yes, you heard correctly, NO COST TO YOU! So continue reading for more details.

(Note: Most of the Starship traits come to us from C-Store ship purchases! I am giving a breakdown of each starship trait and the starship it comes on, so you can have an informed decision as to what ships, if any, you want to purchase).

So, to start, lets address what starship traits are and how can they benefit your current build. Starship traits are abilities you can unlock for leveling up a tier 6 Starship’s mastery to level 5. Each tier 6 ship available in game has a unique trait that is unlocked through mastery leveling, which I will discuss later in more detail. These Starship traits activate specific bonuses based on a specific in game action or player activated bridge officer skill. To make this a bit easier to understand, let’s look at the current Federation Starship traits, their specific ability/bonus, what ship has the unique trait, and what skill/action activates the specific trait.

Reciprocity Starship Trait: is a trait that is basically a very small version of the aux to bat build for your Intel officers. This trait activates when an opponent misses you with their weapons. Once a miss is registered then your Intel officers get a 10 percent cool down on their abilities, thus allowing you to activate those abilities faster. This trait is available on the Phantom Intel Escort obtained from the C-Store.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this trait due to the multiple accuracy bonuses you can receive from consoles, deflectors, weapons, and reputation tier space traits to name a few. I have noticed that when I run a combat log during battle I am at a 99 to 100 percent hit ratio with my weapons. This means that this trait is useless for anyone facing me, or other similar builds, in battle. However, if you are in a battle and you notice that the opponent is missing you a lot and you actually use Intel officer skills, then this trait is one to consider.

Battle Ready Starship Trait: is an epic trait that is earned from level 5 mastery of the Eclipse Intel Cruiser from the C-Store and is designed to assist players who do not use a lot of armor consoles for their ship (like me) and want to increase their defense . This trait gives you +7.5 percent All Damage Resistance and Defense for 15 seconds. The trait activates when you use any Intel or Engineering officer skill, yes that is right, any Engineering or Intel officer skill. Ok now think about using the Battle Ready trait with an Aux to Bat build, do you start to see how epic this can be? Basically, what I am saying is, when you run an Aux to Bat build you can push an Intel or Engineering skill almost nonstop thus allowing you to have the added defense and resistance for the complete battle.

The only unanswered question I have about this trait is whether it stacks or not, as I am unsure at this time. If one of you reading this post knows if this trait can stack, please post a comment about it below. My theory is that this trait has an infinite amount of stacks, if can push an Engineering or Intel skill it should stack. (Note: This is just my theory, and has not been confirmed yet, when I find out more I will update this post).

Emitter Synergy Starship Trait: This trait comes to us again from a C-store purchase and is unlocked when you obtain level 5 mastery on your Scryer Intel Science Vessel. Emitter Synergy is designed for all of you who rely on exotic damage and need additional shield heals (honestly who doesn’t need more shield heals). Upon activation of this trait, by using any Tactical or Intel officer skill, you will receive a +7.5 percent increase in Exotic Damage and +7.5 percent Shield Heals for 15 seconds. This skill can stack up to 3 times, so using an Aux to Bat build also would benefit you greatly. I know there a few of you out there that state using an Aux to Bat build on a Science Officer is not wise, but I say try it out because you can use Auxiliary Batteries, Red Matter Capacitor, and the Emergency Power to Auxiliary bridge officer skill to recover your auxiliary power. Trust me, you will do just fine with a Science running an Aux to Bat Build and your damage will increase! (As always, post your comments below if you have tried an Aux to Bat build on your Science Officer and your results).

Desperate Repairs Starship Trait: This is, to date, my third favorite starship trait, and here is why. Well before I tell you why, let’s get into the specifics of this trait and maybe you will see why it’s one of my favorite ones. This Starship trait is available from the Guardian Cruiser from the C-Store. Ironically one of the best starship traits comes to us from one of the worst ships in STO (in my opinion). At any rate, this trait activates when you are critically hit, which tends to happen to me all the time. Once you are critically hit a total of three times, you will get a bonus of +143 shield regeneration for each shield facing and +1418 hit points, however after activation you will have to endure a 60 second cool-down before reactivation, so be prepared for that. So why is it my 3rd favorite trait? Well basically you do not have to do anything to activate it, other than be a target for someone else and it heals you right up! Come on, that’s pretty epic!

Gardian Cruiser getting trait

(One of my toons working on leveling the Guardian Cruiser for Desperate Repairs)

Radiant Nanite Cloud Starship Trait: This is my second favorite Starship trait in game and is earned from leveling up the Dauntless Class Starship obtained from the C-Store. Radiant Nanite Cloud, as the name suggests, provides a 25 percent hull heal cloud that affects you and anyone within 3 km of you (this is another great trait for players who love to use Carriers). This trait activates by using ANY hull heal ability, such as Engineering Team and Hazard Emitters.

Now this is where I gently remind you all of how epic this starship trait could be when used with an Aux to Bat build. I will not go into any more detail about this, as I have already mentioned above the implications of how epic a trait can be when combined with an Aux to Bat build, but I will say this, that having a 25 percent increase on any hull heal ability is epic for any toon you play, whether it is a Tactical, Science or Engineer. With that being said however, for us Science players out there using a proper Science build, this trait can be even more useful to us as it is hard to have good hull heals slotted when running your exotic damage, stopping, and placating skills, let alone using traits that can boost it! Let me humbly suggest that you think about slotting a hazard emitters hull heal on your Aux to Bat Science build and watch the epic 25 percent bonus heal your hull faster each time you activate your hazard emitter skill! With the Radiant Nanite Cloud you, and any carrier pets you may be using, will be able to stay in the battle for longer periods of time!

Nanite cloud trait

(Showing how the starship Traits are transferable to any ship)

Ablative Field Projector Starship Trait: is currently my number one favorite starship trait, and can be acquired from the level 5 mastery of the Pathfinder Intrepid Class Starship obtained from the C-Store. Pressing any shield healing bridge officer ability will activate this trait. Once a shield heal is pushed, you get 3000 temporary hull hit points for 15 seconds. This means that every time you use a shield heal like Science Team, Emergency Power to Shields, or Transfer Shield Strength you will get the aforementioned 3000 temporary hit points! If that is not enough to get you excited, then think about this, the Ablative Field Projector can stack up to 3 times! Additionally, Science players will find this trait very useful as a “temporary secondary hull,” while waiting for Hazard Emitters to cool-down!

Ablative field projector trait

(This trait is beyond Epic!  If you only get one starship trait in game, this would be it)

ablative trait in action

(Ablative Field Projector in Action, notice the pink hull, very similar to the Romulan Secondary Hull ability)

Last trait alert!!!!

Reactive Repair Nanites Starship Trait: is a trait that is acquired from the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier which is earned by participating in Q’s Winter Wonderland Event. This starship trait is unlocked when your reach level 5 mastery in your free Breen Carrier. Reactive Repair Nanites heal all carrier pets within a 5km distance from your target. The official Star Trek website states “Using a hull heal ability will also heal your hangar pets within 5km of your target for a portion of the healing dealt” (1). So basically I believe that Reactive Repair Nanites is similar to the Radiant Nanite Cloud Starship Trait but does not give your ship a bonus heal and boosts the range of pet heals from 3 km to 5 km. So, using Reactive Repair Nanites in conjunction with Radiant Nanite Cloud can really make your pets live longer and reduce the amount of time your pets are in your Carrier’s hangar repairing, thus allowing them to cause added terror and discontent to your enemies for longer periods of time.

So, with the last trait accounted for, you may have been saying to yourself “why does he keep saying this trait is good on a Carrier, you can only earn it from a specific tier 6 ship which is not a carrier, how can you use it on another ship?” Well this is where starship traits get interesting….Any starship trait you earn can be transfer to any ship you fly! Yes you heard me right! If you take the time to level up your tier 6 starship and earn a starship trait, you then get to use that trait on any ship you fly from that point on. Let me repeat this again…..any level 5 mastery starship traits you unlock are transferable to any other ship you fly in game. Now you can see the reason why I love the new starship trait system s no matter how good you are now, this new trait system will improve upon your current epicness!

So, in conclusion, earning starship traits not only make your ship more epic, but also allows for your older T5 ships to basically be completely upgraded to a tier 6 starship minus the Intel officer skills. Using these starship traits really can make your tier 5 ships just as good as the new tier 6 ships and reinforces the claim made by Cryptic, where they stated that your older ships would not become obsolete! This new system is an epic win for Star Trek Online and one of the many new changes I love.
I know that purchasing ship packs, or individual ship for that matter, can be expense, but I hope this post clears up for you what starship traits are and assist you in making an informed decision as to what tier 6 ship(s) you would want to own to unlock a specific trait.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! See you in Q’s Winter Wonderland!

Tech Notes!

1.  More information on starship traits can be found on Star Trek Wiki:




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