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Episode Two: Here today, Galor tomorrow: Why the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser is epic!             (The reasons may surprise you)

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I have to start off by saying that this episode of Tech Trek will be featuring the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser and yes, just like the first episode’s “Aux 2 Bat” build, this can be yet another expensive piece of technology that may seem outdated and useless to you at present.  Well, please indulge me just a little and continue reading the rest of the blog – I think you will be glad you did!

You are currently playing STO, the best darn MMO out there, and are thoroughly enjoying your wonderful Level 40/C-Store/LockBox/Fleet Starship that you’re in. Your ship and crew have handled every known threat to the Alpha quadrant including, but not limited to, invasions from the Borg, Undine, and Dominion. You are thinking to yourself “I love my ship and current setup” and “this guy only picks expensive items in STO for me to work with, why do I want to change anything now?” Well, here is the good news: unless the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser is a step up from your current in-game ship, you can and should continue to fly the ship you love!  As to the expense of this ship, if you are feeling really lucky, you can open Cardassian Lock Boxes to obtain the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser at a fraction of the cost it is currently selling for on the exchange. [i]

So, now that I’ve got your attention and you’re currently wondering why you should buy a ship that neither you nor I have any real intention of flying, well it’s quite simple actually….“Spiral Wave Disruptor” beam array weapons!  Yes, you are reading correctly – I am having you obtain a ship solely for the weapons it contains and unlocks. The reason why you need this weapon is simple: the Spiral Wave Disruptor not only has Accuracy x2 and Damage x2, but it dual procs! [ii]

What is a “proc” [iii] and why would I care if my weapons can “dual proc?” Well a “proc” is a secondary feature of a specific weapon damage type (IE: Phasers and Disruptors), which can have an additional effect on your target.   For example, if you fire Phaser weapons, your bonus proc is a 2.5 percent chance to disable one of your target’s subsystems for 5 seconds.  Another example is that of Disruptor weapons which can proc 2.5 percent of the time, causing your target to lose 10 percent damage resistance rating per proc per weapon. Yes, you read correctly, each individual weapon you use has a chance to proc!

To go into more depth about procs and give some numbers that will prove how wonderful proc’ing is, I will be using beam arrays as my weapon type.  Beam arrays have a 250 degree targeting arc, basically allowing your ship to do what STO players lovingly call a “broadside” to your target.  A “broadside” is where you turn your ship sideways at your target allowing you to fire all 8 of your weapons at the same time.  During your broadside attack, you have a 2.5 percent chance that your weapons will proc and with 8 weapons firing at your target, not only are you doing massive amounts of damage but, in theory, you have a 20% chance to proc your target (8x 2.5% = 20%). [iv]

We have gone over proc’ing and broadsides in this episode of Tech Trek so far, but have only hinted at why you should own a Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser.  Let’s address this now.  Spiral Waves Disruptors are worth buying a ship that you will never fly just to unlock a specific weapon type, and here are the reasons why! Reason One, The Galor Class Cardassian Cruiser comes equipped with 4 Spiral Wave Disruptor beam arrays that you can use on any ship you own and unlocks the ability for you to purchase as many additional Spiral Beam Disruptors as you want from the Dilithium Store (character bound). Reason two, you get a Weapon that has a 250 degree arc and comes with 2 procs! Reason three, you are getting a weapon with Accuracy x2 and Damage x2, which in itself without taking the procs into consideration is absolutely epic. The Final reason you should own a Cardiassian Galor Class Cruiser is, as of right now, the Spiral Beam Weapons have no level cap and, as mentioned above, you have the ability to buy as many as you want, which could be very important when Season 10 rolls around (More on this in the Tech Notes).

With all those wonderful reasons listed above as to why you should acquire the Spiral Wave Disruptor Weapons from the Cardassian Galor Class Cruisr, it’s hard to believe that there is still one more epic ability that has not been fully discussed, that of their two specific weapon procs.  It was no mistake that I used Phaser and Disruptor weapons as examples of proc’ing earlier in this post as, I am sure you have guessed by now, the Spiral Wave Disruptor gives you both Phaser and Disruptor procs!  What does this mean for you?  Well simply put, using the math above, you now have a 40 percent chance during a broadside to actually proc you target! (8 x 2.5 x 2 procs).  Think of it…each time you do a broadside, which you should be doing constantly, you are getting a 40 percent chance to proc your target!  Also, as I am sure you have noticed in battle, your weapons continuously fire during a broadside, which means you have the potential to proc your target quite a bit with this setup!

Disruptors 1 *(Please note my weapon’s lore may differ from yours, it is based on specific setup and abilities! The red boxes highlight the 2 weapons procs found on the Spiral Wave Disruptors).

To conclude, I believe that the epiceness of the Spiral Beam Disruptor array is why you need the Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser in your inventory!  With a Spiral Beam Disruptor “beam Boat” [v] doing a broadside, the amount of proc’ing you do can be the difference between you winning a battle or having the Corps of Engineers come and salvage what is left of your Starship!

Tech Notes:

This portion of the Tech Notes contains some speculation by me and is in no way confirmed.

As mentioned above, I want to quickly discuss why I believe The Spiral Beam Disruptor weapons will be very much in demand when Season 10 of STO rolls around (potentially making the Galor the most expensive ship in game).  In the release notes for Season 10[vi], I see two things out of the many epic changes coming that stand out to me.  Firstly, we see that we will have a level cap increase of 60 and a new rank of Fleet Admiral. This level increase allows a bridge officer (BOFF) of your choosing to command one of your starships and, I would assume, fight alongside of you!  Secondly, the Spiral Wave Disruptors have no level cap and could potentially also increase in DPS with your level cap increase (like they already do if you were to acquire them at level 40). With that being said, can you imagine a BOFF flying one of your ships with all Spirals Disruptor Beam arrays proc’ing your target and causing as much damage as you?  This just staggers the mind and is the reason why I believe you should scoop up a Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser as soon as possible.  Even if the new level cap does not affect the Spiral Beam Disruptor’s DPS, having them on your BOFF’s ship will still be epic and cause much proc’ing!

Note:  Trek Tech would like to thank Walt @nerfrocket for his proofreading and editing suggestions!

 —end notes—

[i] I believe it still would be cheaper to just purchase the Galor Cruiser on the exchange versus buying keys and Cardassian Lock Boxes and testing your luck.

[ii] The proc of your current weapon can be found in your weapon’s lore.

[iii] The definition of the real meaning of “proc” can he found at Star Trek Online WIKI here .

[iv] This example uses 8 weapon slots usually allocated on most types of starships and a beam array that has a 250 degree targeting arc. If you are not using beam arrays and/or your ship has only 6 weapons slots, then you will have to adjust the numbers. (ie: for 6 weapon slots you would use (6 x 2.5)x2 and so on. Your targeting arc is very important, so make sure if you want to do a broadside all your weapons will in fact fire!

[v] Beam boat is a term used in STO that refers to a ship build running only beam array weapons.

[vi] Season 10 Work in Progress Notes can be found at Star Trek Online WIKI here


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