Trek Tech – Arm the Torpedoes, Full Spread Ahead: Looking at the Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo (PEPT)

Arm the Torpedoes, Full Spread Ahead: Looking at the Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo (PEPT).

I am back! Yes, I have been gone for two months due to a move to a different state and taking my time to hook up my computers (have I mentioned I can be a bit lazy?). Don’t worry, however – Trek Tech has returned with more wonderful Star Trek Online technical information for you to digest (insert evil laugh here). So sit back, relax, and let’s learn about some epic tech!

Trek Tech

Episode Three: “Arm the Torpedoes, Full Spread Ahead” – A look at the Particle Emissions Plasma Torpedo (PEPT)         

Today on Trek Tech we are going to look at a wonderful in-game torpedo that has actually replaced my Omega Torpedo and, on average, does about 40 to 60 percent more DPS as well! What is this epic torpedo you ask? Well, keep reading to find out more, though the post title does give it away.

To begin this month’s blog I must first submit a disclaimer, as I cannot take credit for this epic torpedo find! I was alerted to this item by Admiral Duncan Idaho who is from fleet IDIC Rihannsu. Duncan Idaho (yes that is his character’s name) messaged me in game and said, “d00d, you need to check out this epic Particle Emissions Plasma Torpedo (PEPT), it’s better than the Omega!” I, being very stubborn, looked at the stats of the posted torpedo and said…..“Heck no, my Omega beats the pants off that whatchamacallit torpedo, I do not need to change what I have!” However, Duncan, knowing how stubborn I can be, said, “d00d, give me the crafting materials needed for this torpedo and I will make you one! You then can run a combat log using your Omega torpedo and then compare it with this epic Plasma torpedo……you will see the difference in DPS, it’s just amazing!”

So, to make a long story even longer, I gave him the crafting materials to make the PEPT, as the materials were not that expensive and I am always up for trying new things, though my only motive in trying the PEPT was to crunch the numbers and prove him wrong!

Well, 24 hours later I got my new torpedo and, to make it a fair test, I upgraded the PEPT to an Ultra Rare Mark XIV weapon, which matched my Omega torpedo’s specs.  I then went into Hive space (twice on normal) with my combat log program activated……and gave those Borg what for!

Once the smoke from battle cleared and there were only bits and pieces of Borg ships floating around, I compared the two combat logs and did not notice a vast increase in the torpedo’s DPS as compared to the Omega Torpedo. The Plasma torpedo did have higher DPS, but not enough to make me want to swap it out on all my toons, or so I thought….

After an in-depth study of the combat log, due to Duncan telling me I was wrong and to take a closer look, I found out that the PEPT did outshine the Omega torpedo on two main fronts. Firstly, the plasma burn and the plasma cloud did in fact do considerable DPS to the Borg targets causing the overall DPS of the PEPT to beat the pants off of the Omega torpedo. Secondly, though not really related to DPS per se, there is an added 4 second snare provided by the ensuing plasma cloud once the torpedo hits its target. This 4 second root really puts this torpedo over the top as it aids in DPS, with the additional plasma burn, AND stops your target dead in its tracks which makes their defense to go way down, thus allowing them to be destroyed much faster!

right torp

* Please note my weapon’s lore may differ from yours, it is based on specific setup and abilities!

Now, knowing I was wrong on the DPS and that the PEPT was actually a better torpedo, I wanted to make sure I was really wrong (again, I am very stubborn!) To do this I needed a way to make the PEPT do considerably more DPS than that of the Omega torpedo, but how? Then it hit me, like a full spread of torpedoes crushing against my opponent’s hull; use your Projectile Weapons Duty Officers! Now this conclusion may have been a no-brainer for most of you out there, but for me and my lust for the Omega torpedo, it was not. Due to the fact that the Projectile Weapons Duty Officers do not play nice with the Omega torpedo, I was not using them and was unaware of how epic they could be in assisting me with my quest for more DPS. I may not have made this connection as quickly as most of you out there reading this post, but I eventually did get there!  With the addition of two Projectile Weapons Duty officers, my ability to fire the PEPT greatly increased as did the DPS.

torp officer

* The most epic Torpedo Officer in game 🙂

In conclusion, the PEPT turns out to be a very epic torpedo which outperforms the Omega torpedo on multiple fronts without any additional help (i.e. duty officers or consoles). What puts the PEPT over the top, however, is its ability to stop your targets dead in their tracks! The Plasma cloud’s stopping ability, combined with its additional plasma DOT, make the PEPT an epic choice for those who enjoy doing STF’S, want to get their DPS higher, or those who love to stop and hold their targets!

As always, your comments, experiences, and corrections/critiques are welcomed in the comment section below!
Tech Notes:

  1. I did not use any tactical/universal consoles to boost the DPS of the PEPT or Omega torpedo during the DPS test.  It should be noted that your results may vary from mine based on your skill points, load-outs,  and modifiers.
  1. I was using Torpedo Spread 3 (TS3) with an Aux2Bat build for the tests conducted! It should be noted that the stopping power of the Plasma cloud from the PEPT worked on every target hit with the TS3 barrage.
  1. You can use additional tactical consoles to boost the DPS of torpedoes. A list can be found at STO Wiki
  1. You can use additional universal consoles to boost the DPS of torpedoes. A list can be found at STO wiki
  1. How to craft the PEPT, if you don’t want to buy it off the exchange or have a fleet mate craft one for you. The list of items/resources needed are as follows (Information found online at the Liberty Task Force website):
  1. Intermix Chamber -Lvl 5- 4 Radiogenic Particle, 4 Dentarium, 4000 Dilithium
  2. Warp Field Regulator -Lvl 5- 4 Radiogenic Particle, 1 Dentarium, 500 Dilithium
  3. Ejection System -Lvl 0- 4 Beta-Tachyon Particle, 4 Rubidium
  4. Pressurization Chamber -Lvl 0- 4 Tetrazine Gas, 1 Z-Particle
  5. IFF Beacon -Lvl 0- 3 Hexaflourine Gas, 2 Thoron Particle, 3 Verteron Particle
  6. Electromagnetic Coupling -Lvl 0- 3 Tritanium, 2 Verteron Particle
  7. Industrial Replicator Supplies -Lvl 0- 3 Magnesite, 2 Hydrazine Gas
  8. Targeting Interface -Lvl 0- 3 Magnesite, 2 Hydrazine Gas


Special thanks to @nerfrocket for proof reading and assistance in editing!

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