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Episode Five: “Starship Traits: The Next Generation” – A Continuing Look at Starship Traits

Part Two: Klingon, Romulans, and Cross Faction Starship Traits

As promised, here is part two of Starship Traits: The Next Generation.   This post will address the remaining in-game starship traits currently released in STO (1). As an added bonus to this post, I will be letting you all in on a little secret that allows you to not only level up your character faster, but also allows you to rapidly get to tier 5 Starship mastery, obtain Delta Quadrant marks, and get about 50-100k EC each time you do it, as well, so stay tuned to the end of this post – it will save you a lot of time!

So, before we jump right in, I want to update you on Reactive Repair Nanites Starship Trait that comes from the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier.   I know in the previous post I did not rate this trait highly. However, on further use of this trait, I do find it very beneficial in keeping your pets alive, and here is why. Firstly, when you heal yourself, the pets are healed as well (within 5 km of your target). Secondly, If you are an engineer, Miracle Worker will heal your pets’ hull as well (I was averaging up to 5400 hull repair per activation of Miracle Worker on each pet).   If I notice that some pets are slow in getting to a target and need repair, I just target one of my pets (most damaged one) and use one of my heal abilities on it. This heals all the pets because they generally stay within 5 km of each other and this method also takes the guess work out of making sure your pets are within 5 km of your current target. Now, for the Romulan and Klingon side, this is a great pet healing trait, as you cannot use any of the epic Federation Starship traits for pet healing but on the Fed side, if you use the Reactive Repair Nanites Sarship trait in conjunction with the Radiant Nanite Cloud Starship Trait (2) your pets are basically healing all the time. It’s just an epic way to keep your pets healed!

Pets healing target pets

(Me targeting and healing my pets and initiating Reactive Repair on all 4 pets)

Pets Healing 1

(Right after battle I healed myself and it healed my pets)

Romulan Starship Traits:

Tactical Retreat Starship Trait: is a trait obtained from the Faeht Inter Warbird’s tier 5 mastery. This trait is a great trait for people who play escorts and love to de-cloak, hit their target with massive amounts of damage, and then run away if their target did not explode. This trait is activated once your hull hits 25 percent. Once activated, Tactical Retreat gives you +60 percent defense, you are un-targetable for 2 seconds, threat generation resets to zero, and you get a 254% flight speed bonus for 10 seconds. Please note this trait only triggers once every 60 seconds, so plan your escapes accordingly.

Now just imagine how wonderful this trait is for your escorts. You are on a hit and run mission, you are cloaked and your alpha strike is ready. You suddenly de-cloak on your unprepared foe and fire all your weapons and torpedoes, only to discover he is in league with Q and he did not blow up. Your target ruthlessly pummels you with his alpha strike and the darn Plasma Emission Particle Torpedoes (3) that have stopped you dead in your tracks. You’re unable to move and your hull drops to 25 percent health (not hard to do in an escort). Tactical Retreat activates, your enemy cannot target you and you are now retreating at a high rate of speed. You cloak your ship, make some needed repairs, and come back for a second run! I now must state, for the record, that not only is this trait beyond epic for hit and run tactics, but the Faeht Inter Warbird has become one of my favorite ships to fly (more on this in the next blog post).

Tactical Retreat

(Trait Lore)

Warp Shadow Starship Trait: comes to us from the Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser and has a bit of a surprise to it, which I will address once I have explained what this trait does! The Warp Shadow Starship trait is acquired once you obtain tier 5 mastery of the Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser and is activated every time you cloak your ship. Once activated, the Warp Shadow Starship Trait produces a shadow of your ship for 15 seconds that basically draws fire from you and makes other players and NPCs target your warp shadow. This is a great trait to use in conjunction with your Tactical Retreat Trait – not only can you escape and you are un-targetable with your Tactical Retreat, but you force your enemy to start attacking a warp shadow of you, thus allowing you to escape without any further damage after the 2 seconds of being un-targetable with Tactical Retreat expires.

I know you are all saying to yourself, the Warp Shadow trait does not apply to me because I am in a ship that does not cloak, and this is the point in the post where I say “Nope, you are wrong. You can use this on any ship, even ones that do not cloak” (hint, this is where the surprise comes in). If you obtain the Adapted Maco Starship Set from your tier 5 Omega rep, then this skill activates every time you push Mask Energy Field! Yes, you heard me correctly: this trait will activate on any ship as long as you are using the Adapted Maco set and use your Mask Energy Field.   So think about that, all you who fly escorts that do not cloak.

Side note: I have not tried it with Mask Energy Signature Bridge Officer Trait, or any other cloaking type ability, however I am assuming it works the same way as Mask Energy Field does! If you have noticed it working on other non-cloaking skills, please post a comment below for our readers.

Warp Shadow Decoy

(Trait Lore)

Mask Energy 4 pets attack

(Warp shadow and pets to the rescue :D)

Mask Eneregy 2 energy drain

(Poor warp shadow ship getting Energy Drained by an NPC in Argala, wow he really takes one for the team!)

Klingon Starship Traits:

Before we begin, I must say that I have not tried any of these traits yet. If you have used any of the Klingon Starship Traits, please post your comments below about your experience with them.

Overwhelming Force Starship Trait: This trait is obtained from the Mat’Ha Raptor’s tier 5 mastery and is activated by using Torpedo High Yield and Beam Overload bridge officer skills.

When you activate Torpedo High Yield, Overwhelming Force causes your torpedoes to target anything alive (max of 50 targets), which causes 1,259 Kinetic damage, disables your targets for 1.4 seconds, and will add +16.8 repel.

When you activate Beam Overload, the Overwhelming Force trait will again affects foes (up to 50), and cause your targets lose 1067.7 of their shields, as well as disabling cloaking for 7 seconds.

What more is there to say about this trait? It just messes you up and if you are an escort on the KDF side and use this, I do not see how your enemies, including their pets, can stay alive long in battle. I am just speechless at how epic this trait is and I cannot wait to try it on my KDF characters.

Advanced Firing Solutions Starship Trait: is acquired from tier 5 mastery of the Qib Intel Battlecruiser and sadly is one I may never use as I am inept at using cannons.  Advanced Firing Solutions is activated by equipping and using cannons, and when firing said cannons it will cause you to have +1 to Flight Turn Rate for 10 seconds with no stacking, and also causes a 0.8 percent increase in accuracy for 10 seconds, which can stack up to 10 times! For those of you who use cannons, you can see how epic this trait will be especially for those players who do not have accurate weapons and/or your ship turns like a broken-down tank. Anytime you can increase your accuracy and turn rate just by just firing weapons is a pretty epic ability to me!

Due to my ineptness at firing cannons, if someone actually uses this trait, please take the time to share your comments below on how effective it is or isn’t!

Cross Faction Starship Traits:

I have only used the Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser’s Starship trait, so again please post below if you have used any of the traits listed below OR your experience differs from mine!

Torpedo Barrage Starship Trait: This trait comes to us from tier 5 mastery of the Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser, a ship that I really wish I sold on the exchange versus opening it up and using it. OK, I am a bit biased here, and for that I am sorry.   I do have every Elachi ship in game and even with the set bonus, weapon bonus, and using disruptors, this ship just fails in providing any real DPS. I absolutely dislike every Elachi ship in game, so if you do not already own this ship, save your money and do not get it off the exchange!

So, to continue, the Torpedo Barrage trait is activated once you use your Torpedo High Yield bridge officer skill. Torpedo Barrage will cause that Torpedo High Yield to have another Torpedo High Yield 1 right after. Yes, you heard me right, it just basically does another sucky Torpedo High Yield after activating your Torpedo High Yield bridge officer skill. (Talk about a letdown, could we not get a Torpedo High Yield III or something useful with this trait, I mean, come on, Torpedo High Yield 1 of all things….)

So, if you get this ship and really like the fact that you can get another torpedo high yield, then more power to you. I am just not impressed. My advice to anyone who has this ship and has not opened it yet is to sell it on the exchange and get a real ship!


(A pointless trait on a useless ship, in my opinion!)

Load Viral Torpedo Starship Trait: This trait comes from the Benthan Assault Cruiser and is obtained by maxing out the Starship Mastery.

Load Viral Torpedo activates when using any Engineer, Science, Tactical, or Intel  bridge officer ability and causes your ship to load a Viral Torpedo, which makes your next torpedo attack disable your target(s) for a short time. This trait can activate once every 20 seconds. Though I have not used this trait yet, it seems to me that it is just another lackluster Starship trait, I mean, really… we really need more disables in the game? I can see if you use Torpedo Spread abilities and can disable great amounts of targets at once, this may be a useful trait. However, there are so many ways to disable targets now, why would I waste money/EC to get a ship that has a skill that can be replicated easily by using other skills and rep tier abilities/traits?

Partners In Arms Starship Trait is a trait that comes to us from completing tier 5 mastery in the Hazari Destroyer and is, shall I say it, an epic support role trait. This trait is activated when you use any heal on any ally (not on yourself) and once that heal is applied; you will get a boost in your damage for a short time, which can stack up to three times. So, for all you PvP’ers out there that are in the thankless job of healing others vs doing insane amounts of DPS, then this trait is right up your alley. For all you thankless heroes that keep us all alive in PvP, this trait is for you! The healers now have a trait that allows you to kick more enemy butt while you keep us thankless team members alive! I must say……well done Cryptic!

I would also like to bring to your attention that using Partners In Arms trait, along with the Radiant Nanite Cloud Starship Trait, would not only allow you to get more DPS, but also make those heals apply to more of your teammates as well – just a thought!

Ship with MACO set

(My Romulan ship with Adapted Maco Set)

Leveling to Tier 5 Mastery in Under an Hour:

Here is the part you all have been waiting for. How do you level up your tier 6 ships’ mastery in less than an hour and get an insane amount of energy credits and Delta marks? (Please thank @gorn2town for telling the fleet about this trick).  Firstly, you need to complete (or skip past) the mission in the Delta Quadrant Story arc until you get to the one titled “Friends in Unlikely Places”.  Once you have completed that mission, it opens up the patrol mission at the Argala system in the Vyntadi Sector Block in the Delta Quadrant.  Go to the Vyntadi Sector Block and travel to the Argala system (which is very hard to miss due to how many players are there) and start the “Patrol Argala System” mission and watch the epic-ness begin!

Upon completion of this mission you will earn an average 5550 EXP for your character and ship leveling and 10 Delta marks per run (or 65 Delta Marks if it’s your daily run).   This mission can be repeated indefinitely and while you are partaking in this epic battle as a deputized law enforcement officer, you can also earn a substantial amount of additional EXP and obtain a good chunk of EC in the process. Here is how it is done:

For every ship you destroy during the mission, you will get between 40-279 EXP per ship (with an average of about 179) and you will also receive an insane amount of loot drops per attack wave.   So, not only do you earn an average of 5550 EXP on completion, you are earning a ton of EXP during your tenure as a law enforcement officer! Simply epic!

Once you are done fighting, you will notice a lot of loot items dropped, as mentioned above. Pick them up, right click on them, and discard each item, as they will give you some Energy Credits (EC) for every discard. I know some people prefer to go back to a vendor and turn the loot in for more money; however, in the time it takes to go to the vendor and turn the items in, you can successfully complete at least 3 runs, which will give you more items to discard and more EC in the long run. I have noticed that I have been receiving anywhere from 50,000 EC to 120,000 EC per run, with an average of about 70,000 EC. It adds up fast!

Once you do fly to the Argala system you will notice people calling out for teams to do the mission. This is a great way to level up your character and ship faster due to the increase in ships to destroy during the mission; however, you will not get as much EC per run as you are sharing the item drops with 4 other people! It is up to you how you want to do this mission. Do you want to do it alone and get more EC, or do you want the additional EXP gained from joining a team? The decision is yours.

In conclusion, you are earning EXP, EC, and a ton of Delta Marks just by leveling up your ship to tier 5 Mastery! Before I figured this out, I would load up a tier 6 ship and do STF’s until I leveled up to tier 5 Mastery. I hated this as I did not generally like the ship I was flying and I only do Advanced or Elite STF’s. So, you can imagine how relieved I was to have a fleet member tell me about this wonderful trick. Partaking in the Argala mission, you, too will see that it is 100000 times faster to level up your character and ship! I managed to get 3 ships totally leveled up and my character leveled from 51 to 55 in under 2 hours.

Mask Energy 3 agro

(A police action, honest I was deputized :D)

Mask Energy Field Warp Shadpw 1

(Yes, a new sheriff is in town!)


Foot Notes:

  1. Please note that STO continues to have additions to the Starship trait system with new ships being released, so this post will be as current as possible based on information obtained as of 1/15/15.
  2. Information on the Radiant Nanite Cloud Starship Trait, and others mentioned in this post are located in Part One of this Post at:
  3. Information on the Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo is found here:

Tech Notes:

  1. Part one of the Starship Traits post is located here:
  2. More information on traits can be found at Star Trek Online Wiki:

See you next Month, when Tech Trek will talk about 2 wonderful in-game ships (hint, they are not carriers).

*Editing and proof reading assistance provided by @nerfrocket!

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