Trek or Die! – The Trials

Hello Captains,

I’ve got something special lined up for this article for all of you who enjoy fan fiction. The wonderful authors of Ad Astra are currently competing in a twelve week long challenge known as the Twelve Trials of Triskelion; a gauntlet of sheer creativity. Each week the talented writers, known as thralls during the challenge, at Ad Astra are faced with a new event that runs from Sunday to Saturday. Currently in it’s fifth week, the Daily Prompt Challenge, the thralls have already made it through the Ficlet Flashdance, Square Dance, Steal all the Toys, and Give Mike a Cookie.

Do the names sound interesting? Ficlet Flashdance was the first, and so far only, event I competed in due to moving, but I can tell you first hand that they were all fun to watch. In Ficlet Flashdance the authors were challenged to write a 500 word or less ficlet a day and those who completed all seven were eligible to win some cool account bling at the end. Gatekeeper was the lucky thrall at the end, taking the prize with the series “Whispers in the Dark.” The Square Dance was a team effort where the thralls reviewed a story in the archives and passed on the next story for a fellow teammate. The winner at the end? Team 2, consisting of Jespah, FalseBill, MirandaFave, and Gatekeeper. Week 3, Steal all the Toys, is a community favorite. Authors are invited to put their universes up for grabs, participants are invited to “steal” an offered universe and write their own story within it; entries were limited to a minimum of 1,000 words. The best thief at the end of week 3? CaptainSarine! Week 4 kicked off a new fundraising campaign. Ad Astra survives from community donations and the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears of one man; Mike.

Despite all the challenges that have been cleared so far there’s still a lot to come. As the thralls currently compete in the Daily Prompt Challenge, where they are given a new prompt to draw inspiration for blogging, creative writing, or fan art from each day, they are only now approaching the halfway mark. Still to come are:

  • Week 6 – Collaboration Station, where the thralls can pick a partner and team up to write a story.
  • Week 7 – Blog Like a Boss, daily prompts are given and Ad Astra’s stellar blogging community is put to the test!
  • Week 8 – Fantastic Fan Art, this is the time for all of Ad Astra’s talented artists to shine.
  • Week 9 – Review Hunt, read a story and write a review! Scores are determined by word count and a bonus.
  • Week 10 – Unblock the Block, this is the week to complete the story that got away from you.
  • Week 11 – Free for All, absolute chaos!
  • Week 12 – Round Robin, a community collaboration sure to tickle the funny bone.

Sound like fun? Ad Astra is always welcoming new members and you can join the community here.

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