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I bet you all don’t know that I’m a Romulan at heart. It’s true. When I first watched TNG’s “The Neutral Zone” as a kid I fell in love with the D’deridex-class warbird. I know I’ve mentioned it somewhere before but I still have my electronic sound and light D’deridex toy from Playmates. It still works too. I proudly fly the Federation flag as the Priority One Fleet Admiral on my engineer, but my heart belongs to the Republic Militia. I have two Romulan characters, one aligned with the KDF and one with the Federation, both flying a Fleet D’deridex, and I love them. I own everything Romulan except the Scimitar, and the only reason I don’t have it is because I can’t spare the $50 in zen to buy the pack. I love the Romulan faction, but there are some things I’d really like to see improved.

No, one of those things isn’t turning the Republic into the RSE that some people thought it should have been. I know it’s not really possible to make them the Romulan Star Empire, and honestly I don’t want to play the Tal Shiar. I want to see Romulan life beyond the Tal Shiar, out from under the fascist heel of this shadowy government organization, and that’s what the Republic provides me. While I’m not a fan of some of their hairstyles I’m definitely a fan of their newfound freedom. If Romulan men and women want to let their hair down then who am I to judge? I like my Romulans neat and tidy, dressed in their awesome Republic uniforms, but I’m not everyone and that would be rather boring if I was.

That said, I would like to see a little bit of standardization. There’s a forum post here by jmaster29 and the jmaster asks the community what their Romulan wish list would be. If you scroll down to the first reply a player by the name of vulcanmonk says they would like to see other rank options beside capes and shoulder pads. I agree! I agree with you vulcanmonk! And this made me think for a moment, I wondered why aren’t there more rank options, or better ones?

You know, I didn’t even know the capes and shoulder pads were Republic ranks. I thought they were part of the Tal Shiar uniform you get by playing through the story missions. Then I recalled that you see some, not all, Republic officers sporting them. What gives, Cryptic? Are they for Tal Shiar or are they for the Republic? Were all Republic officers Tal Shiar at one point, and they’re confused from being deprogrammed? Is this a forgotten art pass as one forum user suggested?

“Admiral N’vek, why are you half in a Tal Shiar uniform?” D’tan gawked.

“I am sorry, Proconsul,” the Admiral said, looking at once incensed and ashamed. “I was having flashbacks and thinking of Sela when I got dressed this morning.”

No one wants to admit they were thinking of Sela while getting dressed. Donatra yes, but Sela was just crazy. You don’t crawl in bed with someone like that. You eat one late night snack, leave crumbs in the bed, and suddenly she’s a spurned lover. Imagine what she would do to you. (I was going to make a comment about Jumbo Romulan Mollusks but thought that was just too much innuendo.) Anyway, I’d like to see something a bit classier than extremely poofy shoulders and a cape. That cape is just asking for someone to grab you by it, wrap it around your neck, and… there I go thinking like a Romulan. Instead, what about a shoulder braid or a nice pin? Most Romulan uniforms have a breast flap that would support a pin in the corner or along the top. The rank insignia should look sharp and predatory; bird-like if you will. Plus, if it’s a pin, in a pinch you could stab your adversary with it.

Imagine Species 8472’s surprise when you stab their eye out with your fancy Vice Admiral rank pin. They have eyes right? If not, improvise. And while I’m talking about uniforms can I just say that I think the Romulan veteran (plain, decorated, and gold) option is the best uniform in the game. I’m a bit confused about it though. I’ve heard it mentioned as being an “admiral’s coat” but I can’t recall ever seeing a Militia admiral wearing one, and if it is an admiral’s coat my commander is wearing it anyway because it’s just cool.

I would also like to see a fix for the repeating plasma pistol. I fell in love with that weapon when it released with Legacy. It looks awesome on the hip my Romulan commander and I would not only like to see a fleet version, or an upgraded version in the Romulan reputation, but I would like to see a fix for it’s animation. If you’ve never noticed when you hit X to aim it locks your left arm down into an odd, and provocative, position. Your character’s wrist is bent in a way that would make any medical professional cringe and that crotch grab is straight out of a Michael Jackson video.

Please, Cryptic, don’t make our proud Romulans look like participants in a questionable Michael Jackson video.

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