Subspace Communiqué – Undine Assault Walkthrough

“The weak will perish.”—The Undine

Season 9: A New Accord has finally arrived! With it comes several new queued events, a space battlezone, and a fantastic new Featured Episode! Although I’ve played a lot of the two new fleet actions already, I’ve really enjoyed the new Undine Assault in particular. With this article, I’m going to try something new that I’ve been wanting to do with my column—brief content walkthroughs. Bear in mind that as of this writing, the new content has only been on Holodeck for several hours, so better strategies may supersede this walkthrough over time. Without further ado, let’s dive into Undine Assault!

Once the instance begins, you’ll warp in near one of four planets: Gornar, Andor, Cardassia, or Ferenginar. Apart from some minor gameplay and cosmetic changes in each solar system (for instance, the Ferengi charge you Latinum to upgrade their own defenses, while the Gornar map features asteroids hurtling across the field), the battlefield layout and strategy remain largely the same. At this point, your ship will be located at one of three beginning positions—near the top, middle, or bottom lane. Every time I’ve played the instance, the split seems to have been two players spawning up top, two spawning in the middle, and the last starting at the bottom. If you’re familiar with MOBA games such as Defense of the Ancients or League of Legends, the lanes and procedure in Undine Assault should look familiar—five players working their way through isolated channels of minion-style mobs. Once the briefing stage of the mission is over, you’ll begin your attack run alongside several allied NPC vessels, one of which will be labeled “Command Ship”. As far as division of players across the lanes is concerned, a 2/2/1 split and plenty of communication seem to be the recipes for success. Depending on the difficulty setting, the skill levels of individual players, and the speed with which each person clears his or her respective lane, it may be necessary to alter this configuration as the battle progresses. Thus, at least one person should be prepared to switch lanes to assist other players (should they become overwhelmed). Once you and your allies have determined a strategy, proceed to the first of the two rifts in your lane (located at the midpoint). Clear any Undine ships you encounter along the way so that the Command Ship can proceed behind you (this vessel will only move forward once all Undine in the immediate vicinity have been destroyed). Upon arrival at the first rift, the Command Ship will come to a full stop and begin scanning. Protect the ship while it scans the rift, taking care to avoid the many environmental hazards the Undine can bring to bear against you (such as the Fluidic Puddles, which have effects similar to the skill Gravity Well). Be advised—the Undine are both durable and aggressive. Focusing fire on a single target (assuming you’re in a lane with a fellow player) at a time is crucial. Attacking in an unfocused manner will cause you and the Command Ship to be quickly overwhelmed by the Undine emerging from the rift. Continue to dish out concentrated DPS to incoming Undine vessels until the Command Ship finishes its scan. The moment the Fluidic Rift becomes targetable, open fire and destroy it as quickly as possible. Once the rift is closed, mop up any remaining Undine and proceed to the second and final rift at the end of your lane. Follow the same procedure as before to close this rift. Once the second rift is closed, proceed to the remaining lanes and assist your allies as needed. Additionally, during the course of the battle, Errant Rifts will spawn between lanes. These rifts are bonus objectives, and can appear in the space between any two lanes, at a point either halfway between the beginning of the lane and the first rift or in between the first and second rifts. If the group is progressing at a decent pace and no one is too overwhelmed by enemies, having one or two players split off to tackle these rifts as they appear can net the group some nice bonus points.

The final stage of Undine Assault begins when all of the Fluidic Rifts in each lane have been closed. Fly to the massive Planet Killer, located out past the middle lane. If you recall the final battle in the mission “Doomsday Device”, this boss fight follows a similar pattern. The Planet Killer is vulnerable only from in front of its main gun. Be sure to destroy the Biofluidic Emitters around the perimeter of its firing aperture at the start of the fight, and make sure to keep knocking them out as they respawn during the course of the battle. Stay mobile and keep shield and hull heals on constant rotation to avoid destruction from the Planet Killer’s periodically firing main beam. Even with a very high DPS team, this is a long boss fight, so stay focused and eliminate any Undine adds quickly (should they wander into the fray). At the end of the battle, you’ll be rewarded with a cutscene and a huge explosion, along with a crateful of 8472-Counter Command marks!

I hope this walkthrough helps you in your struggle against the Undine invasion! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below! I hope to do more of these content walkthroughs in the future, so I welcome any and all suggestions you might have. Until next time, fly safe and plain sailing!

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