Star Trek Online: Lucky Thirteen

Greetings, captains! Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced recently that Season 13: Escalation will be released for Star Trek Online later this month on the twenty-fifth of April. This season will explore the background of the Lukari, while the tension between the Federation and the Tzenkethi heightens. The featured episode, Mirrors and Smoke, will have you working alongside Captain Kuumaarke as she explores her people’s past. But just as Captain Kuumaarke begins to understand her people’s place in the universe, a Tzenkethi fleet arrives, threatening everything she’s learned.

Other features for this Season include the addition of War Games, PVE scenarios that pit two teams of five against each other. Which team will be the first to complete its objectives and claim victory? These Games also introduce the Player Potential system, which will (hopefully) ensure that all your opponents are worthy of facing you. A new reputation faction will be added for the Games, which will make available class-specific ship and captain gear. And, in order to make sure everyone starts off on even ground, ground and space combat has been rebalanced.

Click here for the official announcement, and watch this space for further details!

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