“Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday” for XBox One and PS4 Arriving in February

The Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday logo

Greetings, captains! Good news for those of you piloting Console-class starships in Star Trek Online: Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced recently that Agents of Yesterday will be released for XBox One and Playstation 4 on February 14th. (Happy Valentine’s Day!) This expansion whisks you back in time to the 23rd century, the time of the original series. Your existing character or a new captain will be able to fly classic starships, including the Enterprise. And not the shiny new Enterprise of the Kelvin universe; the classic Constellation-class Enterprise from the original series.

The bridge of the Enterprise as it appears in Star Trek Online

NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, or D.

While playing through the episodes, some of which are based on episodes of the original series, you’ll hear some familiar voices, including Chekov (Walter Koenig), Scotty (Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan), Temporal Agent Daniels (Matt Winston), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson) and cyborg crewman 0718 (Joseph Gatt). There’s also a new specialization tree and content from the Artifacts update.

Agents of Yesterday premiered for PC on July 6, 2016, to generally positive acclaim, although many complained that the length of the episodes set in the past wasn’t nearly as long as they would have liked. However, the episodes players did get captured the feeling of being in a classic Trek episode, and future episodes might yet be set in the 23rd century.

Click here to read the announcement, or watch the official Agents of Yesterday launch trailer below.

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