Star Trek Online: A Console to be Reckoned With

Star Trek Online's Logo for Season 12: Reckoning

Greetings, captains! Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced this week that Star Trek Online‘s current season, Season 12: Reckoning, will be released for XBox One and Playstation 4 on April 18th. This season, released earlier this year to celebrate the game’s seventh anniversary on PC, includes the following:

  • Lukari Restoration Reputation Faction
  • The Kits and Modules Research School
  • A Full Space Battlezone
  • New Space Queues
  • And More!

The new featured episode has you teaming up with legendary Klingon General Rodek, voiced by Tony Todd. Together you’ll work to stop the Tzenkethi from developing protomatter planet-killer bombs. Will you keep them from wreaking havoc across the Alpha Quadrant and then the galaxy?

Click here to read the official announcement, or watch the Season 12: Reckoning trailer below!

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