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Want to download these? Maybe you’d like some of these as a ringtone?… Just point your mouse, Right Click, and “Save Link As…”


Fleet Recruitment PSA
DarSluga – Ferengi D’Kora
DarSluga – Ergodamus Hypospray
Taev – BBQ Prongles


“I’d pay $60 for that!” – Elijah
“I’d pay $60 for that!” – DarSluga
“I’d pay $60 for that!” – Melk’Nezzar
“I’d pay Tribbles for that!” – Melk’Nezzar
“I’d pay $60 for that!” – Sub-Commander Taev

Mobile Notifications and Ringtones!

Priority One Theme – by Chris Watts
Adrianne says, “Engage”
Adrianne says, “Ready Weapons”
Adrianne says, “Shields Up!”
Elijah says, “Engage”
Elijah says, “Red Alert!”
Elijah says, “Shields Up!”
James says, “Engage”
James says, “Ready Weapons”
Priority One Sign Off by All

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