Roleplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy – The Way of the Warrior

Captains Log Stardate 91851.39

It has been almost a month since we were assigned to the Solanae Dyson Sphere.  We have been on routine patrol duty in the allied zone and the contested area.   We have had a few encounters with the Voth, but they appear to have retreated back behind their lines.  Otherwise, it has been fairly routine.  Our Voth separatist allies are hearing rumors that the Undine are attacking the enemy Voth with full force.

Breathes off his respirator a few times, with deep, heavy breaths.

Our relationships with the Klingons and Romulans are still unchanged.  Our orders are to not approach any of their ships unless it is absolutely necessary.  Until the talks begin, we do not know their intentions.  I have been monitoring a grouping of Klingon ships. I am not sure what they are up too.  I will provide more intel in a supplemental log if necessary.

Captain Siras Madnis
U.S.S. Montgomery

The Way of the Warrior
In this week’s article, we will talk about how to role play the honorable warrior of the Klingon Empire.  Klingon warriors are are a proud, violent, and vulgar species.  They are conquerors and, in many ways, are the complete opposite of the Federation.  They pride themselves in combat skills.  They speak proudly to each other and turning backs to one another is considered an insult.  Fighting and verbal insults are common.  Battles between houses are also commonplace when the empire does not have enemy to fight to unite the houses in combat.

However, they also have a strict honor code they follow.  Honor is the most important factor in a Klingons life.  “A Klingon’s honor means more to him than his life!” – Kurn, 2366 (“Sins of the Father”).  If their honor is stripped from them, their life is considered to be over.

When it comes to their military hierarchy, it has been described as being similar to a pirate ship, but in truth there is a strict code of promotion within a Klingon Ship.  The Klingon can only accuse their direct superior after actions of cowardice, as seen in the Klingon Tutorial of Star Trek Online.

Music and war songs are also prevalent within every Klingon ship.  These songs motivate the warriors in times of combat reminding them of who they are, and also remind them of their glorious history.  Klingon opera is also used to remind Klingons of their heritage.

Klingons are also a deeply spiritual race when it comes to ceremonies honoring warriors and their great warrior, Kahless.  Deaths of Klingons are responded with a loud roars warning the afterlife of Stovokor that a Klingon warrior is coming.  Dishonored Klingons are sent to Grethor, and are usually transported there by the Barge of the Dead.

Finally, when it comes to role playing a Klingon, it’s good to have a knowledge of the language.  Klingon actually has a full language and syntax to learn, but unless you’re really looking to get into character, you just need to know some key phrases.

Klingonese on Memory Alpha

Private Rooms on Social Instances
This week’s RP idea is the idea of private rooms for role playing purposes or private parties.  This would be available through some form of item or key that can be earned via social currency, such as Gold-Pressed Latinum.  This could open up special rooms in social zones that allow invites to the map, like ship bridges and fleet holdings.  Best of all, it can be used with existing assets.  We have the Ward Room or Conference Room from DS9.  This is a place several RP meetings and diplomatic meetings could occur.  Maybe find a way to create Vic’s Lounge that can be accessed at holosuites.  With the new ESD, we do have a small conference room for use.  It would be cool if the key could close the doors and hold back people who are intent on being disruptive to the role player’s fun.  More expensive keys could gain you access to, perhaps, a private instance of Quarks, if you wanted to have a private fleet party or controlled RP environment  without people who disrupt and have the ability to kick out those who do disrupt.  Foundry maps could be attached to keys that can be used at holodecks.



Ideas of Private Rooms

  • ESD Stateroom (Yes, I would like to see this back)
  • Set of the courtroom from “Measure of a Man” episode of the Next Generation
  • Set of the Hearing room from “The Drumhead”
  • Bajoran Shrine on DS9
  • The Prison in First City
  • Lounge Area
  • ESD Club 47, Quarks
  • Kuva Maghs Embassy Building from the Revamped Klingon Missions
  • Class Rooms in Academies
  • Special Offices on Stations
  • Plenty More

Any of these could even be alleviated with just allowing us to use the foundry to make our own public maps that we can invite more than 5 people too.

This also brings up an issue that could be addressed on starship interiors.  For first contact missions, we have the Conference Room/Observation Lounge.  Why has this room not been tied to the ship interior?  It would definitely be a useful room for role players, especially when they have a group that role plays as a ship crew.  It might not be up to date with the current quality of maps, but it’s certainly better than nothing.  I would hope that they would continue making replica ship interiors, and include their corresponding conference rooms.

First Contact Mission Conference Room

First Contact Mission Conference Room

Community Questions

  • Are there any special rooms that have been seen in any Star Trek series or movie that you would like to see in game?

  • Would you purchase keys/special items to create private and controllable instances?  Would you pay Zen? Gold Pressed Latinum? Energy Credits?


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