Roleplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy – The Romulan Republic

Reman Journal Entry Stardate 47634.44

A cloaked Reman D’Deridex Warbird sits idly at the Tau Dewa gateway to the Solanae Dyson Sphere.  Reman Commander Xatek sits in a booth in the lounge staring out at the gateway with a journal PADD sitting on the table.

Romulan Republic Command has decided to place us on on guard duty over the gateway.  It has been fairly routine.  They want us to protect our asset from any attempt of assault or sabotage, even with this new, so-called stability of the major powers of the quadrant.  Command wants to us to make sure that no one gets any ideas of taking the Republic’s property.

Honestly … I could really care less about this thing.

I am not holding up much hope that this peace will last.  The Federation, the Klingon Empire, or even the Republic will mess something up eventually, and we will be back at each others throats.

Commander Xatek
R.R.W. Vovantius

Romulan Republic Roleplay

In this article, I will be talking about roleplaying the Romulan Republic, both Romulans and Remans.  With the destruction of Romulus and Remus, and the fall of the Romulan Star Empire, the way of roleplaying these species will have to change.  The Republic has proven to be nowhere near as secretive, or deceptive, as the Romulan Star Empire.  In fact, they are taking giant steps to prove to the quadrant that they are not the Star Empire, and are far more open with neighbors, both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

D’tan, the leader of the Republic, formed the Republic around the ideas of Spock for Romulan and Vulcan reunification.  Currently, they are working to reunify their people, and by asking for help from the Klingon Empire and the Federation, they have started a process of unification between the major powers of the quadrant.

Of course a lot of the refugees were members of the Star Empire, so some of the older survivors might still have that secretive behavior.  When roleplaying Romulans and Remans, you need to decide the behavior you are going to roleplay:  the evil, deceptive and secretive Tal Shiar, or the unificationist Republican.  One thing to think about, however, is that, in the shows, we mostly saw Romulan behavior in the military branch, and very little of the average citizen.

In Star Trek Online, we are given a very vivid visualization of what has become of the Romulan Star Empire.  They kidnap Romulans from their normal lives and indoctrinate them, by artificial means, to their cause.  This will most likely influence the motives of your characters in RP.  This creates the cause of the Romulan Republic in their fight for freedom, and the right to live in safety and security, protected from their former government.  There’s also the option of roleplaying the evil Tal Shiar, who are manipulative and deceitful to further their agenda.

The Remans are a grey area.  We know they were actually slaves to the Romulans on the planet of Remus, and that they were also used as soldiers in war.  They are highly sensitive to light due to having to live in the dark mines of Remus.  Some of the members of the species have a highly developed telepathic capability.  Roleplaying Remans would need to integrate these aspects into their characters.

The final aspect to consider, when RPing members of the Romulan Republic in Star Trek Online, is the choice of side.  The choice you make to work with the Federation, or the Klingon Empire, will provide fuel for the roleplay stories you are trying to tell.

Romulan Roleplay Locations

I will be swapping out my idea of the week for game changes to start breaking down some ideas on how to use the current game locations for RP.  Since we are focused on the Romulans in this Article, we will look at some of the Romulan locations we have available.  First of course is the Romulan Flotilla, the Earth Spacedock of the Romulan Republic.  It’s an interior of one of their command ships outfitted to be a center of operations.  It has all the amenities of requisitions, medical bay, lounge, and transporter rooms.  So the most social area of the map is the lounge.  Plenty of seats for just sitting around looking out the view of the Romulan Ships.  The other place that can be useful is the Medical Bay, perfect for the public need to have some form of Medical RP.

Next we have the Romulan Command Center on New Romulus.   It has an excellent view of the Purple ocean from the main area.  Great for some social discussion.  It has a medical bay.  The operations room with its large screens and consoles can be a useful for Roleplay.  There is some nice offices to work with as well.  Finally, there is the shuttle bay level.

Finally, there is the open zone of New Romulus.  This area has plenty of potential, including the missions.  These are the closest missions we have too some traditional science and exploration, checking water, studying wildlife, etc.  The missions can be role played in a fun way for away team styled missions.

These are just locations that the Romulan People have to offer for social Roleplay which are not limited to just a 5 man team.

New Romulus

New Romulus

Community Questions

  1. How would you role play in these Social Instances?
  2. What type of Romulan or Reman do you roleplay?
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