Roleplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy – Infinte Diversity Infinite Combinations

Captain Log Stardate 92135.77

I have to admit I am surprised in the events of this new ceasefire with the Klingon Empire.  We are now honored warriors to them, when a month ago we were blood enemies.  I am astonished at just how fast the change of behavior has been from the Klingon captains.

Rapid breaths are taken from his respirator.

In the spirit of the ceasefire, the battle group is being intermixed with Klingon vessels.  We’re effectively keeping the Undine contained in the Solanae Dyson Sphere.  However.. I hear rumors that their have been incursions on some of the Alpha Quadrant’s core planets by the Undine; and some of our battle groups are being sent back to reinforce those fleets.

I am hoping for a reprieve soon. I hear that Risa is lovely this time of year.  Our crew is in dire need of shore leave.

Captain Siras Madnis

U.S.S. Montgomery

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Now that I have gone through the main factions, I will be drilling down to specific races of each faction.  I will be skipping over humans, since we are humans, and if you need help roleplaying a human, then you probably should be searching out professional help.  The only difference between the humans of Star Trek, and humans today, is that the humans of Star Trek have learned to accept diversity, when today’s world is still struggling.

So, we will be starting out with Vulcans.  This is a race that might be the toughest to roleplay for a lot of people.  I have honestly seen new roleplayers choose to roleplay Vulcans like elves because of the pointed ears.  Now their are some exceptions but the majority of Vulcans have trained to suppress their emotions and seek out logic.

Before the time of Awakening, Vulcans were on the brink of extinction.  Surak, the father of Vulcan logic, created the philosophy that the root of all problems is from emotions.  During this time, Vulcans were almost wiped out in an atomic war between Vulcans and “those who march beneath the raptor’s wings.”  Those who opposed the new ideals either became Romulans or the “V’tosh ka’tur,” Vulcans without logic.

They were the first race to visit Earth, after the successful warp test of Earth’s first warp-capable ship, the Phoenix.  The Vulcans opened relations with Earth, after detecting the warp signature from the test.  Once they arrived, they assisted and slowed the human warp program.

During the early life of Starfleet, Vulcan had a another large change in philosophy.  The founding of the “Kir’Shara,” by Captain Archer, started a series of events that brought down the Vulcan High Command and turned the relations between Earth and Vulcan to a partnership.  The Kir’Shara held an exact copy of Suraks teaching and redirected the Vulcan Philosophy back to the intended path.

Important Notes about Vulcans

In the times before the fall of the Vulcan High Command, the creation of the telepathic link, “the mind meld,” was an illegal practice that brought disease, and shame, to those who practice it.  It was discovered that with the proper training the disease and the use of mind melds is safe.  The meld is a telepathic joining of two minds, by a Vulcan placing his/her hands onto someone’s face, with the fingertips touching specific points.  Melds can be therapeutic, or a means to obtain information.

Vulcans also employ the use of the “Vulcan Neck Pinch.”  With the right amount of pressure to the area between the neck and shoulder, they can render a person unconscious.

The Vulcan Salute involved holding the palm of one hand outwards while placing the fingers in a “V” shaped by separating the middle and ring fingers, while keeping the others together, with the thumb extended.  This gesture always came with the salutation of “Live long and prosper.”

Every 7 years, Vulcans go through the Pon Farr.  This is a biological instinct to return to Vulcan and take a mate.  There’s three ways to resolve the Pon Farr: take a mate, ritual combat, or intense meditation.  If it is not resolved it can cause permanent brain damage.
In Game RP Location:  Vulcan


In Star Trek Online, we do have the planet Vulcan available as a social zone.  The area we have is the main temple and desert of the forge.  The area is prime for Vulcan RPers to play out Vulcan meditations and rituals.  It has some iconic arenas for ritual combat.  There is also a fountain area for meditating or communing with your fellow Vulcans and other species.


A Roleplayer’s look at Delta Rising

This section is going to be my thoughts and opinion on information and releases of Delta Rising.  As we get more information, I will share my thoughts to how it can affect the RPers of the STO Community.

The first real thing that we know about, that will affect RPers, is the Voyager ship interior.  This is an interior set that I have been waiting for a long time to get my hands on.  From the pictures, we see that the interiors are extremely detailed and accurate to the show.  As a fan of Voyager, I always thought that Voyager had the most modern looking areas in comparison to the other shows.  As we only saw images of the Bridge, Sickbay, Astrometrics and Engineering, from the presentation, I do hope that we get the Captain’s Ready Room, Conference Room as well as  crew quarters. I hope they set it up the same as they did with the Defiant and TOS interior to where they can be applied on any ship.


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