Roleplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy – Defending the Bajorans

Klingon Combat Log 126th Day of the year of Kahless 2410

Today has been a glorious day for the Empire!  The Federation admitted that they were wrong about the Undine and that they were  ignorant of the threat that the Klingon Empire was aware of for years!

The Klingon Laughs Loudly!

We have received new orders!  With our new cease fire with the Federation we can now focus our efforts in protecting our quadrant from the Undine the Borg, and the cowardly Iconians!  Who act like Tal Shiar Scum and scheme to keep us from uniting, rather than having the honor to fight us themselves.  Petaqs!

The battles to come will be glorious!  Glory to the Empire!

Captain Kuras of the House of Den’Pa
I.K.S. Korval

Defending the Bajorans

I was going to focus this article on role playing the Romulan Republic, but I decided I needed to defend one of my favorite Star Trek races, the Bajorans.  I never understood how they got the wrap of being whiners.  They are a strong people with a strong history.  The suffering and torture they went through under the Cardassian Occupation are similar to the Holocaust.  The Bajorans chose to fight back with an insurgency.  That insurgency, and pushes from Federation for withdrawal, ended the Cardassian Occupation.  The Bajorans have a strong connection to their faith.  That connection, along with their history, are what inspired me to choose to be a Bajoran for my first Star Trek Online character.

Prior to the occupation, Bajor was one of the oldest and richest cultures in the quadrant.  The Cardassians came and stripped it of all its natural resources, and left a poisoned world in need of artificial means to become fertile again.  This experience has made Bajorans wary of large numbers of aliens on their world, even if they aren’t an occupying force.  After the occupation, several terrorist groups formed, the Kon’Ma and the Circle, all pushing toward the same goal: “Bajor for Bajorans.”

When it comes to role playing a Bajoran, you have a variety of options.  The majority of Bajorans are devoted to their religion of following the Prophets.  With these devout Bajorans, you have the option of having orb experiences that can give glimpses into themselves and even into the future, as seen in several episodes of DS9.  On the other side, there are the minority Pah Wraith followers.  The extremist groups are another option that can be considered, and, as we have seen from the Bajoran currently serving on the Enterprise, they can be completely neutral.  For me, factoring in their history and culture made role playing a Bajoran a more interesting experience.

The most current events to be aware of with the Bajorans are that Bajor is now a Federation world, and the current Kai is actually Kira Nerys.  Available orbs to visit in Star Trek Online are on Deep Space Nine in the Bajoran Temple, and in Hathon on Bajor.  A few Bajoran prayers can be found on the Memory Alpha Wiki.

The Bajoran City of Hathon

The Bajoran City of Hathon

Choose your own Enemy

With the release of season 9, the game has added some new content, including PvEs Viscous Cycle, Undine Infiltration, and Undine Assault.  Undine Assault randomly chooses an iconic world to defend.  I think it would be nice to be able to choose, in a private match, which planet you defend.  With Undine Infiltration, it would be nice to add a few more locations and races to the mission.  RP-wise, it would make those missions more useful for controlled situations that can benefit stories.

This can also be applied to some of the Fleet PvEs.  Being able to choose which enemy attacks the Fleet Starbase can add to RP experiences.  As it stands, the enemy is randomized, making it unlikely that it will be the desired enemy for a particular story.  Being able to choose the enemy in Fleet Alerts also allows the fleet to practice working together against specific enemies, and  allows players to more easily customize loadouts to improve their performance.  Finally, for the Storm the Spire PvE,  I think it would be feasible to choose between Undine and Voth.

A Fleet Starbase under attack by Tholians.

A Fleet Starbase under attack by Tholians.

Community Questions

  • How would you use current gameplay to assist in RP stories?
  • Would you find choosing your own enemies useful in PvE missions?


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