Role Player’s Guide to the Galaxy

Captain’s Log Stardate 91720.07

The tension between our thin alliance with the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Defense Force is growing. With the rediscovery of the Jenolan Sphere, behind the new gateway in the Solanae Sphere, war could break out any time just to control the spheres. Even with this new threat of the Undine on the far end of the gateway, we can’t seem to find common ground.

He stops for a moment to take a long breath from his respirator which is attached to the front of his uniform.

Starfleet is ordering us to join a larger growing contingent of Starfleet ships to the Solanae Sphere, one to keep it secure from the Undine and also to not allow the Klingons to take control of the only access to the Solanae sphere and in turn cutting off access to the Jenolan Sphere.

I just hope the peace talks are successful, otherwise were all doomed against the Undine or any other major power in the galaxy. This war on multiple fronts has to stop, for all our sakes.

Captain Siras Madnis
U.S.S. Montgomery

Need something new to keep your interest at level 50, to soften the growing grinds of fleet holdings and reputations? The answer that I have always found to bring new life to a game is role play. STO is a massively multiplayer online ROLE PLAYING game, after all. I am Varzec, Fleet Admiral of the Trust Role Play Fleet, and I want to help you find a new way to keep your interest in Star Trek Online, through Role Play. I was responsible for the Role Play guest blog and the RP Roundtable, with the help of my fleet. I want to help make the RP community thrive in the game, and not be hidden from the rest of the community.

I have played many MMORPGS. The one that sticks out the most was the Matrix Online. It’s where I found how role play can add new life to a game. Its original intent, before SOE destroyed it, was to allow the player to actually encounter Main characters of the movies. People could randomly stumble on Morpheus in an alley and talk to him. Not an NPC, an actual person who can respond to what was said to them. It just added to the immersion. Now, with the nature of STO we’ll never see that type of interaction, which is why making your own story in Star Trek Universe can be rewarding. Become the Captain you created, give him or her life, a story, and share that story with others. Then, find others to make new stories.

Where to Begin?
The best place to start is character creation and the game’s tutorial. If you have a character in mind, be sure to fill out the biography. If you’re not sure yet, you can start the story and start generating ideas from there. The tutorial is good sources of inspiration. With the Federation, you start as a fresh cadet, ready to take on the galaxy. Through a series of tragic events you end up as the Captain of your training ship; very interesting turn of events for a new officer in Starfleet. Not the most plausible situation to occur, but its a start. Add a bit more background to it and you can be the captain that rose through the ranks and earned his command. Now for the Klingons we have the situation of a dishonorable betrayal of the Empire by a Captain. Ritual combat to take command of the ship is definitely plausible way of earning a starship command within the Klingon Empire. Along with that there are many differing cultures and species to choose from. For the Federation has a unified culture, the KDF have races they conquered or employ.

Now finally we have the Romulan Republic. A power in the quadrant lost in the destruction of Romulus, a race just trying to survive, with colony worlds fending for themselves, a people trying to protect themselves from the remnants of the Tal Shiar. Finding a starship and joining the Romulan Republic Could be a matter of survival. You can be that colonist trying to survive, or be a Republic true believer in the cause and joined their officer ranks. Both Romulan and Remans have a strong history and can have excellent start to their role play.

Federation Tutorial Meeting Captain Taggart

Federation Tutorial Meeting Captain Taggart

Of course, if you have an idea of your own for your background you do not have to use any of the tutorial story at all.

RP Idea of the week: Social Reputation
Recently, there was a discussion on Priority One about ideas to draw people back to social zones. I think with the cure to saving social zones would be a social reputation. Specifically, involving events created around the social zone. For example, a random Battle Drill against a random holo-enemy on Earth Space Dock to earn the reputation currency. It would occur on one instance, the other instances get a red alert icon to join in, where as people not wanting to join in can move to a different instance. Another option is a mission NPC that randomly activates, and gives you a mission, say maybe doing phaser sweeps of specific areas of ESD in search of a Changeling. Maybe even a Mission Contact of Captain Shon. He could give you a special mission that allows you to be on or assist the Enterprise for a very special mission. The contact would randomly appear across instances.

Essentially the best cure for social zones of Star Trek Online, is to make something happen there, and it needs to not be same problem over and over again. We want Replayable not repeatable content. I believe that is why the idea with the Borg Red Alerts broke down. It got repetitive very quickly.

The rewards of the reputation would be social items. Allow for new types of off duty outfits or maybe medals to stick on your uniform to display your accolade. Allow for more items that you can display on your ship ready room, mess hall and even quarters. I wouldn’t mind using the trophy based pedestals for decorations in my quarters. Just give me a lot of options to decorate the room. Allow decoration interchanging for each area of the quarters, items on the table, a painting on the wall, a few floor locations to place several different items you got out of the social reputation. Even add items that were displayed in the shows, Worf’s Kahless Shrine, or Tom Paris’s Television, or even special artifacts. We need options that fit Star Trek, to allow a person to be able to create a location that suits the character they have created.

Another option is that we can earn some of these social items in missions. I believe this was done in the Romulan missions when you return to Virinat, you take some mementos of home with you and are displayed in your ready room. Unfortunately at this time, Romulans do not have the ability to add trophies to their Starship, which really needs to be fixed with such a beautiful interior.

This benefits role players as well, for more people to hang around an instance the more of a chance a player might jump into the roleplay, even if its just a discussion at the bar.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

Very Spacious but Bland Romulan Quarters

Very Spacious but Bland Romulan Quarters

Community Question
It has been stated that the Earth Space Dock interior map is going to be recreated. As a role player what would you like to see added to Earth Space Dock, to improve the RP Experience? For me, it would be a return of the old lounge that was above the original club in ESD, before the F2P shift and the change to the proper space dock. It was a place Role Players gathered. What would you like to see? I will answer your feedback in the next blog.

2 Comments ON " Role Player’s Guide to the Galaxy "
  • alt_example

    seannewboy February 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    A nice read, thank you.

  • alt_example

    Matt Jerrickson February 20, 2014 at 10:15 am - Reply

    Something I’d really love to see is modifiable ship/station interiors rather than the static interiors we have now. Having ship/station interiors at all is a great boon to RP, but even with the projects we can do for amenities, it’s still not giving us that personal stamp that says, “this is my little corner of Star Trek”.

    I’d like to be able select from a blank template of floor plans and then arrange items as I see fit. Everything from what type of Captain’s Chair I want on my bridge down to the type and location of potted plant I want in my Ready Room…or maybe instead of a plant, I want a weapons locker.

    Next, I’d like to see ship/station interiors included in Foundry Maps. If I had personal interiors designed, I’d love to be able to pick a placeholder for “My ship interior” that then loads the floor plan for my ship with all the deco included. Viola! I’m off on my Star Trek adventure with my friends in my ship/station.

    An alternative to ship Foundry maps I’ve thought about is a ship/station terminal to spawn NPCs and/or effects on interior maps. For example, with the 5 man group limit in the foundry, what if we had a terminal on our ships that could spawn NPCs for us to fight /interact with or fire effects on the ship?

    That way, it’s not a strain on RPers to host multiple instances of a mission when we just want to RP on a ship and it’s a quick and dirty way to have quick missions on ship maps. You could almost consider it “Foundry Lite”.

    The effects could include some quick things like Red Alert lighting/sound, plasma leaks camera shake and explosions when you want to RP a ship attack/boarding without dealing with foundry maps, group limits, etc. NPC groups could be a predefined number (say, a group of 5) that don’t scale according to the number of people on the map.

    This would also allow for a bit more freedom for RPers to host “live” events instead of trying to work around Foundry mechanisms and limitations (i.e. – the afore-mentioned group member map limitation).

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