Role Player’s Guide to the Galaxy

Klingon Combat Log 76th Day of the year of Kahless 2414

These shape shifters are without honor. Always sneaking about with a plan to strike you in the back or creating havoc within the houses of Klingon Empire.

They are PetaQ’s to think they can sneak by us unnoticed. They are taHqeq and no better than the crippled Imperial Romulan Empire.

Laughs proudly at the demise of the Romulan’s homeworld, an long time enemy now whimpering in its misfortune. And raises his almost empty mug of Blood Wine to his face.

Now we sit here, on the border of Gamma Orionis Space, waiting to see if these Undine are just waiting to run our lines at Battle Group Omega. Klingon Intelligence wants us prepared incase that Solanae Sphere Incursion might just be a trick and they come at us in full force here.

The Undine are no better than the Founders or the Borg, they continue to underestimate the Klingon Empire! If they come, today is a good day to die! There will be stories of the times to come! Qapla!

Captain Kuras of the House of Den’Pa
I.K.S. Korval

RolePlaying The Federation in Accordance with Star Trek
In the past articles, we have gotten you up to speed on how to get your character bio created and getting inspiration from the game’s own tutorial.  In this article, I am going to go bit more detailed on how to RP your Federation/Starfleet characters in a manner consistent to Star Trek.  RPing as these types of characters will need to put the “Roddenberry Philosophy” at the center of it.  Roleplaying an organization of mutual understanding of different races and cultures.  Planets without poverty, no longer needing currency for the most part.  The new goal to better improve themselves through knowledge and exploration of the galaxy that they exist in.

Another element that must be considered is the principles of the Federation and what they mean to your character.  Are you just a war veteran, or a Federation idealist?  Or do you want to be that Section 31 operative; despised by the idealists, but gets the job done by any means necessary?  An example of being the idealist is that they would never allow genocide, even to an hostile enemy, as Section 31 attempted to do to the Founders in DS9.

When it comes to Starfleet officers, its important to remember that even though their focus is exploration, they are still a military.  So, when roleplaying a Starfleet officer, the chain of command must be considered.  This can be more important if you’re in a Roleplaying Fleet Structure, or just RPing your orders from Starfleet Command brass.

Even though its counter to the current Gameplay we have in Star Trek Online, violence and fighting really are supposed to be the last recourse to the Federation and Starfleet.  However, much like the Dominion War, they will defend themselves and use it.

Non Combat/Exploration Content
I would like to take a look at the making more non-combat type missions.  We have the Genesis System, the First Contact System, and the exploration missions on New Romulus, but it definitely can be expanded into larger context.

This could be a separate content track that exists in the clusters or even new zones, where exploration can reign.  Making mini games and puzzles that progress a story rather than having an enemy to attack.  Finding an anomaly in space that could possibly cripple your ship, and start a story arc from within your starship, that could involve treating your crew, and trying to get the star-ship operational again.  Having engineering Captains, running a mini game in engineering, or the bridge, to reroute power to certain systems, a science experiment in the science lab with some form of mixing mini game, etc.

There’s also a type of mission that was seen often in Star Trek, but never quite done in Star Trek Online.  An infiltration type mission, to infiltrate a species by being made to look like a member of the species, to learn more about them and bring that information back to Starfleet and or the Federation.  The only mission that has tried something like this is the Doomsday Machine Mission.

These missions can be made for captains of different careers, and have these requirements for those careers.  I would even suggest an 5 man pve, that requires the team of players to go in and play a game or solve a mystery.  The episode of DS9 with the Watti comes to mind, when they kidnapped the crew of DS9 and put them through a game. I can imagine this could even grow to games for the holodeck.

The Foundry can be a tool for this, but I feel the assets and mechanics are lacking for a true exploration experience.  However that doesn’t keep people from trying.

Community Questions

  1. Would a player events team that organized roleplays, such as Distress Calls, special conferences, or special missions be helpful to the community?
  2. Earth Spacedock has been revamped on Tribble. Will the changes be helpful or detrimental to RP?
  3. How would Role players of the game want to see exploration content?
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