Role Player’s Guide to the Galaxy

Reman Journal Entry Date 91764.13

A Reman sits alone in a dark corner of the New Romulan Command Center overlooking the construction of the new capital city.

I don’t see what the Romulans see in this place. It’s too bright and too warm.  I would much rather be back on my ship, where it’s dark enough.  I am still not exactly sure why I am here.  

Being under the Tal Shiar’s control for most of my life has made me hate Romulans, but these Romulans are very different.  I sense them to be far more willing to cooperate with us as equals.  Remans and Romulans are working together here, its something I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

I still don’t trust them.

I am currently awaiting orders from the Republic Command.  I am aligned with Obisek, but he has granted my services to the Romulan Republic to attack Tal Shiar targets, since we know their tactics.

I am certainly ready to get away from here.

Commander Xatek
R.R.W. Votantius

Creating your Character Name and Background
In this weeks blog I want to talk about creating your character’s background.  To start, you need to figure out what race and gender you want to roleplay.  After that, you choose the character’s name.  It might take some research to find a proper name, or there is the option of using random name generation from the game’s character creator.  STO Academy has a random name generator (LINK: tool that can help as well.  

For new roleplayers I highly suggest starting off as human.  You are already familiar with at least some of the culture and history.  However, if you wish to try one of the other Star Trek races it’s good to take some time to research that race’s background.  I have run into people who roleplay as a Vulcan, but in no way act like a Vulcan does in the shows.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule of behavior as well.  Memory Alpha Wiki is a great resource for getting background information on any race.  Watching episodes that revolve around that race’s culture is also very helpful in establishing a believable background.  If you really want to be creative, make your own race with the alien creator, then you can develop their own background.

Finally be serious about the roleplay in actions and choice of names.  Be original, but all also keep Star Trek in mind.  Roleplaying as a character from a different IP is discouraged.  If you want to be taken serious in roleplay do not do so as Captain Shepard of the USS Normandy, from the Mass Effect universe, or as a Jedi crossover from Star Wars.  Even if it’s just using the name, it will be hard to be taken seriously.  Always be original.

Writing a Biography

Writing a Character Biography

Sample Biography:
Xatek was a slave-soldier in a Tal Shiar special operations group.  He had been specially trained by the Tal Shiar in military tactics to lead soldiers in a battle, but was still a slave to the Tal Shiar agents.  He and his team of fellow Remans were trained soldiers of the Romulan Star Empire.  He was forced to work with them in their operations or they would kill his family on Remus.  During a military engagement operation in the Beta Lenakel System, against some rogue Klingons, the disaster of Hobus occurred.

After the destruction of Hobus, Romulus, and Remus, in a vengeful rage, he lead his Reman soldiers against the Tal Shiar overseers and stole their ship and equipment.  He eventually joined up with Reman rebels under the command of Obisek.

He avoids interactions with Romulans, and their Federation allies, when possible.  He still blames them both for the loss of his family and planet.  However, he is also wary of the Klingon Empire.  To him, they are mindless brutes, only looking for conquest.  Despite this, he is willing to take missions from the Romulan Republic to attack their common enemy, the Tal Shiar.

Ship and Ground Emotes
Star Trek Online is lacking several useful emotes both in ground and space. It has gotten better with sit technology, however, I still don’t understand why that they attached the regular sit emote on the Captains Chair, when we have a much better Captain’s Chair sit emote.  We are still missing several basic emotes that we can use in normal gameplay.  In fact a lot of good emotes are only accessible in the foundry.   Were missing talk emotes, reading a PaDD emote, pressing console buttons emotes, injury emotes, testing water emote, etc.  All of which are usable in the foundry by animating npcs.  Those should be added to the game itself and be activatable just like the current emotes.  Just be great fun to be sitting at table in the Starbase lounge reading a PADD.  Also having the talking gestures available would make more fun for just having a conversation with other players.

Another area that could be added to the game is Starship Emotes.  Emotes that allow you make your ship to display damaged or do a variety of the visuals that you see in space combat.  Activate a tractor beam to look like you’re towing a person to a shipyard, maybe a beam to look like a power transfer.  Activate Red Alert on your bridge.  Display actual hull breaches  to make an immersive environment for RPing distress calls or surprise attacks.  These are animations that could enhance a roleplay  experience.  There could also be a new toggle set up to hide these animations so only people who want to see them can.

Of course there still is the custom emote command that we currently have;  /em words to emote.  This command allows you to text emote anything, but lacks an immersive emote animation that could make the setting much more interesting to RP.  However, with the lack of emotes this has the most prominent use.

Using a PADD Emote

Using a PADD Emote

Community Feedback
On the last blog, Matt Jerickson mentioned a few ideas for the changes to the starship Interiors.  His first idea was a completely freeform interior where you can choose any item and its placement on a blank template, even your bridge chair.  It’s a very good with idea with a one large downfall.  It requires that developers put more time into upgrading Foundry and making new assets for the Foundry. Lack of assets is one of the Foundry’s largest problems right now.

Another idea he brought up was adding the ability to change the environments  on our current interiors.  Ability to activate hostiles or change the alert state of Ship between, Green, Red and Yellow alert.  Changes of lighting damage to the decks and random camera shakes can add to a roleplay at an interior.  On Klingon ships, it would be cool to switch on Klingon songs being sung by your crew.

Trek out the last blog to read his full idea in detail.

Community Question:  
The Matrix Online had an live events team that generated roleplay with main characters of the Matrix and its players.  After that team was disbanded, a group of players attempted to make a player events team.  Would a player events team that organized roleplays, such as Distress Calls, special conferences, or special missions be helpful to the community?

In the last blog I asked what the roleplayers would want out of a new Earth Spacedock interior?  That question is still open to you to answer.  Please give your feedback.

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