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Ferengi Nandi Warship

Fall in, Cadets!  It’s time for a new session of Command School!  A new summer event has arrived and with it a new ship: the Ferengi Nandi Risian Warship T6 has become available!

Lets talk a little bit about this new ship. First of all, I want to jump right to the chase and say: For its price, this is currently one of the better ships in the game right now. This opinion is based on the value of the ship compared to it’s performance curve (according to it’s stats).

This ship is a Warship, that means it’s a Destroyer (which is a type of heavy escort) with an extra weapon hardpoint. It’s comparable to the Breen Chel Gret and the Undine Nicor. While it is very science heavy, it is not a science ship; and while it has 8 weapons, it is not a cruiser.

Some basic stats, it’s got the same amount of Hull HP as a Chel Gret, and slightly more that a Nicor. It’s got a little bit higher shield modifier than both the other ships.

It’s slower and less maneuverable than the Nicor; has the same speed as the Chel Gret but slightly lower turn rate. The older Warships also have a bit higher Inertia modifier.

Because it’s a Destroyer it comes with 3 device slots and because it’s specifically a Warship it has a 4/4 weapons layout.

Now for the nitty gritty parts. The ship’s bridge officer layout is evenly split between Tactical and Science seating, with 5 Tactical abilities across 2 seats (a Commander and an Ensign) and 5 Science abilities across 2 seats (a LTC and a LT). The science LTC is also a pilot seat. It’s extremely light on the Engineering side with only a LT Engi seat, but it does have an extra Universal seat that i highly recommend being run as an addition Engineer.

One thing this ship has that no previous ship does is a 6th BOff seat. For Romulans that means an extra SRO, for Klingons it’s an extra Pirate boff, and for Feds… well… I guess you can have an extra Efficient boff in there. *sigh*

Because this ship only has 5 tactical ability (two of which are ensigns), means that running a successful tact rotation will be a little tight, or even expensive. More so for Romulans and Klingons who cannot get Reciprocity. That means for a basic rotation like: TT, APB1, FAW3/1, APO3 will require 1 Zemok and 2 Hamlets, or TT1x2, FAW3/2, APB3 will require 2 Zemoks. Very expensive and doesn’t leave room for Kemocyte Lace Weaponry.

A fed can run: TT1, APB1, FAW3, APO3, and KLW1 with Reciprocity and go without the 100s of millions of EC worth of DOFFs.

Here’s the cherry on top of the cream of the ship, it’s science seating. A very generous 5 science abilities, 2 ensign, 2 lts, and 1 LTC makes for a very cheesy ship. Most people will want to run with power drain abilities to synergize with the ship’s Mastery Trait, which we’ll get to in a moment. Most ships, escorts or cruisers run perfectly fine with just 2 or 3 science abilities, having a few more to boot is just icing on the cake for those of us who like cheese 😀

The ship has 5 tactical consoles slots for some serious firepower, 4 science console slots that should be filled with embassy consoles, and only 2 Engineering consoles. The basic build meta others and myself have discussed is 5 locators, 4 flow cap/plasma bursts, Plasmonic Leech and Assimilated Module. This meta might change when people start getting the ship and test it out.

The ship comes with a Metaphasic Solar Capacitor Universal console, which (at the point of this writing) we don’t know very much about. According to the blog it has a passive bonus to shield healing, shield hardness, and exotic damage. to quote the blog: “when activated, the Capacitor generates a powerful, but temporary metaphasic field. As long as the field is active, it improves Shield Hardness, all Shield Healing abilities, and Exotic Damage significantly.

Once this effect expires it disables the passive benefits from this console for 2 minutes.”

Currently Unknown: the scale of passive and active bonuses, and the duration of the active buff.

Depending on how good the buffs are, it might be a good idea to replace one embassy console with this universal.

The ship’s mastery trait is called: Greedy Emitters. Now this is a very interesting trait that we also do not have much information on. Again to quote the blog: “While this trait is slotted using the Energy Siphon, Tachyon Beam, or Tyken’s Rift Science Bridge Officer Abilities gives a buff which grants immunity to energy drain, reduces energy weapons power usage, and increases your subsystem power levels for 10 seconds. This buff may be triggered once every 30 seconds.”

The energy weapons power usage is somewhere between a Marion doff, eight seconds every minute and ½, and a Nadion inversion, 30-seconds every 3 minutes (unmodified by All Hands on Deck). The immunity to energy drain is kinda meh in PvE as not a lot of NPCs will drain your power, but the increase to subsystem power levels is certainly interesting.

With the amount of science seating the Nandi has, it should certainly be easy to trigger this every 30s. again currently unknown is the scale of the buffs.

The Nandi can fit the universal console from the D’kora, and it will TRANSFORM like the D’kora when you activate said console. The ship also will have the D’koras bridge (which has an exchange, a dabo table, and a mail and bank console) AND it will have access to the hull material from the D’kora!

All in all, in my opinion, this will be a great ship (for it’s price). Time will tell if Cryptic knocked it out of the park this time with a free event ship, when we actually get our hands on it and test it to it’s limits. for me just looking at the stats is enough to give it a tentative 9.5 out of 10.

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