Priority One Away Mission 2: Cryptic Studios

Welcome, Captains, to Priority One Away Mission 02: Cryptic Studios!

On October 1st, James and Adrianne spent an entire day with the Star Trek Online Team over at Cryptic. In this video, our intrepid away team meets with Environment Artist Nick “Tacofangs/Tumerboy” Duguid, Ship Artist Ian “JamJamz” Richards and User Interface Artist Thomas “ThomasTheCat” Marrone. Join them for a look behind the curtain as they discuss what goes into making the game look and feel like the 25th Century!

Throughout the month of October, we will be bringing you all the video content we recorded on our tour. We aired our audio interview with Christine “Kestrel” Thompson on Priority One Episode 99. Last week, we released our interview with Capt.Geko and Borticus, and next week we’ll have Scott “GoatShark” Shicoff. So stay tuned to and for updates!

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