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Priority One Podcast presents “Prelude”, the Star Trek podcast adventure featuring your one and only Priority One Podcast team. Prelude is a short, 3 to 5 minute adventure in the spirit of old-time radio programs. Each ‘mini-sode’ will connect to tell a larger story, and can be found at the beginning of every Priority One Podcast Episode starting with Episode 200! Join Captain Elijah Léandros and the crew of the U.S.S. Priōritās as they hurtle towards the final frontier! Only on Priority One Podcast.…These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Priōritās…
U.S.S Priōritās (NCC 22812): Sovereign-Class Fleet Assault Cruiser, Commissioned on Stardate 70576.19. The U.S.S Prioritas is a front-line Starfleet Cruiser, serving all functions of which that title entails. Current Captain: Elijah Léandros. Previous Captain: Brandon Felczer.

Captain: Elijah Léandros: Captain Léandros is a tactical guru, making his bones battling Klingons in the war of 2409. Captain Léandros expects exemplary performance from his crew, but perfection of himself. He loves his ship and crew as family. He’s brash, but thoughtful. His years fighting the Klingons has given him an edge, and his idea of diplomacy is a show of tempered strength. He has a weakness for, and skill with, women which can both get him into and out of trouble. His ‘big’ personality hides a quiet intelligence, specifically where tactical matters are concerned.

First Officer/Science Officer: Commander Jayce Pentad is a Vulcan Starfleet Science Officer and graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy. Commander Pentad has served with Captain Léandros since the start of the war of 2409, and has earned his explicit trust. Commander Pentad is not only regarded as one of the best science officers in Starfleet but, one of the most competent First Officers as well. Unlike most Vulcans, Jayce understands chaos. His mantra, ‘to dismiss the illogical is itself illogical’, allows him the ability to function more effectively than other Vulcans on Starfleet vessels. It has, however, put him at odds with the more traditional Vulcan doctrines. Don’t be confused, Jayce is still Vulcan, and some alien behavior is, for lack of a better word,  ‘fascinating’ to him.

Doctor/Counselor: Commander Cookie Cupcakes is Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Priōritās and long-time friend of Captain Léandros. Dr. Cakes has a bubbly personality and a comfort with herself that sometimes comes across as flighty; and often hides her genius. Cookie believes that health is holistic and has taken on the undesignated role of counselor. When not treating patients, Cookie spends much of her time on the bridge. She believes medicine can be practiced anywhere, and she chose to do so among the stars for a reason. Her sense of adventure and excitement has a centering effect among the Officers, most specifically Captain Léandros.

Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Eliot Tan Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Elliot Tan is the most recent addition to the Priōritās. Commander Tan is a no-nonsense officer that understands the importance of hard-work and dedication, and those traits have served the experienced officer well. Commander Tan’s systematic, logical way of solving problems and rigid belief in ‘Rules and Regulations’ put him in stark contrast to Commander Skiffy’s unconfrontational ‘miracle work’ style, and that contrast has been difficult for some of the crew to adjust to. In spite of this, Commander Tan is the model for which all Starfleet Officers should attempt to emulate: Discipline, honesty, loyalty, dedication.

Chief of Security:  Lt. Commander Ben Metrikon is the Human Security Chief and ranking Tactical officer aboard the USS Priōritās. Commander Metrikon is the newest member of the command staff, having most recently served as a shift Security Supervisor aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Commander Metrikon’s prior assignments are currently Classified security Level Sigma One One, but it is known that he is an expert in hand to hand combat and has extensive wilderness survival training. Ben is a quiet man whose mere presence demands respect, and in some cases, fear. Rumors have begun spreading, in large part due to the classified nature of Commander Metrikon’s prior assignments, that he is everything from a high-level Agent of Section 31 to a sophisticated Android.  Regardless of the rumors, Captain Léandros knows that Commander Metrikon is as reliable as an officer comes, and one of the Command staffs biggest assets.

Navigator: Lt. Fynn Cobb is the helmsman of the USS Priōritās. Fynn, a former freighter crewman and trader, is a true “Jack of all Trades”. Fynn was a crewmember the “Becca’s Patience”, a cargo freighter running supplies to Federation citizens on the borders of the Klingon neutral zone prior to and during the early days of the Klingon war. Fynn learned the in’s and out’s of engine repair, emergency medicine, and piloting during his time running the borders and took those skills with him to Starfleet Academy. Lt. Cobb has an unfinished edge about him, both personally and in his skills, but is a capable pilot and officer. In spite of his rough edges,  Captain Léandros appreciates his professional flexibility and drive to improve.
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