Prelude: Incoming Message From Starfleet

Stardate 92654.3

Mr. President,

The following encrypted message was intercepted by Starfleet Intelligence on stardate 92461.89. The message proved difficult to decode, and added assets were assigned. On stardate 92654.27, intelligence successfully cracked the message. It read as follows:

It has come to our attention that there is some concern regarding the Delta Splinter, specifically in regards to the Benthan incident. We are writing to ease those concerns. Our plans are unaffected, unwavering, unbroken. No action has been or will be initiated by us without a thorough contingency plan. Fear not.

The female is currently being detained by Starfleet yet, even now, an operation has been set in motion that will eliminate any possibility of her betrayal, consciously or otherwise. Proper information containment will serve the agents purpose with equal effectiveness. Remember, fear is born of the unanswered, destruction brought about by the unknown. Her purpose has been realized, regardless of her status, and thus we march on.

Stay strong in resolve, stay true in action, stay loyal to the end, and never forget…

There is always a contingency plan…

On Stardate 92639.23, Romulan prisoner 36248 succumbed to what Starfleet Medical believed was prolonged radiation exposure. This missive, however, triggered a re-evaluation of the cause of death. It’s findings elevated the transmission classification to “VALIDATED”.

It is the Diplomatic Corps recommendation that this information be shared not only with our closest Alpha Quadrant Allies, but also with the Benthan Guard. Tensions were escalated during and following the event,and hampered further when news of the prisoners demise reached the Benthan Guard. Intelligence sharing could ease some of those tensions. With your approval, the missive will be forwarded without delay.

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