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This week, we’re Trekking Out the Return of the USS Enterprise Bridge sets with Production designer Tamara Deverell, Rebecca Romijn and Anthony Rapp. Later we’re heading back to The Ready Room – this time with Michelle Paradise – and then maybe we’ll take a stroll down “Crosby Street”.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, we now have details on the next Featured TFO “Operation Riposte”, and how you can earn a free Tier 6 starship from the Zen store.

Trek It Out

by Jake Morgan

Tamara Deverell Talks Updating the Iconic Enterprise Sets

In Star Trek: Discovery’s latest episode, “Such Sweet Sorrow”, we were treated to a closer look at the USS Enterprise – Both inside and out. Star Trek: Discovery Production designer Tamara Deverell, who was tasked with re-imagining the iconic Enterprise sets, took a well-deserved victory lap with the media to discuss the process of bringing the Enterprise into – or back to – the 21st Century.

Talking to SyFyWire, Deverell explained that “Enterprise Red”, the color accents along the terminals and railing, caused her fits: “There is a distinct Enterprise Red,” Deverell explains. “I actually took that color from the CBS archives … and it was orange! In certain episodes of TOS, the red became more of an orange. I went insane looking at different color tests. It is red. But, in canon, it’s also orange. In the end, I think it was fine and everyone was happy.” But the problem is – it’s Enterprise RED: “Georgiou says ‘orange,’ but in my mind, it’s a shade of red. I mean, it’s an orangey red. When I saw that line in the script I was worried. I got in touch with the writers and said, ‘Maybe she should be saying “red” and not “orange”? But that didn’t really work. It’s funnier to say orange.”

Deverell re-iterated the Enterprise Red talk with – as well as discussing updating the design – saying “There are actually variations [of the red-orange] in the Enterprises. That’s very distinct, and I went through the archives at CBS to look at those colors and try and match them, but in a new way. We were bringing in the Discovery feel, but also using materials and methods of building it that were new to us, like metal powder coating — metal pieces that are powder-coated create a really rich color and strong basis to build the set. We experimented with it on the Enterprise, and I think we’re going to use it more in Star Trek. It looks more like a ship than just using wood and plaster.”

The set was also a possibility for Discovery season 1 “There was always a strong desire to build the interior. I actually started designing the interior of the Enterprise in season one. There was some thinking that the writers wanted to [use those interiors] earlier, but then we revealed the Enterprise at the end of season one. Starting the design work way back then … was a good thing because when we came to the end of season two, they actually had concept illustrations and most of the bridge of the ship worked out.”

Deverell also revealed that the sets were fully-built – no green screens – and the gumdrop buttons were provided by James Cawley, the Star Trek superfan responsible for “Star Trek: Phase II/New Voyages” and the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.

Rebecca Romijn and Anthony Rapp Talk About the Enterprise Set

Tamara Deverell wasn’t the only Discovery team member excited about the newest iteration of the classic Enterprise bridge. In a “Moments of Discovery” Star Trek promo, Rebecca Romijn and Anthony Rapp talk about the set, and their experience with it.

Rebecca Romijn, who plays Number One, said of the experience “Man, stepping on the Enterprise set was a real pinch me I’m dreaming moment. […] I mean, it was something I had watched on TV as a child, and I couldn’t believe I was sitting there and I actually didn’t even take the time to get up and stand at the front of the set where the windshield is and turn around and really take it in. I think it was like I was working on it for three days straight before I actually took the time to stand up and see what the whole crew was looking at, and when I looked back I was like ‘this is happening’ I just, I couldn’t believe it. Fantastic.”

Rapp also talked about his feelings about the set saying “It’s a beautifully modernized but still respectful iteration of the iconic bridge that we know so much.” Rapp goes on to mention that it has better lighting than 60’s Television, but it is easily recognizable.

Michelle Paradise on The Ready Room


Star Trek: Discovery season 2 scribe – and season 3 co-Showrunner – Michelle Paradise went to “The Ready Room” to converse with Ready Room host Naomi Kyle.

47 year old actress, writer, producer, and showrunner – Paradise – talked about the reason Season 2 – and “Such Sweet Sorrow”, was extended, saying //QUOTE//It was originally supposed to be just one episode. So we had 13 episodes for the season and then in trying to wrap up all the storylines and all the mythology we developed the story and the story was huge and the outline was huge and we realized it’s not one episode of television. And in order to everything justice that we wanted to do, including all of the really great character moments that we wanted to have, so, fortunately our network partners said – have fun with another episode – and so we did//END QUOTE//

In regards to writing season 2’s big bad – Control – Paradise said //QUOTE//It’s really interesting. We were trying to do that – for lack of a better word the AI – that does its own thing is something that has appeared in Sci-Fi before and we were looking for a way to do that that would be unique to our show, and organic to our show, and that would challenge our characters in a very specific way. […] And over the course of the season, just finding ways to make that character and that entity formidable, was one of the things that we were challenged by and excited to do.//END QUOTE//

In talking about Discovery tonal shift from season 1 to season 2, Paradise mentioned //QUOTE//Coming into the season it was really an opportunity to find ways to lighten the tone a little bit, to have our characters have a little bit more fun. I think that kind of tonal shift was exciting. That’s something that Alex [Kurtzman] is always looking to do is ‘can we infuse some fun in this moment’ amidst the adventure and drama and cool action and awesome science. All of that stuff it feels like that’s the stuff we got to play in a lot more this season and it was fun. I really enjoyed it.//END QUOTE//

Paradise also talks about the Enterprise Sets, Rebecca Romijn’s Number One, Po’s return, Writing for Pike and Spock, Her history with Star Trek, she showered praise on the cast and crew, and teased the finale…there will be cake.

Is Picard on “Crosby Street”?

Redditor TheButterPhantom (cool name, bruh) is a fan of the TV show SWAT…and in his sleuthing for information about his favorite show — came across an interesting post about potential production development surrounding the new Picard Series. A – since removed – Instagram post led some Reddit detectives on a chase towards production weekly which showed that the production name for the Picard Series may be titled “Drawing Room / Crosby Street” — slated to start filming soon. Even Sir Patrick Stewart shared a picture on his Twitter account with an envelope inscribed with “Rehearsal Scenes”.

In other “Crosby Street” news, a exclusive interview with fan favorite Jonathan Frakes revealed that the bearded actor/director would be behind the camera for two consecutive episode, or the “Second Block” of the series – episodes 3 and 4.

Looks like production is underway!

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Operation Riposte, Engage!

In the next Star Trek Online Featured TFO, Operation Riposte, Starfleet goes the offensive during the Klingon-Federation War. Recently the planet, Prior’s World, was conquered by the Klingons. The Federation counter-attack aims to not only retake the planet, but also deliver a major defeat to the Klingons. Hopefully injecting a much needed morale boost to Starfleet’s forces. This five-player mission will also be the first story tease for the upcoming Rise of Discovery content launching next month. Completing Operation Riposte daily 14 times will earn you not only the standard Featured TFO rewards, but also the Priors World Elite Defense Satellite universal console. This event also kicks off a major event lasting until Fall of 2019. Participating in the next series of Featured TFOs daily, starting with Operation Riposte, will reward players with 50 Coupon Progress Tokens. Earning 3,000 Tokens will allow you to run a reputation project for a 100% Discount Coupon for a Tier 6 starship from the Zen Store. Operation Riposte is live in game now and will last for 3 weeks.

Progress Token Bonus Weekend

And to kick things off for the first Progress Token weekend. This weekend until Monday, April 22nd participating in the featured TFO daily will grant you double the coupon Progress Tokens. Instead of the normal 50 tokens you will receive 100.

Patch Notables

In this week’s PC patch notes:

  • The overflow bag has received a UI update. It is now laid out in the same gridview as the regular inventory. And more importantly it will automatically open when you open your inventory when you have items in the overflow bag.
  • The BOff ability, Kemocite-Laced Weaponry has received a damaged increase to bring it up to expected performance.
    The personal trait, Innocuous, has also received an increase to Critical Severity.

Patch Notables on Console:

  • And in console patch notes; Pahvo Dissention, the Featured Ground TFO part of Mirror of Discovery, is not available. Running this TFO daily 14 times will earn you the Crystal Prism Universal Kit Module.
  • The Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer Research and Development pack promotion has also begun. From now until May 9th, opening a purchased R&D pack will grant you either 10 Lobi Crystals or a Special Requisition pack for your choice of a Tier 6 promotional ship. Including the new Mirror Universe Crossfield starship.
  • And finally, the update reducing cooldowns on combat pets and distress calls has arrived. Reducing the cooldown from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.


PC Events

  • Dilithium Bonus Weekend: Earn extra Dilithium this weekend, from now until Monday, April 22nd.
  • Then from Thursday, April 25th until Monday, April 29th, earn bonus Technology points when upgrading items.
  • And finally, from May 2nd to May 6th, take advantage of a Junior Officer Weekend and earn bonus commendation XP on your duty officer assignments.

Console Events

  • R&D Weekend: Captains on console can gain bonus R&D school XP along with receiving additional R&D materials during the Research and Development weekend. From now until Monday, April 22nd.

Priority One Armada News

For the 2nd straight year the Priority One Armada will be phased shifted into the alternate (Mirror) Universe for the month of April. While in the Mirror Universe we will conduct ourselves as such. We will therefore be changing the name of the Armada to Priority One Empire.

Imperial Intelligence has learned Admiral Leeta and a sizable portion of the Terran Fleet has decided to challenge our entry into their realm. Emperor Winters and his loyal Lords of the Admiralty will lead our forces to victory over Admiral Leeta and the Terran Empire. To ensure our victory your leaders have planned some special events and giveaways.

For the entire month of April loyal officers of the Empire will have a chance to win a T5 Mirror Ship. One ship will be awarded to a loyal officer everyday. All you have to do to win is be logged into any P1E FED/KDF Fleet. This giveaway is open to armada members from the rank of Lt. to Captain.

Make sure you don’t miss Priority One Empire Live, every Saturday in April. This year viewers will have a chance to enter into a drawing for a T6 Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser which will be given away on April 27th.

Finally, on April 27th we will fight the final battle against Admiral Leeta and the Terran Empire. Visit our Twitch channel at

We would like to thank all of the following members who donated all the prizes to make this event possible. Captain Shadezslayer, Vice Admiral Bullzz, Vice Admiral Nicki, Vice Admiral Marc, Vice Admiral Panzer, Admiral Hunter, Admiral James, Admiral Rikers and finally Admiral Cat.

For more information about Empire Month visit our website at

Long Live the Priority One Empire!

Star Trek Timelines Launches Campaign Feature

After receiving feedback from the beta test, Star Trek Timelines has launched its campaign feature as of April 18th. And just in time for the season 2 finale of Star Trek Discovery, the first campaign will be Section 31-themed. The available crew rewards for this inauguration will be Section 31 Georgiou and Captain Leland.

Star Trek Timelines is also having a 50% off crew slot sale from now until Monday, April 22nd.

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  1. seannewboy on April 22, 2019

    Wonderful show everyone.

    Am i the only one that would have preferred a slightly simpler design for the bridge of the enterprise consoles and screens as a compromise?

  2. Tyler Maxwell on April 23, 2019

    I’d imagine that STO getting more featured TFOs vs. featured story missions lately is more of a bang-for-the-buck sort of consideration. It seems to take much more resources and dev time to make a new featured mission (multiple new maps, new characters+accompanying voiceovers, rewards, sometimes mechanics, etc.) than it does to make a TFO (usually a single map, pretty much just pew pew+some minor gamey gimmick). Yet many players can just F-spam their way through the story missions in a single 30 min.-or-less play session, once-per-week for 3-4 weeks (so, 3-4 playthroughs total) before they logoff, while the TFOs have players logging in at least once-per-day for a minimum of 2 weeks, more if players decide to play the TFOs on their alts for those precious marks and dilithium (so, 14+ playthroughs, more with alt grinding). Clearly, from a return on investment standpoint, making a featured TFO gets and keeps more ‘cheeks in seats’ longer than a story mission, so the game development bosses’ priorities will align accordingly. Do I like that it’s the way that it is? Of course not, the story missions interest me personally a LOT more than yet another TFO grind. But unless there’s a way to get players to engage with the story missions/’drive up the metrics’ just as much if not more than they do with TFOs, I don’t see that paradigm changing. 🙁

    I swear that the first time I saw the DISCO Enterprise bridge it actually reminded me a lot of the JJTrek Kelvin Timeline version of the same bridge, so I’m a bit perplexed by the hate towards the latter. I mean, they’re both bigger than the original, have lots of lens flare, an AR viewscreen, futuristic touchscreen panels,…both look like the bridge of the Enterprise at least to me. Putting the JJ+Kelvin movies hate aside (both deserved and otherwise), am I missing something that makes the DISCO Enterprise bridge soooo much better than the ‘turrrrible’ JJPrise bridge? Or is the only thing that the JJPrise bridge was missing to make it ‘good’ for ‘prime Trekkies’ just more red/orange paint?

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