Priority One Episode 154 — Vothing Around the Christmas Tree

Subscription Box1Greetings, Captains! You’re listening to Episode 154 of Priority One Podcast, the premier Star Trek Online podcast! This episode was recorded live on on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 and published for download on Monday, December 23rd at!

You’d better not pout, and you’d better not cry, but this is the last episode of Priority One Podcast for 2013! Joining us for this festive and reflective show are James, Elijah and Tony who have a show that’s guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes bigger. In this week’s show, we talk more Trexels as we Trek Out the game with Lead Designer Craig Bolin! In STO News, we get all nostalgic as Cryptic takes us on a year in review and hints at what’s coming in 2014 — but that’s just the tip of this festive iceberg as there is an avalanche more news and presents coming our way! The Romulan Survivor Duty Officer pack is getting an upgrade, as is the entire roster itself including an awesome new ship that has not only a fantastic new console but a torpedo launcher that’s sure to be a winner; Voth set bonuses that will give the Romulans a run for their money; new small craft, a sale on Master Keys and the latest patch notes to hit Holodeck before we dive headlong into a discussion on the changing state of MMOs, and what this means for the players of STO! Then, in this week’s Community Spotlight, our resident foundry guru ChivarlryBean returns with a Foundry Review of “A Time To Search”, and of course as always, we’ll open hailing frequencies and see what’s incoming from YOU, our listeners.

Topics Discussed

This Week’s Community Questions

  • What is your favorite feature added to STO in 2013?
  • Has there been a change to STO that ever threatened your desire to continue to play? Or were you that newbie passerby that nearly stopped playing because of negative feedback from the community towards the game?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Enjoy the show!

3 Comments ON " Priority One Episode 154 — Vothing Around th... "
  • alt_example

    seannewboy December 23, 2013 at 9:59 am - Reply

    CQ1: Legacy of Romulus.
    CQ2: Just the first day of the winter event, when i got stuck in the winter invasion by myself with snowballs, i could not leave at all.
    Bought 4 rom surv doff packs, got a bulwark in first one, donated it to fleet for a prize in an upcoming event.
    Loved the show, great job on everything.

  • alt_example

    lincolninspace December 25, 2013 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your positive review for A Time to Search, Chivalrybean! The lowercase title is due to a bug :(. I agree the dev community is good at interacting with the player base but sadly those of us involved in the foundry community feel very neglected as the team has put most of there effort on expansions and other aspects of the game, we have seen the foundry actually lose features, aquirre bugs and fall way behind. Here is hoping 2014 will see some much needed dev attention for the foundry toolset. Keep up the good work with your well produced show.

  • alt_example

    Mark January 2, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply


    When I first picked up Star Trek Online, I was still playing City of Heroes regularly. I had hoped that STO was going to be a much better game then it turned out to be on launch, and was severely disappointed, especially becuase I had bought a preorder, and lifetime subscription!

    Luckily I came back to give the game another try in January of 2013, after City of Heroes closed in November 2012, needless to say the sheer awesome amount of things that had changed was very overwhelming but welcome! Ground combat wasn’t as bad as it had been… and space combat was nearly everything I had hoped for… Yes STO has made me Rage Quit, but it has also lured me back with a Siren’s Call made of solid ship combat…

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