Priority One Episode 151 – Arc of Truth

Subscription Box1Greetings, Captains! You’re listening to Episode 151 of Priority One Podcast, the premier Star Trek Online podcast! This episode was recorded live on on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 and published for download on Monday, November 25th at!

Back from his time on Rura Penthe, James joins Tony, Elijah and Elliot this week for a four-host extravaganza as we put our thinking caps on and Trek Out the economics of Star Trek and how we can apply that to Star Trek Online. Although not much has been officially published on Star Trek Online since the launch of Season 8, that doesn’t mean we won’t be talking about the latest content or community buzz about the game! We discuss the Crew System in STO and how it can be revamped, the state of the STO Gateway and the latest patch notes to hit Holodeck. Next, we talk with our old friend, Simon Ludgate about the impact and effect of the new ARC launcher. In this week’s Community Spotlight, ChivarlyBean returns with a new Foundry Review! And of course as always, we’ll open hailing frequencies and see what’s incoming from YOU, our listeners.

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Topics Discussed

This Week’s Community Questions

  • What would you do with the Crew system? How can we make it more ‘Trek’? Would you miss it if it was taken out all together? Let us know your thoughts!
  • What features would you like to see in an STO Companion mobile app? Let your imagination run wild in the comments section below!

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Enjoy the show!

11 Comments ON " Priority One Episode 151 – Arc of Truth "
  • alt_example

    The_Grand_Nagus November 25, 2013 at 7:41 am - Reply

    Hi guys, and congrats on your 150th episode! A quick reply to something Al Rivera said in his last interview with you guys. We all know CBS said “no T5 connie”. I get it. But why did he immediately shut down the T5 Excalibur question? Those are obviously not the same ship, and the devs could easily make a fleet version that doesnt include a connie skin. Do you guys have any idea if this is just something he personally doesnt want and isnt going to allow to happen?

  • alt_example

    mjaybird November 25, 2013 at 10:26 am - Reply

    As an Engineer in a cruiser I look at my crew because it helps me with healing and keeping my hull up. I have a rare Medic doff to help out my crew.

  • alt_example

    Woody Valley November 26, 2013 at 12:12 am - Reply

    I listen 3 times to make sure I heard right. James did a mistake, or he would blame who ever wrote the show notes as always.

    When he announced that there will be no show released for Dec 2nd, he also mentioned that they will be back on Nov 5th, with a release on Nov 9th.

    Other than that good discussions all round.

    Have a good Thanksgiving, USA. 🙂

  • alt_example

    seannewboy November 26, 2013 at 9:37 am - Reply

    I would love to see the the crew give modifiers to repair skills, bringing down systems back up and such.
    As for Gateway, i would love for it to have the doff system, crafting, bank, exchange, and mail. This is in addition to the boff skills and gear it already shows.

    Excellent show guys, really good blooper reel at the end.

  • alt_example

    RogueJawa November 26, 2013 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    Another great episode! I wanted to follow up on my comment from last week’s episode since it was a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the whole ARC debate. I understand that PWE wants to streamline their process, I can appreciate that. I admit I was a bit harsh, but it stems from an actual concern.

    Currently I play the game through Steam. I originally used the stand alone launcher, but I bought the Steam Bundle because I wanted the T5 Steamrunner and I just decided to go ahead and run the game through Steam since I liked using the overlay and Steam Wallet anyway.

    Uninstalling the game and redownloading it to do so wasn’t that big of a deal when I lived in a major city and had 25/3Mbps cable internet connection. I don’t have that anymore. I live in the country and have DSL that tops out around 1 Mbps and I’m lucky to have that. Do you know how long it would take me to download the game again if I had to stop using Steam and use ARC? I might as well forget about ever playing again, assuming of course that I would have to reinstall to use ARC. If I had a DVD to install the original game and the ability to install Legacy of Romulus from a DVD it wouldn’t be as bad, but it’s all digital.

    Anyway, enough doom and gloom. As far as the crew system I rarely ever look at it. I honestly don’t notice much of a difference in the way I play whether it’s says everyone is alive or that my ship is being crewed by corpses so I don’t think I’d miss it. I do think it would be a shame if they just mothballed it though. Elijah’s idea would make it feel much more Trek to me; that is, having your ship debuffed until you get to a starbase to replace all the little Ensign Sam Lavelle’s, Sito Jaxa’s, and Taurik’s that you need running around the lower decks to keep things going.

    Maybe it should involve a torpedo firing animation and bagpipes. Kidding. Kidding.

    My only request for Gateway is the ability to do DOFF assignments from my iPad. It would also be nice to be able to purchase DOFFs from it, but I’m not sure how that would work. Phew. Long comment, but one more thing before I post. I wanted to thank everyone in the Priority One fleet for the invite, I’ve been having a blast with my Fed and Romulan with everyone.

    Keep up the great work!

  • alt_example

    Adm Jolson Faln November 27, 2013 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    Hey guys. I would leave a voicemail, but unfortunately, I am fighting off the Levodian Flu. Next time though.

    As for the crew revamp, I would love the idea of building up a white doff “buffer” for crew damage, as well as the proposed boff abilities debuffs. This would add a new strategy to the game and an interesting mechanic for death besides our “time out corner”. I also think it is ridiculous to think that my crew of 750 can vanish in a puff of theta radiation, and that my bridge crew is both somehow immune and able to run the ship by themselves. The crew mechanic should give cruisers a sort of buffer for subsystem damage. One of the major things that needs to be changed is that torpedos and kinetic damage should do a FLAT number of crew injuries, NOT a percentile system. This would rebalance the system and make it more viable.

    I think the mechanic should work out that for every 50 crew, you have one doff, for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 50. White doffs have a chance to die, as they do in doff missions, while greens and up are merely sent to sickbay. You can bolster this by have a free or a small EC store on starbases that will give you a stock of white “NCOs” doffs that give no passives, but are decent for this mechanic. We have to keep in mind that not everyone has unlocked all 400 doff slots when creating this mechanic.

  • alt_example

    Mark November 28, 2013 at 7:00 am - Reply

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to pipe in with my ideas on what a Companion App could do for Star Trek Online. First of all there is the simplest implementation, allow the app to manage DOFFs, Add special events that can only be activated when away from the main PC for the DoFFs things like, battle on the 2nd watch, While you were asleep, and Captains on Vacation scenarios where the DoFFs had to step up and help the bridge crew make it happen. This alone would ensure I was using the app, an “off main” DoFF engine, even if just stand alone would be amazingly welcome.

    Also, adding in functionality to tie the tablet, or phone to your in game experience would be fun, but I am afraid it might be distracting as well, or be of such an advantage that people forget to pay attention to the main game.

    Frankly speaking if they do a “top down view” for ground combat, it might as well be a separate, (but still effected by in game items) game akin to point click shooters, with it’s own unique rewards and items.

    • alt_example

      Mark December 12, 2013 at 10:43 pm - Reply

      Um guys, I feel it necessary to point out I am a different Mark, and not a former host… but thanks for airing my idea… 😀

      • alt_example

        Elijah December 13, 2013 at 2:41 pm - Reply

        I knew you weren’t! But the clowns I work with are so quick to ridicule me! Thanks for letting us know… cuz now, I can rub it in their face that I WAS RIGHT!… 😛

        Feel free to reach out to us ANYTIME! We love sharing the ideas of friends like you!

  • alt_example

    Sanokskyrat December 3, 2013 at 12:26 pm - Reply

    Great work Guys. As for crews.. my head exploded. It all sounded very painful.

    As for trade, People still trade, play poker etc. But fleets need stuff. Ships need dil etc and we are in ships and a fleet so we should be using them.

    And guys i in a good fleet already but am on the sphere for a few hours everyday. 16 toons is a full time job.

  • alt_example

    wjshoot123 December 7, 2013 at 9:49 am - Reply

    Great podcast Guys. I think a STO app for tablet or phone would great idea. Especially with real time map which shows your location mission or sector map.

    For the DOFF side of things there should add a experience rating for each Duty Officer. And also some way promoting them in rank. or have some of the bridge crew go on away missions a have the Duty Officers take there place with may be random ablites. To spice things up a little.

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