Once Upon A Time by XerosArmera

Chivalrybean here with a foundry officer report, this time about Once Upon A Time by XerosAmera. This is part one of a series.

Once Upon A Time features time travel, ground and space combat, and the threads of plot that stitch it all together.

The mission begins with a call to investigate an anomaly which sucks you back in time. I was pleasantly surprised at how the plot kicks off. It takes a bit of a turn from one might expect from a time travel mission, and it is one of the best features of the mission.

Time rift!

The space and ground combat is quick, and not difficult. Adjust your difficulty for more of a challenge. On Normal, it’s a casual run and gun for a tricked out away team.

The plot overall is enough to tie the sections of the mission together. It wraps up nicely in around 20-30 minutes. It didn’t feel too short or long for the scope of the mission.


When it ends, however, there is no hook to play the next mission. I have no reason to not what to play it, as I liked part one, but a little hint at part two would make it that much more likely to grab it right away.

In the future, however, there is a much wanted feature for the Foundry that would let an author automatically give the next mission out when you are playing a campaign.

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