Observer’s Log Stardate 2015.2 – Snowmageddon!

So it’s happened. The news casters warned you. All the signs were there. You ignored them and now you are snowed in and worse yet you have no power. So what do you do? The ever present hum of your electronic lifelines have all gone silent. The only sound to keep your mind from careening off the deep end is the ceaseless howl of the wind. Your friends and family are all eyeing each other with a hunger unknown since the Donner Party and it’s only been five minutes since the transformer blew plunging your little igloo back to the Dark Ages.


Never fear I am here, and I have some handy tips to help you survive your Mother Nature ordered grounding. First put down the forks and stop looking at your roommate as if he is a Happy Meal. Those new packages are creepy enough without having to imagine them with real eyes. I digress, your roommates, friends, family, they are there to help you through your captivity. Working together you might just all make it through this.

Now if you had any notice, hopefully you were wise beyond your years and planned. You grabbed some candles or camping lanterns, something… anything so you don’t have to feel your way around your environs in the deepening darkness.  Assuming you don’t have heat gather up all the blankets you can find.  Now all the pillows that you own and have your roommates do likewise. It’s time to start fort building. Come on tap into your inner child and clear some space in the common living area. The more people in the same room the better for staying warm. Also this is a really just a convenient excuse to have an old school sleep over with blanket and pillow forts.


With heat taken care (sort of) of we can move onto the next key to surviving your captivity, food. Did you buy your required allotment of French toast supplies? No? Okay fine, well raid those cupboards and take stock of what you have. Chances are even if it isn’t thrilling it will do just fine. If you did buy your French toast supplies, great. What are you going to do with those eggs though? You don’t have power remember. Maybe your one of the lucky ones with natural gas and can cook those eggs. I don’t know. Now take a look at those roommates, they serve a purpose beyond drinking all the milk, entertainment! No, not in an American Gladiators sort of way.

Dig around your basement or your attic, you must have something, an old game of Monopoly, Risk… dare I say, UNO. Even if you come up empty, a few notecards and a marker and you can set the situation to right. Who am I?, Pictionary, even Charades can help pass the time and keep you from going stir crazy when the light of technology abandons you. If you were really smart though you planned and can break out a board game or card game… attained at your FLGS (of course). Gathering everyone around the table for a few hours of Game of Throne or Space Cadets can make your time as a shut in fly by. Really want to risk it all a round of Apples to Apples or the somewhat frightening Cards Against Humanity. (You may not want to do this with family. You never want to hear the combinations your saintly grandmother comes up with… They will scar you!)


Even if you didn’t plan and you are in the semi-worst case scenario, ie. trapped at home with a flat full of roommates, a few bags of chips and some paper and markers. You will survive, if you keep calm, ration your food stuffs and keep your sanity by passing the time. For next time, be it snowstorm, hurricane, no gas money, be prepared have a game or two handy. A few friends you can press gang into service wouldn’t hurt either. With these tips hopefully you can make it through the long winter.

Remember Life’s a game, have fun with it.

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