Observer’s Log Stardate 2014.11 – A Time for Thanks

It’s November and in honor of one of my favorite holidays I want to talk about something I am thankful for; games. While the holiday season begins back in October with Halloween (my second favorite holiday), November is the beginning of the season meant for family and friends. Though Christmas is my favorite holiday, it is Thanksgiving that holds a special place in my heart. A time to look back over the year and remember all the simple (and not so simple) things we have to be grateful for.

As I look back each year I can’t help but notice that most of the moments that bring a smile to my face have games, and gamers, in them. When I talk about games I’m talking about tabletop games. While videogames have a place in my heart they are not the focus of this article. The games I am talking about have lots of fiddly bits, and human interaction is required. I’m talking about late nights gathered around the table with friends and family, laughing until our sides hurt and we are all afraid to look at the clock for fear of morning’s imminent arrival.

Nah, can't be...

Nah, can’t be…

I won’t lecture anyone on being thankful for everything in their life. Only you can decide to be thankful or not. I will say that every time I start forgetting that I have plenty to be thankful for I am reminded by a cosmic slap upside my head. I have a home, a family, a job, my health, and food on my table if nothing else I should always be thankful for those. I have so much more though. I have free time and friends to help fill it. Sometimes it is an evening of laughing and talking but more often than not it is laughing over games. Watching as my husband cracks under the pressure of The Resistance or chasing down a friend who dared to sell bananas in Port Royal before I could.

The amazing part about games is that even the more expensive games, and there are some pricey ones out there, are typically a one-time investment. Can you spend less going to a movie or out to dinner? Absolutely, but once the plates are pushed away or the credits have run the experience is over. Memories will remain but there is no replay.  With a game you can pull out that box and gather some friends and have a new experience again and again. Even if newer versions hit the market or expansions come out there is nothing stopping you from playing the game you have sitting on that bookshelf.

To get the most of your money is even pretty easy. Do a little research on a game before you invest your money. You could let your fingers do the walking. After all the internet is rife with countless resources for you to get answers to just about any question. I however recommend checking out a local games store or a library game night. They will usually have people who can tell you a bit about the games. A local gaming convention, even  just a small day event is packed with people who are encyclopedias of gaming knowledge. A real live person can give you personal play experiences, tweaks that they have found that smooth game play. Best part they can make recommendations based on what you are looking for in a game.

Many events in life can bring people together. I have spoken about a great deal of them; conventions, games, faires. These events are a chance to make connections, real connections with flesh and blood people around you. These people might become best friends and even family, or may pass through leaving just a ripple on the surface of your life. Whatever the impact, be thankful and hold these memories dear. In our crazy lives we spend so much time looking at computers or phones and not really interacting that life can pass us by.

Every moment of your life can be spent doing so much, and while we all have things we have to do there is no reason not to make the best of everything we do. So please as we enter this season of thanks and joy…

Remember life’s a game, have fun with it.

From my gaming table to yours.

From my gaming table to yours.

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